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  1. Isaac

    What Bengals fans are saying

    We usually lose in Atlanta. For past three years now, we struggle defensively against NO and ATL. Other than them, our defense usually controls the game. We held plenty of opponents to low scores last year, and we held Dallas to 1 score this year. AJ is scary, yes, but I think the defense might surprise this week.
  2. With Shula Exodus, I would love to finally see something beside a failed run play up the gut for the first play of the season, but I am sure it will be something similar. A pass, even for 7 or 8 yards, to start the season would be great.
  3. Isaac

    Midfield Logo promo video

    Lombardi in Charlotte confirmed
  4. This is huge. Gives us room to sign a vet out of the cuts, possibly a o lineman or safety?
  5. Isaac

    Skip Bayless at it again

    Well fug. We now have the Skip Bayless curse. Every team he pulls for loses.
  6. Kelvin, is that you?
  7. Charles Tillman and Roman Harper were trash? Pretty sure that entire secondary contributed to each others success.
  8. As good as Zeke is, we have the great equalizer running the defense from behind the line. Only few running backs get the best of Luke.
  9. Isaac

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Fug it, throw Luke's handsome ass up there.
  10. I love it. Remember the off season before 2015? Same narrative. I am excited for this season. VERY excited.
  11. I am sorry you had to scroll 2 more times with your finger to skip great information on Josh Allen. Ill go reflect on my life for a bit
  12. Sorry I forgot to mention he has big hands and can palm a watermelon. Change your mind yet??? Draftjoshallen.com by PMT. Worth a look
  13. Stats are for Losers. Josh Allen is a Natural Born Winner He has a Rocket Arm He looks Good in Shorts He is Tall (6'5" like Cam)
  14. Word is Jabrill Peppers is losing his starting spot to Randle with the Browns. Shot Panthers try to trade with the Jack of all Trades Browns for Peppers?