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  1. Hey all, Jeremy Igo will be joining us for a Facebook LIVE chat at 8 p.m. here: https://www.facebook.com/NBCCharlotte/ Feel free to join us and be a part of it, fire away the questions too!
  2. Hey everyone this is Nick Carboni from NBC Charlotte Sports, we work regularly with Carolina Huddle. Kelsey Riggs, Rob Hughes and I will be at the game tonight as usual, and wanted to jump on here and ask a question for tonight's newscast. The Panthers talk about "unsung heroes" --- Ed Dickson, Fozzie Whittaker, whoever it may be. Who will TONIGHT's Unsung Hero be? We will definitely use some answers on the 6 pm news. And feel free to leave any questions about the game for us here and we'll check it tonight! We'll be live from BOA Stadium at 4,5,6 bringing you the best Panthers coverage locally, looking forward to hearing from everyone! Thanks, Nick