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  1. As Steve Young said last Monday he would do well from the I formation and with fb
  2. So do use cmc deep until we find a speed wr?
  3. And Sheppard can’t catch worth poo. So right now we have two big targets in funchess and Olsen and no experienced speed guy Maybe we should use cmc in slot once in a while and send him deep
  4. He allegedly taped someone in college and ststill got the awards and money then I watched him start a fight in the recent saints game and now Uber Plus he is a poo qb Why is he still in the nfl?
  5. Alex Armah

    I think using a fullback will really help the running game even on sweeps nexus Arma h. Gets out well and blocks
  6. The threat of the Saints run game

    So u like a saints player more than Yur own guy? Poo u
  7. The threat of the Saints run game

    Go back to Yur forum
  8. He wants to be seen as a team player so is reluctant to go public but I’m sure he wants to be an every down back. He was the best college player in the country two years ago so why shouldn’t he want more carries.
  9. Well as Steve young said last night line him up in the I formation and give him 20 carries and he might get 100 but he's not getting 100 if he's getting 5 carries He needs the ball
  10. He gets critized for not putting up monster stats but if given the carries and targets then?
  11. I'm surprised nobody is offering opinions on what he is capable of doing in this scenario
  12. Agreed I believe he could be a great dual threat back if given the touches and correct usage
  13. Next year come in at 210 to 212 and let him be The lead back Put him in the I and give him Bell, McCoy or Johnson touches. Any opinions on how he would fare?
  14. I would be interested in seeing what cmc could do if panthers did was Steve young suggested and put him in the I formation with 15 to 20 carries and 5 targets and see how he performs. You might be pleasantly surprised once he gets into a rythm