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  1. 58 *and* 59 on the same jersey?  No wonder they never see him coming.
  2. Peter King finally shows that he does know how to spell "Cam" and "Panthers" in this morning's FINE FIFTEEN: NOTHING COULD BE FINER, with Carolina #1, Patriots #3. Yahoo shows Carolina #1:  NFL Power Rankings: Carolina Panthers finally climb to the top HEAVY: The Panthers quietly might be playing the best football in the NFL SBNation: Week 13: Panthers, Broncos move up, Patriots, Cardinals slip In reality, the Panthers might have been playing the best football of any team in the NFL over the last few weeks, so it's an overdue honor to come in at No. 1 here    
  3. Tattoo

    Google image search for Panthers Tattoos has some interesting results:   I find this amusing, wouldn't mind it on a tshirt for some reason:     and this one, just because it was in the search results....
  4. Tattoo

    pie for the dedication.
  5. From one of the many sports travel vendors out there selling ticket packages for Super Bowl 50, here are some sample ticket prices:  (sidebar: I hate that the NFL decided to use "50" instead of the traditional roman number "L"; George Carlin would agree, since "FOOTBALL IS PLAYED IN A STADIUM. WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM.  baseball is played in a park. a baseball park. weeeeee!") 3 nights hotel way way out of town (transportation to game included) + ticket and "pregame bash" (a $315 value): starts at $6695 per person 4 nights high-end hotel smack in the middle of SF's financial district (the good part of town), plus ticket and Steve Young hosted pre-game party (a $675 value by itself) will run you $7475 and up. Tickets to pre-game party and game, no hotel needed? You're looking around $4300. My plan to save some $$ if I were to head out that way, would be to hang out in town Thurs/Fri/Sat and then fly back on an early Sun flight to be home for the 6p kickoff and watch it on TV.  And I'd do the Taste of the NFL event on Sat night.  Been to a previous one on comp tickets, and it was FANTASTIC.   holy crap, though - tickets are $700 each???   May have to rethink the feasibility of my idea  
  6. Sunday night game thread

    Thought this game was going to be horrible at 21-7.   hoo boy were we wrong 
  7. ATLvsCAR *not* being flexed in Week 14

    annnnnd, like that we know it's a lock for 1p.  " Seahawks-Ravens to the early slot on Fox. No other week 14 changes", per the NFL.  
  8. So unless FOX decides to move it to be a 4p game (hey, it could happen still), then feel free to start your tailgating plans for a 1p start now. Per the patriots:
  9. Officially 3-peat with win on Sunday!

    <debbie downer> "three-peat" is a registered trademark (thanks, Pat Riley!), and we are not allowed to use it. </debbie downer> so how about SirPurr-Peat! Cam-Peat! Three-Rep-LUKE-et    
  10. Dear Mr. Ryan - from a concerned Carolina Dad

    I wish I had more pies to give for that.  Well done, sir.
  11. Matty Ice is melting....

    My point was that it doesn't matter that Matt's QB rating is higher than Cam's.  Matt's quality of play/stats/performance is not equating to Falcons wins.  Cam's rating is low, but QB stats don't show the major contributions he's making outside of those ratings that have gotten us to 11-0 as a team.  It doesn't matter if you throw 500yds a game for a 90% completion rate and 0 interceptions if you can't figure out how to win.  
  12. Matty Ice is melting....

    QB rating is meaningless*, even Cam says so. The only stat that matters is 11-0, no matter how you get there.   *meaningless = only folks in FanDuel/DraftKings really care about it
  13. If you're being respectful in how you cheer your team, you shouldn't have to travel in numbers to be safe. Treat opposing fans at BoA (if they can get tickets) the same way we would want to be treated when we travel to away games. One thing I love about the Panthers fan base (and the NFC South in general) is that we're overall the "nice" division when it comes to showing off southern hospitality to visitors.
  14. Kudos to the guy in the Bears jersey for helping out. (Aside from the question of "who wears a Bears jersey to a CAR/DAL game?)