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  1. Your 2018 freeagency class

    Nice visual op. I'm content with what we've done to this point in the off-season, all things considered. We've adapted nicely considering some surprises (Breeland) and what we've had to work with. Now, just add a quality draft (beyond the first please, Hurney) and I'll like our team going into next year. I think we have the potential to be a more dangerous team in 2018. Of course, in the NFL success hinges on team-health as much or more than any other factor. Fingers crossed.
  2. Panthers sign free agent corner Ross Crockell

    Good value imo. Dollar store Hurn?!
  3. The Browns

    Whatever they do, it's likely to be the wrong move.
  4. Field Turf at BoA?

    Personally, I love natural grass for all sports that can be played outdoors. Baseball, Soccer, Football, etc. just feel better in as natural a setting as possible for me. I don't like domes, artificial turf, etc. It just makes things feel so sterile and cold.
  5. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    A bit off the topic, but I got so sick of talking religion over the years with people that whenever anyone brings up the topic, I tell them I worship Zeus with a straight face. I mean, he's the god of the gods, so he wins, right? (Yes, I know different mythologies, before anal person corrects me.)
  6. Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    I made my decision about Hurney long, long ago. I don't want him anywhere near the Panthers. However, he's not been horrible in this new limited sample size. I imagine, given time, he'll wreck things proper.
  7. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    Obscure belief system : crazy nut job. Cultural norm beliefs : Good upstanding member of society. They're really the same person. One just has a lot of friends/sympathizers.
  8. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    That's a ridiculous haul for 3 spots imho. If it were offered to me, I'd take all that booty all day, every day.
  9. Breeland failed physical *update* non football injury

    Well, we still have other corners. I'll see myself out.
  10. Panthers should consider trading Vernon Butler

    I think Butler may be about to really break out, and even if not, having that added depth on the D-line is probably worth more than anything we'd get in return.
  11. Peppers signing one year deal with Panthers

    This was necessary. We've got to address this position going forward though. Welcome back for your last hurrah Pep!
  12. You don't FUGGIN cut Ryan FUGGIN Kalil

    He's going to be gone after the season anyway. Time to adapt to a new set of circumstances before it's mandatory WHILE adding some financial flexibility.
  13. Ryan Kalil $9.9 mil cap hit

  14. Ryan Kalil $9.9 mil cap hit

    Return on investment has been poor on recent returns. I know what Kalil can be/was, but at that price, it's not worth the risk for me. Too much you can do with the $. I'd let him go.