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  1. sign a decent CB on the market at this point call up revis at this point that how bad Seymour and woley are. next Sign a FA TE there some decent ones out there to open up the middle nobody fears dickson and it shows. Drop the hammer of God and tell ron he the south title or bust no more excuses no more coaching dumb. as a coach i would just move KB or funch to TE their big enough and have proven tall WRs are not good unless their fast. place Morton and armah in the line up at this point you need something to spark the O-line last cut the run up the middle every first down... it dumb it doesn't work stop it. run Samuel and cmc on screens and wide runs then pound the D with J-stew in the later quarters
  2. Is Cam the poster child 'Millennial'

    this is the same guy who has taken how many brutal shots to the head last season. and still has a injury trying to play. but he lacks grit, no the person who lacks grit is the F coach who looks like he checked out when he got out coached in the superbowl
  3. no heart no emotion nothing. i remember that 1-15 team... they went in knowing may get our asses kicked but going to fight. or the cardiac cats squad. hell i even recall the squad that beat the bears in the playoffs. each of those teams had heart. this team is like the squad eho played the cards and let larry go crazy. it time to make head rolls.
  4. no quiters we saw that on the field today, i can't watch anymore of this. everybody gotta go keep wilks as dC but everyone else gone