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  1. a sport like the NFL can never have one player drag a team to the championship all on his own. team sport.
  2. bewonee

    The secret Twitter story

    feelthehurn420 hurndog777 hurnyboi
  3. bradberry was good in his first year and bad in his second year. hopefully that was just a sophomore slump.
  4. sowwy if i hurt your feelings
  5. bewonee

    Derek Anderson...update?

    Rodgers (who is the best QB in the league, admittedly) is the only one iirc.
  6. bewonee

    NFL Logos Ranked

    Raiders have a dope ass logo, and also the Ravens at 26 is criminal.
  7. love how you made it racial, that's hilarious. there wasn't anything racist about that post, you simply made an assumption and ran with it. kaep praised fidel castro while taking against oppression is why i say uneducated.
  8. who is the other guy ahead of him not in the HOF? mills maybe?
  9. wait shaun king said this? isnt he that guy who obviously isn't black but claims to be, actively lies and spews nonsense, twists words, and is a legitimate social justice warrior? damn i hoped this had some merit to watch a bunch of uneducated players go to war with the league.
  10. here comes some cold war spy LARPing bullshit for a few months and a lot of anonymous sources, this'll be fun.
  11. A mixed person is part black, and a black person is black. The slur isn't directed at white people, so I see no issue.
  12. For black people, because it's racist. I don't call other races niggas not because I don't think it's ok, but because I just use different phrases and calling another race a nigga doesn't make sense.