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  1. If we win

    but.... pepsi?
  2. Collection of Panther Hype Videos

  3. Collection of Panther Hype Videos

  4. Collection of Panther Hype Videos

    But of course, @Toolbox - THAT one deserved it's own thread :) 
  5. Collection of Panther Hype Videos

  6. Collection of Panther Hype Videos

  7. Why not post 'em all in one place (ones that aren't worthy of an individual topic, that is):    
  8. Lady Gaga will be performing the national anthem

    Between the National Anthem and the Halftime Show, we've seen 1/2 of the SB50 entertainment participants naked already. Who needs Justin Timberlake now when we have the Internet?  
  9. Weekend Update: Took a road trip up to Murphy NC (don't judge).  Hit the Wal-Mart there just for grins, not really expecting to see anything Panthers-oriented. I was correct to be disappointed at what a NORTH CAROLINA WalMart would have available: Alabama Championship gear UGA stuff up the wazoo And one random Tennessee shirt So if you're looking for that hard-to-find, cheap-AND-high-quality UGA team gear, head to your local NORTH CAROLINA Wally World to get your fix. Sheesh. "Two States, 35 Teams"???
  10. Jersey ecery day this week

    Been wearing a different Panthers polo/pullover/jacket (no jerseys allowed) every day at the office since last Monday. Folks are starting to ask if I'm looking forward to the game on Sunday.
  11. From the 12th Man Rising blog, showed up on one of my Panthers new feeds....   -----   I can barely watch sports television this week. Every time I look up I’m seeing Peyton this and Cam that, and OHMYGODTHEPANTHERSGOTTHEIRSUPERBOWLJERSEYSTODAY! IT’S LIKE WATCHING THE EX-GIRLFRIEND YOU DUMPED HOOKING UP WITH A GUY A DAY BEFORE HE BUYS THE WINNING POWERBALL TICKET. This makes it even worse. The team that modeled themselves after us, who we’ve owned for year, who we knocked out of the playoffs a year ago, has now made us their bitch. The come back win at CenturyLink in October…. the beat down at their place in the divisional playoff round. It’s a legit Cam Newton soapbox right now (cringe), and to me, it just feels wrong. It’s like watching the ex-girlfriend you dumped hooking up with a guy a day before he buys the winning PowerBall ticket. It would be one thing if some upstart NFC team like Philly or Washington had snuck into the Super Bowl…. we have to sit back and watch the Panthers play in, and probably win, our game.
  12. Marvel and Pixar Artist Draws Ron Rivera

    DC vs Marvel. Some people can't stomach one over the other
  13. Rawr Rawr Rawr. He's back!

  14. A few of us made the observer

    So I'm reading the article, then linked over to about @RoaringRiot and the out-of-town fan gatherings. Cool, cool. Until I saw photo #2 on the slideshow, captioned "Joey Nitz, left, and friend courtesy of Joey Nitz". Please tell me I'm wrong and am woefully mistaken -- but isn't "and friend" really Coach Beam? 
  15. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Random Q - do you ever find your amazing photos stolen by news organizations who don't give you the $$ or credit? (there's a story from this past weekend about a photo the NYPost paid for being lifted off that site by CBS Radio and CBS TV and used without credit -- the photog is suing CBS for damages up to $150k per work, plus attorney's fees.... along with infringement cost of $2500 per work up to $25k for the lack of credit)