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  1. And the beauty of this is that, if he does this effectively, all those big splash plays will still be there, ready and waiting for the appropriate moments. I do think that sometimes Cam's strength is also his weakness. Having that arm cannon gives perhaps too much confidence, obscuring the value of the "easy" plays.
  2. run-run-pass-punt


    I'm just ecstatic that Norv seems to recognize the utility of Armah. I still think he's a gem and maybe will get a chance to shine under Norv. Mixing him into the passing game every now and then could result in some pleasant brutality.
  3. run-run-pass-punt

    New kickoff rules

    Maybe after they ultimately get rid of the kickoff they can still implement a way to retain possession in late game come-back situations. Maybe you could have all change of possessions be a throw (regular play with all 22 on the field) from whatever yard line and the result of where the ball lands is the spot for the change of possession - no return. As an alternative, say you complete a 20 yard pass (rather than letting the ball drop on a bomb heave) and you get to maintain possession of the ball. Maybe even a sack results in the opposing team gaining possession where the sack occurred. Just some out of the box thinking for the scenario where kicks/punts may be removed.
  4. run-run-pass-punt

    Panthers SB 53 win?

    31 teams end up disappointed every year. The odds are never in your favor. It would be wonderful if it happened though. Hopefully some year (soon) will be our year.
  5. run-run-pass-punt

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Charlotte would be an ideal market for MLS, but sadly the movers and shakers in this city are ignorant of the energy having a team here would bring. Charlotte has the right population and demographics to absolutely embrace MLS. Such a shame.
  6. run-run-pass-punt

    Will these players stick?

    I think Armah could be lethal in Norv's offense when it's firing on all cylinders.
  7. I thought we were trying to be that other team in that division.
  8. run-run-pass-punt

    Expect a big year from Funchess this year.

    I understand the mentality, and I think he'll ultimately be worth it, but even if we end up having to pay him more after the year, I want him hongry this season!
  9. run-run-pass-punt

    Flacco and Roethlisberger

    Flacco was great during their Super Bowl run, but were it not for the failure of the Denver secondary on the hail mary, he'd have never been paid. (to the extent he was)
  10. In today's NFL, defense is not encouraged, but I think if you could distill our plans into a single word for this upcoming season, it would be "aggression". That's the vibe I'm getting anyway.
  11. Oh, we're doing this? Well, I'd argue that all labels/distinctions/categories are arbitrary and without any inherent meaning or separate existence. The mind's nature is to categorize and separate, drawing artificial conceptual borders when in reality there is no separation/duality. I am you. I am the letter O.
  12. run-run-pass-punt

    The Way Too Early 53*

    I am curious to see what he can do as well. In terms of QB, I really hope we don't bring DA back. We know what he is, and it's not good. (anymore) I'd rather give a younger guy who still has room to grow an opportunity. I mean if Cam goes down, where are we going with DA anyway? (nowhere)
  13. Because in a society we expect others to act like they know they are living in a society. Whether that expectation is realistic or not, I'll leave to you.
  14. Yeah, I'm sure it's nice as a coach to have a player that is really in tune with your system and can help get everyone on board. I'm sure it reduces the overall coaching time required to get everything up and running the way you want.
  15. Well, we live in a society. I can't believe I need to spell it out, but I guess I'll humor you. Imagine you are the employee and the relationship goes south and/or you want to end things for whatever reason. (You may even feel reluctant to do so because of the other relationship.) You then find yourself in a precarious position with the person who holds your livelihood in their hands. Some people are spiteful and vindictive, whether we like it or not. Of course that is just one of myriad potential scenarios that, quite honestly, ought to be obvious with a minimal amount of imagination, even if you haven't personally lived through or observed these circumstances. Now we could debate whether society is simply a facade that masks our base/selfish nature, and that's an interesting topic. But within the context of society where we at the very least pretend to care for the needs of our fellow beings in that communal agreement, the potential harmful ramifications of such a relationship are myriad.