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  1. Oh, Nelly

    Didn't mean to post this in the main board. Please move it to the lounge. Thanks.
  2. Oh, Nelly

    Rapper charged with rape... http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/07/nelly-arrested-rape-washington/
  3. On paper Detroit should win 31-3. This game isn't played on paper. Hope for the upset.
  4. World Series

    Are you a Panthers fan? Does that mean you're only a Panthers fan? You're not a fan of steak, or fine arts, or another sport. We can mix our vegetables, guys.
  5. World Series

    But most of us are baseball fans, too. And there's not much Panthers-related stuff to talk about since the game is still two days away.
  6. World Series

    I'm debating starting another baseball thread in the main forum.
  7. World Series

  8. World Series

    Why are you such a dick?
  9. World Series

    I mean is it that hard to just not participate in the thread you care about? Most of us are also baseball fans. There are threads here for addressing the OL, as if we have any influence over that anyway. Is there not enough room for baseball, too?
  10. World Series

    Can you not focus on more than one thing at a time? Most of this board is sports fans, and I'm guessing a good portion watches baseball. So why not put some game threads in when there isn't much to talk about football wise right now?
  11. World Series

    Maitan is supposed to be the best Venezuelan prospect since Miguel Cabrera, so of course the Braves will lose him.
  12. World Series

    Eh, there are no NFL games for two days, might as well put it here.
  13. World Series

    It's like March Madness with so many games. Diamondbacks beat the Rockies in a winner-take-all to get here.
  14. World Series

    This should be a fun series
  15. World Series

    Tribe up 1-0 in the series