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  1. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic No claims on cuts   

    Glad We retained Melvin white (I believe I saw he'll be put on ir, don't know he got injured, but he could still provide depth next year barring injuries).  The other good news is that lee ward should be able to make it to the practice squad if we would (and we should) choose to.
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  2. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Over / Under 800 yards Receiving for Ted Ginn this year   

    While I'm not gonna say that I think he will be a 1000 yard receiver, him having a breakout year, even this late in his career would not be something unheard of.  Consider Brandon Lloyd.  He was in the NFL 8 seasons, but had a rapport with 1 QB (kyle orton) and when Kyle got the QB job, he fed him like crazy due to lack of weapons and loving that target.  Like him, Ginn has been in the NFL for a number of years, has only had marginal success, has a rapport with this QB, and he might be the only real wideout option he has.  I will say, if Ginn goes for 1k this year, I won't be surprised.  I am however not calling it though, I think he's more in the 700-800 yard range, but that said, it's also not out of the realm of possibility.
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  3. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Corrected Tables with Preseason Receiving Statistics   

    9%!?!?! and they wonder why people want him cut....jeeze, Armanti Edwards had bettter numbers than that.
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  4. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Panthers cut Jarrett Boykin   

  5. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Starters at WR not set in stone yet per Reed   

    Yes and no on this.  He did play last season, but his initial role he was brought in for, he bombed at (returner).  I mean, he bombed so hard that we put flipping Bersin back there.  As a receiver, he had some decent flashes, but with him being injured for a lot of the season, it was just that, flashes.  I'll just say, he has been given FAR longer of a leash than someone like Robert Lester who (like brown) had a rookie season filled with promise and looked good, then had a bad preseason, the difference is one got cut, and the other might actually be a starter for us.
    I am not however advocating cutting brown, but these second tier receivers need a chance to prove themselves.  Hell, if it were up to me, Boykin and Norwood would get the start and Bersin would come in for a 3 WR set.  Again, I wouldn't cut brown, but he needs to know if he doesn't perform, he's not exempt from getting the axe.
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  6. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Colin Jones' miraculous overnight recovery from seemingly season ending groin injury   

    Lets not freak out, this is a position we could absorb an injury and not lose a lot.  Now I will go into full on panic mode if Cam/Luke/Olsen get's injured, we cannot afford any of those injuries.  Shaq fills the buffalo pkg and Coleman, boston and Harper can fill the safety position.  The thing is Dean Marlowe will now likely make the squad and fill the 4th spot.
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  7. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Tomorrow's Guest.....   

    Left field Guess, Trai Turner.
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  8. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic How Many Gettleman Trades Have Worked Out?   

    I've thought for a while, my only concern is that G-man evaluates defensive talent better than offensive talent.  I don't think he has yet to truly miss on a defensive player in the draft while he has wiffed on Barner and Kugbila.  Don't get me wrong, if he only had his offensive players for evaluation, he'd still be considered a good talent evaluator (Trai Turner, Kelvin Benjamin, and Daryl Williams), but wouldn't be in the elite level like we consider him because of how well he drafts defensively (Star, KK, Bene, Kony?, Boston?, Shaq?).  That said, his talent evaluation is incredibly good since he's found guys like Norwood, White, Remmers, Lester, and Brown in the UDFA territory, I'll trust him to know who does and doesn't fit our offense.
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  9. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic And I thought Stephen Hill looked bad in still pics..   

    God Damnit PU...I swear to god, you're threads are like Ben Stiller Movies, 1 out of every 10 is good.  After you wade through Along Came Polly, Starsky and Hutch, and Duplex, you stumble onto Dodgeball and forget the terrible threads.  Bravo, this is your Dodgeball, I laughed harder than I probably should have at that picture.
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  10. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Seahawks Fan Reactions to Norwood...   

    I couldn't agree with you more.  What a lot of people don't understand, hell, I didn't for a while is that players have to be fits just as much as they need talent.  Donald Lafell did well with the pats last year, but we all know how bad he was with us, especially in the clutch.  Hell, I had to have THIS exact argument with a person about Ted Ginn Jr.  Yea, he sucked last year, yea he sucked most of his career, but he fits the offense that we run and has a repore with Cam and those are the 2 most important thing.
    What I see/hear about norwood is that he has good hands and is quicker more than fast, does that sound like something we're missing in our offense?  Sure does to me when we either have possession guys who have no quickness, or speed guys without a great ability to catch.  I'm not saying Norwood will be a #1, but he possibly could be a great receiver for us.
    Lastly, just like you said about the browns receiver depth, lets not forget that the seahawks weren't teeming with O-line depth last year and we picked Remmers up off their practice squad and now he is as important to our o-line as anyone else because of his work ethic and versatility.  Like we both said, sometimes certain situations fit certain guys better.
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  11. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Panthers appear to be looking for WR help   

    I've got you're man...We're about Ajirotutu get serious about this mother!  Seyi Ajirotutu it is!

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  12. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic One Simple Hypothetical   

    No, right now our O-line is the strength of the team...I dare say maybe even a fringe top 10 unit (please god let me knock on wood and pray this doesn't come back to bite me), if it stays healthy, then our run game will improve and the time in the pocket will eventually give time for someone to get open or cam to scramble and wreak havoc.  I hate we don't have KB, but the best QB's in the game have made receiving corps like this work (Tom Brady's recieving situation last year is almost identical to ours, a great tight end and a bunch of #3's and 4's), it's just time for our franchise QB to play like a franchise QB.
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  13. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Bucs, Falcons and Saints all look like complete garbage   

    The one thing I can say I've definitely taken away from the preseason is that for all the negativity in the media, we have the best O-line in the entire division.Based on just starter performances, I still like our chances in the division, just gotta keep what health we have.  The only thing that I think can derail our defense from being elite again will be if our offense cant sustain drives and forces our defense on the field for really long periods of time.
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  14. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    I get why people are frustrated with the run game, but I still don't think it's a problem.  Right now, we're operating half speed, I didn't see Stew run like he did in the regular season, nor did I want to.  We also didn't see cam run, and Cam's running ability is something that greatly opens up not only running lanes, but frees up receivers down the field.  Because of our dynamic running QB, our preseason numbers will be lower than say someone like the saints/packers/patriots.  It's easy to do a preseason game just airing it out because you have a lesser chance of the face of your franchise going out for the season.  Our offense we saw this preseason isn't going to be the one we see week 1, and that's coming from a guy who despises Shula.
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  15. Carolina Cajun added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    I read this post, then read the post of the %played breakdown, and that seems more likely than I thought.  I had no clue Simonson was getting as many reps as he was.
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