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  1. Ruff's Singular Mock

    Batting a thousand I see. Anyway, I always enjoy your posts around draft time.
  2. With the NFL moving to two hand touch league, this will inevitably be the norm.
  3. LOL Replaced.

    must of pissed this guy off then.
  4. LOL Replaced.

    His former Agent must have really pissed off management.
  5. Bradberry given JNo's number

    get him to a huddle event ASAP. See if it will rub off on him too.
  6. Panthers Select Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma in the 5th Round

    welcome, please sit over there with the other 75,687 CB's. We will get too you shortly.
  7. C-

    crap I wanted to win the april championship. as always we will wait for next year.
  8. The Panthers Have a 5th and 7th Round Pick Left

    dak Prescott and willie henry ( so Igo will be correct about drafting a henry)
  9. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    Oh you talking about ray. everybody knows Ray.
  10. Panthers Select CB James Bradberry in the second round

    he must be new. or forgotten all about Armanti. which to be truthful I wish I could too.
  11. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    i like this pick. needed a CB got a CB. time will tell but I think we can coach him up.
  12. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Gettleman probably always picked the chubby stripper for private dances. Hawg Molly.