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  1. Seoul_Panther

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    Which is the opposite of the point you were making about Lafell:
  2. Seoul_Panther

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    I don't disagree that CN has never had a stellar cast of receivers. The best was Steve Smith who was at the tail end of his career. But hes never had a cast of guys like many of the QB's hes measured against has. He's also been dealing with an at best average OL for several years. It makes it hard to compare him to other QBs because there are lots of variables at play. For these reasons I would say CN deserves the benefit of the doubt that he could do better rather than the tired old-hes just a one-dimensional running QB take that so many people trot out. If you believe in at least some ways we have upgraded-(I think this is true of the WRs and OC) then he has every chance to be better. Hes also fit coming into this season. He's never going to be high percentage, but I believe with help he can be better.
  3. Seoul_Panther

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    Coach McDermott was not impressed: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24292731/buffalo-bills-coach-sean-mcdermott-critical-kelvin-benjamin-carolina-panthers-barbs I wonder if he will stay beyond this season?
  4. Seoul_Panther

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    I see what you're trying to say but that doesn't quite add up. TG's catch percentage was superb last year so you can argue he proved KB's point in a way that KB hasn't. If you want to make the argument, it is that Cam's deep ball has been (until last year) way better than Brees. That simply comes down to arm strength where it is hard to argue that he isn't on a par or better than Brees. Blaming Cams accuracy on his admittedly weak supporting cast puts us in the same boat as KB. While it maybe true, it's a poor workman blames his tools. At this stage the best way for CN to prove that he can be better (accuracy-wise) than he has shown, is to prove it. Lets hope that he can.
  5. Seoul_Panther

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/207188-kelvin-benjamin-criticizes-time-with-panthers-cam-newton/ Some homers, also some people pointing out that he isn't doing himself or his current team any favours. I couldn't read past the first few posts of saints4life thread on the falcons forum. Just a bunch of rednecks gloating about others preconceived shortcomings. Life is too short to waste reading that poison.
  6. Seoul_Panther

    Kelvin Benjamin - I have thoughts

    1 It's unfortunate. With some people you just never can tell. 2 I don't know about KB's maturity or intelligence. Let's be honest there are people in all walks of life who can astonish with their lack of these attributes and others. As much as this assessment may be true,it feels a bit like an unkind sentiment. 3 I was pleased with CN's reaction. I'm not always his biggest fan off the pitch, but sometimes less is more, especially with a toxic interview like this. I was a KB fan. I wanted him to do well and was disappointed with how he left. In retrospect, it looks like MH did a good job moving him on. On the Bills boards there are plenty of people who are embarrassed with his behaviour in this interview. He has one year left there and many point out that these comments blaming the QB can just as easily be made about Josh Allen after this season. Do you want that in a player? I can't say what motivated the comments, but I would be astonished if he is highly sought after by anyone in FA at the end of the year. I mean who wants a blame-layer? His outburst is a classic example of a self-made problem, and sadly I have little sympathy for him.
  7. Seoul_Panther

    Observations from camp today...

    Since I follow Buffalo, as my second interest team in the AFC, I'm gonna give them a shout out. Their interior was upgraded and should test Mr Silotolu. Kyle Williams and Star are a good combo and they also added rookie DT Harrison Phillips who's having a good camp. On the edge they brought in Trent Murphy from Washington who had a 12 sack season prior to injury last year. Jerry Hughes on the other side is not as worrying. Their LBs are much improved with mammoth rookie Tremaine Edmunds, and their secondary were creating turnovers regularly last year. Offensively they don't frighten anyone but that's a sneaky D.
  8. Seoul_Panther

    Funchess Cost

    It's a big season for Funchess. He will want to stay healthy and put up 1000 yards. He is the de facto #1 receiver in my book. He's been dogged by injuries and defended by the accusation that Cam locked in on Benjamin. But he has to show consistency and take on the mantle of being guarded by opponents #1 CB. I was impressed by him last season but still slightly disappointed that we lost him at the business end of the season (through no fault of his own). He battled on bravely, but he clearly wasn't 100%. I hope he can get through the full season and has a chance to prove what he is made of across a full year. With RKalil, Davis and Captain and quite possibly others moving on, we may have enough cap space to pay him upwards of $10 mill. Next question is do you want to? Current draft consensus is that very good WRs can be had outside the first round like RBs. I get that people want consistency but this isn't an elite player just a good NFL receiver. In the past, I would have bet we would have kept him, but it will be interesting to see what happens. Was he a DG pick?
  9. Seoul_Panther

    That hit Gaulden put on Jarius Wright

    I get the concern in context of these two big injuries, but this looks to me like he was trying to pull out of the tackle a little. I mean its a contact sport.
  10. He visited the colts, Chiefs and Browns all of whom retain an interest. Baltimore have just joined that group and are said to be aggressively pursuing his signature. (I got this from the colts forum). Personally, I'm not that interested after what went down. I would rather Doss or one of our current guys get an opportunity at the least. If necessary pickup someone in cuts.
  11. Fair enough. To be honest I was clueless by the end of that thread about what exactly had been done. There was a lot of disagreement and people on both sides were adamant that they had it right. All I gathered was regardless of the money, it made him less worthwhile to cut earlier. I may be wrong on that too. Either way, with regards to this year at least its pretty obvious we are committed to him as starting LT.
  12. Yeah, I didn't mention those as success stories because I've heard some negatives about both. Even so they were both in their rookie years. I mean I'm not trying to argue for a moment that there isn't a league wide dearth of OTs. But equally its a fallacy that there hasn't been a successful OT available in recent drafts. It is hindsight, but many of us were saying at the time, given the choice of paying top dollar for a guy who has been a liability for a long time versus a rookie salary for a draft pick and building for the future, it seems risky betting on MKalil and has cap consequences elsewhere. Anyway, we're locked in for at least the upcoming year so it's kind of a moot point. We just have to support him and hope that he gets better.
  13. Seoul_Panther

    Cockrell is done

    Had barely heard him mentioned thus far in TC. Sad for Cockrell. I wish him well in his recovery.
  14. Mostly true. But Ramzyck at #26 turned out pretty well for the Saints last year. Dion Dawkins for the bills was excellent and starts this year as their LT after a strong rookie season at RT.