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  1. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Fournette only averaged 3.2 ypc and missed a throw to win the game Ineffective with 24 careies
  2. Terry Allen 204 cmc will play at about 210 to 215 next year which is in Marshall fault lessen mccoy size He can easily get 20 touches with 5 catches and 15 carries
  3. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Fournette should have tried to catch it
  4. He needs cmc to evolve into Marshall Faulk 1000 receiving 1000 rushing it’s possible given his talent
  5. The nfc south is the power division and I wouldn’t be surprised to see falcons and saints playing in nfc final Panthers should have been there.
  6. A power runner later in the draft to complement cmc in the backfield then cut stew. We could give the new guy ten runs a game especially in short yardage Give cmc 10 to 15 runs and 5 or more catches
  7. How Turner will impact Newton and CMC

    If they draft a rb like Chubb the will they relegate cmc to strictly a 3rd down back with 5 or 6 touches a game? Cmc says he wants to be an every down back I can’t see it if they get a number one back
  8. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    If’ we draft a rb like Chubb should cmc be relegated to strictly 3rd round back with 4 to 6 touches per game? Cmc said he wants to be ever down player but can’t see it with a new number 1 back
  9. Troy surprised

    In order for the team to win the Lombardi we need to have cam be more of an orchestrator and less of a playmaker to keep defenses off balance. That will require a top receiver added to the mix and a power back to replace Stew. We have some playmakers already in cmc and Olsen and hopefully sanuels
  10. Cmc was the key reason for going from 6 wins to 11. We lost 1000 yards in receiving due to Olsen injury and stew deteriorAted so the key differences were cam and Luke’s health combined with adding cmc
  11. Troy surprised

    To win the super bowl we need more guys like cmc and others sharing the load with cam
  12. Troy surprised

    Nothing wrong with Cam But to say he isn’t a running qb is incorrect. He’s a running qb who is also a good passer
  13. Troy surprised

    He’s a running qb This season and 2015 he ran more than Vick ever ran the ball. He won’t change.
  14. Its Official- Norv Turner

    You will find a couple things will happen: fewer zone reads and thus fewer cam runs and Cmc will be in the field in every down either at hb or receiver
  15. What will they different to get more big plays out of cmc? He needs to be out in space