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  1. Draft Targets

    Who you guys wanting? I am just now looking over some mocks. I am liking Justin Reid S Stanford in the 2nd. Need a DE, OG, and maybe another WR and RB and I will be happy.
  2. Draft Targets

    Naw, you can get good OG's later.
  3. Exactly, that is why I mentioned pressure and mixing up coverage is so important. You can know for a fact the other team will pass and commit to it. Wont help you without pressure and causing the other team to call the wrong play to attack said coverage.
  4. Even if you know a team is going to pass and you can commit 100% to the pass / coverage. You still can not shut down a play designed to beat your coverage that is executed well. For example you call a cover 2 zone. you know they will pass. well you still have the problem of zone flooding and spacing. impossible to cover a flood concept executed well in a pure zone scheme. The S is going to have to choose, take the deep route or take the mid level route. Or the CB is going to have to choose to take the short of mid level route. That is why pressure and disguising and changing up coverage is very important.
  5. I was speaking from a general point of view. Scheme is not simply important. It is VERY important. You could have prime AP in the backfield and if you try to run against a 9 man box overplaying the run, you won't be having much success. A WR who isn't reliable catching the ball should not even be on our team. One of NE's WR ran a 4.7 or some slow butt number. You do not need to be fast to separate or get open. Most teams play a lot of zone to begin with so it's mostly about route running and finding the soft spot in the zone. For man it's about knowing the DB's position ie playing inside or outside and leveraging that against them. Also about calling plays to get ppl open ie rub plays etc. An NFL level athlete should be able to get open on man even if they not the fastest.
  6. DEREK BARNETT!!!!!!

    It was who i wanted. Dude can get after the QB.
  7. This. When will people realize it's about the scheme and playcalling? Its how Ginn can go to Carolina and put up good numbers then suck at most other places. Its how backup Nick Foles can win a superbowl against Bill and Brady. Most NFL players have the ability to be productive. Just finding that right match and system.
  8. I was talking about the last game. Saints are a run first team this year. They destroyed us on the ground in previous meetings. The Saints wanted to do the same thing. However, the Panthers sold out on the run. Forcing the Saints to go to plan B. Fortunate for them, their plan be is also deadly. But we shut down what they wanted to do and made them go to plan B
  9. Walterfootball Mock Draft Post Senior Bowl

    if we got james washington in the 3rd id be very very happy
  10. I really enjoy this guys videos. Pretty amazing how the Pats managed to get the Jags out of their game plan even though their game plan was working.
  11. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    Of course. It is like someone hating MJ. Even if you are not a NE or Bulls fan, you still gotta give props where props are due.
  12. Actually, the Saints bread and butter was their run game. We dictated to them that they were not going to beat us running the ball. But the problem is they have Brees and Payton, so they have no issue slanging the rock also. When it comes to D, you gotta see what the O likes to do and try to shut it down. Then you need to think about how they will counter and how you will counter their counter. Game plans and strategy should be fluid and evolving.
  13. average pass rush will take 3-4 seconds to get through. effective blitzing should make it 2 seconds.
  14. people hate on wilks but that is a good stat. i think it was more to do with the players having brain farts missing assignments than with wilks. i will take an aggressive DC over a passive one any day of the week.
  15. curious if we played man or zone mostly against the saints.
  16. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    if you play basic zones ie cover2,3,4 etc you better have a nasty pass rush and smart LB's and DB's. you can not let great QBs move you with their eyes in obvious situations like 3rd and 18 for Pats. for great QBs the best is playing bare minimum 50/50 man zone. But more like 70/30 man zone. got to switch it up and be 1 step ahead of the OC.
  17. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    Ok, he still has 5 since those cancel out. And will have 6 in a bout a week. GOAT
  18. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    Wish we would go with 5 wide more. It forces the D to show it's hand. Pats use this alot.
  19. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    Can't be the GOAT being a humble choir boy. Hating is not a good look. Dude is a beast. Will go down as the MJ of Football.
  20. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    how the hell could you hate brady? dude has a passion and dedication to the game like no other. he is a fiery competitor. dude is clutch. he should have 2 more rings if not for eli manning throwing up two prayers.
  21. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    The DC ought to be fired for this. Just inexcusable. HC needs a public lashing and apology. Brady will carve the hell out of a zone without a nasty pass rush. Need to play man 70% and sprinkle in some zone to keep them off balance.
  22. Auto pass in the 1st. 4th round sign me up.
  23. Both yea. Not 1. A WR that is short but with elite hands and route running is not getting drafted top 10. You need 1 of the other to warrant a high draft pick.
  24. lead a mutiny? going straight to read 3 is a mutiny or calling a audible / hot route? lol sound like a woman. over dramatizing things. stop it lol
  25. Bruh, Cam aint getting benched leading the team down the field for a TD. Could you imagine the uproar from the fans, stadium and questions facing the coaches after the game? Would be a massive poo storm. Reporter: "Ron, why was Cam benched after playing excellent?" Ron: "Well, he decided to make read #3 read #1" Reporter: "But it was working with great success. The D was leaving read #3 wide open every play." Ron: "I know, but we are not concerned with attacking the weakness of the D and moving the ball down the field and scoring points. Principle of the matter. We are a rigid stubborn bunch." Reporter: Looks on clueless and speechless..... Nah not happening.