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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

  2. Just a stupid random thought

    Well, a PU thread is as good as any bulletin board material as there is, so it wouldn't surprise me.  
  3. The Santa Clara Camera Bag Strategy

    Step 1 : Sell all camera equipment Step 2 : Fill bag with beer Step 3 : PROFIT!
  4. I love what Remmers is for our team, but that said, I think Daryl Williams is the much more stable and long term answer at RT, Remmers is our long term answer at swing-lineman.  Think about how much more dominant we become if/when we have a guy capable of being a stable every down lineman who can play all 5 positions at a starters capability.  
  5. Worst QB in Super Bowl history vs "worst team" in Super Bowl history.  We can do it people, we can be the worst 18-1 team EVAR!
  6. Some people will find a way to blame Cam for this.
  7. Interesting comments from Bronco CB Harris

    I don't discount them, they are a very good team and that defense is nothing to ignore.  Their defense is so good that they've drug the 16 rated offense (as well as the team with the 3rd most turnovers in the NFL) to the superbowl.  That said, they won't be able to turn the ball over more than once or MAYBE twice and have a chance in this game, we are the games most opportunistic defense and most effective short field offense.
  8. It's NOT about race!

    Jesus Christ... Is this dressed for success?  I personally don't think that race is the driving factor (FWIW, I think culture and generational gap are the primary differences), but for most I think people hate to lose and we are the winners right now.  That said, there ARE idiots like this woman where race is the driving factor.
  9. NFL's Number One vs. Number One Super Bowl Trailer

    After seeing that, OBJ fled to his panic room and sobbed uncontrollably.  The only way he could calm himself down was twirling like a ballerina.
  10. Be Honest, How Many of You Were Cam Fans When He Was At Auburn?

    I rooted for them over Oregon, and generally liked him at Auburn in hopes they'd slay the Alabama beast.  That said, I didn't like the pick in 2011, I wanted us to take Marcell Dareus mainly because I didn't think his skills would translate to the NFL...I mean, by his own admission, we've NEVER seen someone who looks like him do what he does, and by that, I don't mean because he's African American, I mean guys that are 6-6, 250, and run a 4.4 40 usually don't play QB, and even if they do, they usually don't don't develop as a passer because they rely so heavily on their running ability to open up holes for them to throw to.  All of those fears have been squashed, Cam has developed into a top tier passer and his running is something the NFL has never seen because as much as they compare him to Vick, having a QB run that can run the power is a completely different beast.
  11. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    No way, Barnidge is good but he'd be a square peg in our offense.  If you watched him at all this year, the guy has almost no ability to block, and that works when you use a guy in the same way the Saints used Graham, but when you get him in an offense like ours where every person on offense needs to be able to run block, a TE can not be a void as a blocker.
  12. Panthers Crushing Dreams. Denver Prepares.

    As long as that turd doesn't put on a panthers hat and a #1 jersey I'm fine.  I'll be god damned if that asshole jinxes us.
  13. I've been drinking, sentiment made me pie, and title made me want to run through a wall.  1 week to go, and 90% of NFL fans envy us right now.  Win or lose, we are fuging lucky to have a super bowl caliber team that we can also be proud of off the field as well.  Add in the fact that I can bet we don't have a "super bowl winning Darren Sharper" roaming our sidelines, and I can rest easy at night knowing regardless of color, who is really wearing the white hats in the super bowl.
  14. Super Bowls Since We've Had a Team

    This is a really cool stat and shows exactly how important draft day in April is.  Hurney sucked in rounds 2-7 and on a contract basis, but when he had the pressure to nail a first rounder, he always did his job and got us stacked with top tier talent.  The other day, I looked at the 2011 draft and holy hell, there was so much talent...the only busts were QB's and the only one in the first who wasn't a bust was Cam.  1 busted draft pick and we could be the Browns of the NFC...thank god for Cam Newton.
  15. Super Bowls Since We've Had a Team

    So, I did a little research into the super bowls since the panthers became a team in 1995 since a lot is made of how many super bowls organizations have made, but I think it's more pertinent to realize where we really are in the hierarchy of things in the NFL.  Anyway, here is the list of NFL teams in the past 21 superbowls. NFC New York Giants - 3 Seattle - 3 Green Bay - 3 Carolina - 2 St. Louis - 2 San Fran - 1 Dallas - 1 Atanta - 1 Tampa Bay - 1 Philadelphia - 1 Chicago - 1 New Orleans - 1 5 Teams at 0 AFC New England - 7 Pittsburgh - 4 Denver - 4 Baltimore - 2 Indianapolis - 2 Tennessee - 1 Oakland - 1 9 Teams at 0 So, the numbers break down like this, since we became a team in 1995, 14 teams are still waiting to go to a super bowl, a whopping 43% of the NFL haven't had what we've now had twice in the past 20 years.  Even more impressive, win or lose, we are one of only 10 teams that have been TWICE since we became an organization, one of only 31% of NFL teams can claim that.  Ultimately, these numbers just remind me of exactly how lucky we are to be fans of the panthers.   A couple of other interesting things I realized, we've been to the NFC championship or better 4 times since 1995 while the Bills, Browns, Lions, and Bengals haven't won a SINGLE playoff game in the entire existence of our franchise.  Also, we also have 2 more playoff wins total than any team in our division regardless of time period.  That is an astronomical feat considering that the bucs started in 77, the Saints in 67, and the Falcons in 66. Simply put, aside from a few select teams, "They hate us cuzz they Aint us"