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  1. Seoul_Panther

    How would you rank D-lines?

    Yes I saw this article and it made me laugh. It seems clear to me that the criteria for ranking is high profile names and expectations rather than recent success. Consider on this list: Buccaneers, Broncos, Texans who had terrible D last year albeit with injuries for the latter two. Chargers: didn’t make the playoffs. I know it’s a projection but here’s the key, I believe this is how the writer hopes it turns out. Raiders and Packers? Now you’re just having a laugh? They are among the weakest lines. 1: We were snubbed because it is the opinion of one staff writer who believes his own hype. 2: I have us about #5 on that list.
  2. What a stupendously arrogant generalization to make about people you don’t know. If you haven’t the good sense to see that nobody is making that point I guess there is no sense in trying to explain further though.
  3. Define ‘whatever you want.’ I don’t reckon you need me to tell you that the majority of jobs aren’t filled by millionaires performing in front of a live tv audience. That alone precludes the worth or impact of protest for a layman as I believe you well know. Ultimately are they less able to do their job because of the protests? But just to indulge your whimsical comparison, I would feel any employer would have every right to fire me if a protest affected my ability to do my job or the service my business was providing. Despite this I would go ahead with it if I truly believed in it. Because that is the nature of protest. Happily I do not consider myself an automaton and nor will I ever be ok with being told that I may not convey an opinion because it upsets someone else’s sensibilities.
  4. Interesting. It seems that your freedoms come with a lot more conditions than I was aware. I suppose all will bend the knee to ayatollah Goddell then.
  5. Am I the only person that feels like this is a huge overstep by the NFL? You may only protest in private out of sight? I mean isn’t that kind of the point of a protest? If I was an American I would have a HUGE problem with someone telling me this. This has turned from a social justice issue into a constitutional rights issue.
  6. Seoul_Panther

    Possible Huge Addition

    I am uncomfortable with the way several people on this thread keep repeating this excuse as though it should therefore be forgiven. Not saying you’re condoning it but it kinda comes across that way. There’s nothing normal about this behavior.
  7. Seoul_Panther

    Possible Huge Addition

    That’s a hell of a compliment.
  8. Seoul_Panther

    Possible Huge Addition

    Seriously? Have you read his twitter feed? Did you hear about that racial slur he supposedly made to the Jacksonville player this season? He doesn’t give a single damn about his image. He has however been a consistent solid guard.
  9. Seoul_Panther

    Possible Huge Addition

    I wondered how long it would take for this topic to come up. He’s certainly still playing at a high level. i don’t think he’s a great fit as a character tbh, and some of his posts on Twitter were a bit irrational sounding. I would also worry that if he retires you can add him to a list of 4 or so other starting positions that will need filling at the end of the coming season. My personal preference is that they let someone else try to win the spot so that next year we aren’t disjointed.
  10. Seoul_Panther


    Except that we shut down the NO run game in the second match up. Trouble is that exposes our secondary. Our run D was supposed to be our strength so that shouldn’t be our biggest weakness. That suggests to me even accepting that our NFCS opponents are very strong in this department that we can and should do better. Sure the run sets up the pass but it just looked too easy in contrast to other games.
  11. Seoul_Panther


    The missed tackles really stood out to me. Two in particular-Shaq on the goal line and Kurt in the backfield both on Kamara. I would add that the huge chunk plays killed us as they would anyone. I feel like they executed their plan well against us, but we were stale and uncompetitive. The only other game I really remember seeing that attitude all season was the Bears.
  12. Seoul_Panther

    Will these players stick?

    I like all three of these players, but the guy I’m really hoping for a step-up from is Obada. Realistically there is a limit to the impact Armah can make because he will struggle for touches. I don’t think they see him as a dynamic ball carrier sadly, just a role player. I like Cox as a solid rotational piece but he doesn’t have the measurables to be more than that. Maybe it’s weird but I’m more curious about the fringe players and UDFAs than the big names at this time of year.
  13. My favorite Bucs pick was Vea. Clearly at a position of need too. I would be worried about their secondary though. I wasn’t impressed by their other selections. My favorite Panther pick was Ian Thomas. I think Moore and Ridley are as boom and bust as Davenport. My favorite Falcon pick was Senat who I really like at a position of big need for them. My favorite Saints pick was Natrell Jamerson. At pick 164 that was about the range I would have taken Gaulden who went at pick 80. I don’t see any of them as transformative.
  14. Seoul_Panther

    So who's playing LG?

    Van Roten and Larsen are as good a chance as anyone, then there’s Banner and that 4th rounder from Arizona and maybe Hearn the UDFA. Should be fun at training camp.
  15. Seoul_Panther


    Ha I don’t hold you to the Fasani thing. Tbh I still haven’t figured out how to display a sig showing that I won the huddle fantasy football league last year. If I could I would have been showing that off for ages!