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  1. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    They leave the lights on in March and April, too! It's ridiculous.
  2. Posting because former Panther Josh Norman is a soccer fan
  3. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    There is no reason anybody needs to be at the stadium at 1 a.m. when there's not a game.
  4. Oh, man. Those are REAL PEOPLE who call the whiner line? I always assumed they were trolls.
  5. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    It's about our Earth and our football team. No reason they need those bright lights on when they're not playing.
  6. When's the last time we ran a fake punt?

    When we punted from the 35 against the Saints.
  7. This looks very bad for the radio guy we all used to love.
  8. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    Why not communicate my thoughts on a board of like-minded fans?
  9. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    I was driving by Mint Street around 1 a.m. this weekend and the lights were on, bright as ever, at the stadium. They're on even during the off season. Isn't this a bad way to conserve energy? Has this always been a thing?
  10. When's the last time we ran a fake punt?

    It's really sad how conservative he is. We have the young-bodied type of punter who can take a hit. We might as well fake one or two every so often.
  11. Stopping KC's West Coast offense

    If we were to meet KC this season, the Chiefs and Alex Smith are on fire. Anybody else worried on how we can stop them/slow them down?
  12. When's the last time we ran a fake punt?

    Jags ran a great one against us in the preseason and it threw us off our game the rest of the contest.
  13. Chicago ran one to perfection for a touchdown last night. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2017/10/9/16451398/bears-fake-punt-touchdown-vs-vikings-monday-night-football When is the last time we ran one? I feel like it's been a while. No reason we can't give Palardy two or three passes Thursday if we have to punt to catch Philly off guard.
  14. Whatever happened to Peppers red zone plays

    I just think, if you run Peppers on a slant across the middle, who is going to want to tackle that guy?