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  1. With J. Wright being signed as a slot option, is it possible we might see a tandem backfield with Christian and Curtis? Curtis had a dual threat career at Ohio State, so maybe Norv sees these two being a dynamic duo, with CAP being the between the tackles bruiser? Thoughts?
  2. I looked and Kawann, Cam, and Luke are the options. We have an estimated 55m for 2019 so backloading them and Tyrann is an option. It would be worth it for a legit shot at a ring...
  3. So back to Football discussion, I personally think this is one of the times we should spend the money. Adding a ballhawk free safety who can tackle as well as he does, would really solidify this defense. Mike Adams was not attrocious, and if he can play one more year for cheap that's great. From someone who understands Cap and contracts, do we have any people we could restructure that would make the room? I feel like this is an opportunity in free agency we can't pass on. Especially because Breeland's cap hit is so low.
  4. If you are a naysayer of the Kelvin trade, you don't read enough. Hurney made the right call. We have 2 tall and slow receivers with similar skill sets, destroying our run game. Post Kelvin: run game goes up by average of 50 yards. The mistake wasn't trading Kelvin. It was not signing more depth after releasing him. After Byrd and Samuel both went down, we lost the war of attrition.
  5. I am sorry you had to scroll 2 more times with your finger to skip great information on Josh Allen. Ill go reflect on my life for a bit
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention he has big hands and can palm a watermelon. Change your mind yet??? Draftjoshallen.com by PMT. Worth a look
  7. Stats are for Losers. Josh Allen is a Natural Born Winner He has a Rocket Arm He looks Good in Shorts He is Tall (6'5" like Cam)
  8. Word is Jabrill Peppers is losing his starting spot to Randle with the Browns. Shot Panthers try to trade with the Jack of all Trades Browns for Peppers?
  9. Here we go...

    Same.... all it is is the Brown Bounty talk
  10. #Roasted. I am really playing devils advocate here. I would love Sammy. I am just worried he might be redundant.
  11. I am not so sure about Sammy and Cam putting up numbers. Since Cam entered the league, he has thrived with fast wide receivers. 15-1 came with Ted Ginn, Philly, Funch, and Cotchery. Olsen was the stud in reception yards. Sammy ran a 4.48 at the combine, and has had multiple injuries in first 4 years, which leads me to believe his speed has decreased. I am just skeptical at this point about the obsession with Big slow instead of short fast. My call is Mike Wallace for a bargain, and let Funchess have 1 more year to prove it. Good depth and field stretching guys will improve run game and give Funch better opportunities.