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  1. Y'all I enjoyed it as always! I'll use some of these questions/answers tonight @ 11. Talk to you next week!
  2. Penetration from the DT's was surprisingly not there enough. You'd expect Short/Poe to really be a force every game. There were plays RR says his guys "took the easy way out" Basically allowing themselves to play right in to what the opposing OLine was trying to do instead of dictating, pushing the pocket, getting an edge. I'd expect them to play much better after that, especially at home.
  3. That's some astute film study you've done there. To your last point, I think they want to put more on his plate, and that he can handle it. With so many guys brought in to spread the ball around, that it made sense to bring him in slowly. But they need a game-breaker.
  4. -Samuel is a big ? -- Panthers being very tight-lipped on his "medical issue"/reported heart procedure. He's been in and out of practice. I haven't seen enough heart procedures in football to know a good timeline on coming back. -Williams would be extremely difficult to come back after the 8 weeks I would think. Two major knee injuries to the same knee. Already trotted himself out there before he was probably ready. -Was just one week, but the 5 guys played well together with Clark at LT...and he's buying in...gaining the trust of his teammates...specifically the other guys on the line. He's a natural LT and Moton is a natural RT. So as long as things go well going forward, that's where they'd stay. If that line isn't broken when Kalil comes back, I wouldn't try and fix it. But that's a long ways off. -Little bit of both right? There's only 16 games...there's a sense of urgency to win all of them. It's not a division game...but it's a home game...and you want to take care of this. It's never just another game!
  5. Sorry I missed this! Yes Tepper is very adamant that analytics be used going forward. I'm not aware of anyone on staff that has that as an expertise...but as we've seen in many franchises across multiple sports...outside guys..."non football" etc., are often hired...positions could be created. And we'll see what happens after this season with Hurney.
  6. So much can happen between now and then. But he's a football coach. If those other guys (Clark at LT and Moton at RT) are rolling? And the 5 guys they have in there aren't broken? No need to fix it. But that's a long time from now.
  7. Christian McCaffrey lol. But seriously? I'm going to take a total shot in the dark here and say Moore. He's kind of a combination of what each of the other WR's does...a little bit of speed...a little bit of quickness...a little bit of strength...and he's got the explosiveness to make it happen after the catch. I could very well be proven wrong on that at season's end...but to have a really good season on offense...I think they need him to become that.
  8. Haynes has one dimension at this point -- speed -- and they love it...if he can produce with it.
  9. Perfect analogy. Browns will win before that happens though.
  10. Would be fantastic from TV perspective to see him on the field, and make a play. He's still got a LONG way to go. But when it comes to vets over youth, keep in mind Rivera had Marquis Haynes inactive in Week 1, and then he played 15 snaps in Week 2...and they would've liked to see more production than they got from him.
  11. I think it's an overreaction yes, but it's a guy who has had trouble getting on the field, so I get that from a fan's perspective. I don't think that's the case though.
  12. Who y'all got tonight Browns or JETs? Taking Brownies.
  13. Based on the injuries (illness in Samuel's case) when they happened? Olsen has been out at practice both days doing some light work, and is into the rehab on that foot. Samuel is in and out this week. It's a heart thing so they're treading lightly obviously. So long story short...at first I would've thought Samuel for sure, now it's a little more unclear which would be back first.
  14. LOL. I'm sure he'd sell it to anyone he can. Navarro just made a big purchase when it comes to Charleston tennis. Not the greatest consolation prize though.