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  1. IDK probably. Would also help if he could throw the ball. Also lol at assuming I'm not black
  2. Would help if Cam didn't overthrow and make guys climb the ladder or make circus catches to reel in his bullets.
  3. Chicago Bears observations ....

    Busted coverages are more common than herpes, especially on a scramble drill.
  4. Chicago Bears observations ....

    Slightly, was in no danger of getting picked unless the defender spontaneously grew like 2 more feet and some eyes popped up behind his head. Maybe could have gotten a PBU if he was hauling ass, but maybe and if doesn't cut it.
  5. Chicago Bears observations ....

    Good job on the defense breakdown. & run game breakdown. Not too big on the Trubisky breakdown. I watched both Minny and Baltimore games (And Pitt and TB for fun), and he has a lot of throwaways. The Center Whitehair is having quite a few issues with his snaps so some throwaways have come from there. Trubisky missed a couple in the Bmore game, but his #1 and #2 WR's are an undrafted rookie from Wyoming and a 7th rounder they just plucked from Tennessee's practice squad(and what QB doesn''t miss some)? He also came back with some big one's with pressure in his face when asked to make a play https://streamable.com/u1tyg https://gfycat.com/SlushyDecimalInsect Where was the underthrow? Looks like he lead the TE into the endzone pretty good to me considering he was about to get flattened. . Without the throwaways his completion % is sitting around 80%. He's got such few attempts anyways and a bunch of throwaways because their receivers are having issues separating I'm not getting hung up on #'s. He does hold the ball too long from what I saw considering he knows what they have at WR, and he could speed up his eyes, but he's looked composed enough for what they are asking him to do which is game manage and IMO from what I've seen you can't count on him to force the issue when it isn't there which is a very valuable for a young QB to already understand.