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  1. Look at it this way . If we had Kelvin we would have ended up having to pay him anyway . And Landry would most likely cost us a 3rd . It's basically the same thing as is paying Kelvin if Kelvin lived up to the hype .
  2. Saca you're not big on laundry but you been big on some questionable players that never did anything . Landry is already proven
  3. To the people saying no so me a favor and stfu . Landry would make this offense so much better . You guys can have your fantasy with Samuel and Byrd but they ain't doing nothing . Cap space doesn't win super bowls we need to spend and maybe we can get our first damn ring
  4. Depression

    Thanks guys it means a lot . Drinking is a depressant if my nights not going good it makes me question a lot of things that I am lacking and it continues for a couple days after . I feel much better now . What I need to stop doing is comparing myself to others . 90% of my friends are rich and not rich because they worked hard . One friend got 3 mill in a trust fund , one friend took over his dad's business , another friend has rich parents that got him the connect into a nice job and my best friend won a million playing draft Kings luckiest guy ever and he already owns 2 of his dad's gas stations in Raleigh . I'm on the other hand a 26 year old that failed the fire fighter physical and is currently going back to college . I still make 400$ a week at Walmart but it doesn't cut it
  5. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I highly doubt Jerry is selling the team too . He only did that so he didn't get the Donald sterling treatment and is waiting for people to forget about it and he keeps the team .
  6. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    And people wanted gettleman gone smh
  7. Depression

    I'm falling into depression . Not the first time this happend but I just keep failing at life . I worked so hard with this new job did everything I could and got laid off .... I fail at everything , seriously everything . in my mind I'm the best and then when I fail at something it just makes me so depressed where I don't want to talk to anyone and can't sleep at night knowing I failed . I got another job but not as good . It will pay the bills for now but I can't move up in life and it just burns me to see people do so much better then me . Only escape I have is when I go out partying and is when I lift and also when I watch the panthers .
  8. Josh Norris Mock Draft

    Lol worst mock I ever seen
  9. What else you expect from a thug ?
  10. Is Ludwig a scumbag

    You're not tough