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  1. As good as Zeke is, we have the great equalizer running the defense from behind the line. Only few running backs get the best of Luke.
  2. Isaac

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Fug it, throw Luke's handsome ass up there.
  3. I love it. Remember the off season before 2015? Same narrative. I am excited for this season. VERY excited.
  4. I agree, big step down in yards for him this year... BUT, I actually still expect a fair amount of rushing Touchdowns from him. With those guys to take pressure off him going down the field, I would say Cam will still have a lot of TD opportunities. CMC: 600 Rush, 800 rec, 11 Total tds. CJ: 1000 rush, 200 rec, 8 total TDs Cam: 450 rush, 7 TDs rushing
  5. Isaac

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Alex Armah
  6. Seriously. There was a thread explaining the calm before the final FA storm regarding Comp formula... I guess people only hear what they want to.
  7. Because of Comp pick formula. We are waiting to sign FA RB and S until after may 9th deadline
  8. Fug it, lets sign Adrian Peterson and get this geriatric farewell tour started!
  9. Isaac

    D.J. Moore Log Jam

    Dog, you played yourself.
  10. Isaac

    D.J. Moore Log Jam

    Those 2 are so heavily used because our wide outs suck.
  11. Isaac

    Nortman Cut by Jacksonville

    Yeah no, keep Palardy
  12. We used our other 3rd to trade back and take the tight end Thomas, so you could see it that way to stay positive, Ham soaked in Rum.
  13. Isaac

    D.J. Moore Log Jam

    Agreed. There is enough talent to let him stay off the field and recuperate.
  14. According to Joe Person's first depth chart, he has the pecking order at... WR1: Funchess, Moore WR2: Smith, Samuel Slot: Moore, Wright I don't know about you guys, but I see this as a problem. Yes, initially we see Moore as the slot guy, even though we just signed Jarius Wright. Personally, I think his talent and rookie lack of film will be wasted if we relegate him to slot guy. I personally think we should give him a crack at starting at 1 or 2, and have Torrey used for certain deep threat plays. I know Camp and post June 1st cuts are still to come, but right now I am worried Funchess might get in the way of some of our talent at the position, similar to Kelvin. Thoughts?