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  1. Thursday practice tweets: Shaq looking good, still no Trai

    Keep Trai out!!! Rest him. Its the Bucs. Shaq just need to sit on the bench. Our defense has looked great two straight weeks without him. What a bum. Shepherd go to IR now
  2. Forbes top 12 candidates to buy Panthers

    Anybody but Diddy
  3. Diddy's Panther themed helicopter...

    North Carolina Panthers
  4. Diddy's Panther themed helicopter...

    @Cookie Lyon I heard that the local group has already built a building the size of BOA out of Panthers fur.
  5. Diddy's Panther themed helicopter...

    I rather be a Saints fan than see Diddy and Kaep be a part of this team.
  6. Diddy's Panther themed helicopter...

  7. Diddy's Panther themed helicopter...

    @Cookie Lyon apparently does
  8. South Carolina should pay.

    Built a new stadium at the state line. Home side in NC and the away in SC or each endzone in each state.
  9. Hes just cleaning up Gman’s poo. Shaq and Butler are next
  10. Look at Short’s sack number and Kurt’s Int since Norman LEFT!!!!!!!! Zip it
  11. Probably not if they do hire Fatty G. Gman was a huge Odell fan. I stated that Odell was pretty much the best WR in that draft during the 2014 draft press conference.
  12. Right here !!! And ohhh Rivera was a Hurney’s hire
  13. Louis Riddick >>>>>>>>>>> Fatty bust 1st round drafter Gman
  14. Dave is not by far better than Hurney. He has made some stupid picks: Shaq, Butler and even KB isnt so much a great pick anymore. NYG fans better hope they hire Louis Riddick. Hes the right choice, not fatty Gman.