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  1. AcropolizArmee21

    Free Agent Biggest Fear

    I’m not fearful of anything really cause even the Torrey Smith addition is already on the right track.. we’re better than we were yesterday at WR. We never overpay for skill positions so going against the grain there wouldn’t bother me for an AROB, PRICH, or MONCRIEF. We have other players we can cut if need be to keep our cap grounded. I would like to add a RB on the cheap too because we need a seasoned vet. Actually wouldn’t hate bringing in AP to run on goaline situations and up the gut... might be a nice fit for us while we groom a drafted RB in the 3rd/4th rnd.
  2. Agreed... unless they wanna deal Duke Johnson or David Njoku but I doubt that.
  3. AcropolizArmee21

    Would You Be Okay With Starting CAP?

    Think we should bring in a young vet like Jeremy Hill... AND draft a RB in the 3rd or 4th round. So to answer your question about CAP... hell no.
  4. What kind of person wouldn’t care about college football? 45-7 games are always suspenseful ;)
  5. AcropolizArmee21

    Carlos Hyde?

    I like Jeremy Hill as a better value signing... can prob get em cheaper than Hyde and they’re pretty identical (same 40 time and both drafted in 2014). Feel like cincy had a shitty offensive line and he’d flourish with the run/pass option that Cam presents. I still think we draft a rb in the 3rd/4th and then we’re probably set for the next couple years with CMC’s versatility as well.
  6. Funchess, Richardson, Kirk, Samuel, Byrd Obviously I doubt we’d be able to get Kirk... but you did say “Dream”. No one would F’ with that.
  7. AcropolizArmee21

    dj chark should be the pick

    Honestly I’d rather not spend a first rd pick on a WR this year when we can get young proven players in free agency for fairly decent prices. Tavon Austin would make perfect sense if he gets cut.. faster than any player we could draft and he’s an upgrade as a punt/kick returner also.
  8. Completely agree... been thinking this myself all offseason. We need to stop drafting 6-7 players and go after quality vs quantity. Attack the free agent wr’s (starting to prefer Richardson as our big signing who’s athletic as hell and has 4.3 speed). Then get a running back like Jeremy hill...who is young and we can get fairly cheap and run into the ground like Stewart if need be. Then take a rb in round 3 of the draft just to cover ourselves... plenty of upside rbs will be available in the 3rd. Use our first and second on best player available on the board. Think we’d be in good shape.
  9. Sanders? You mean Emmanuel? Had no clue they might cut him in Denver...didn't hear anything about that. I like Moncrief, Richardson, Austin (once he's cut), Wallace....hell I'd even be willing to add Jordan Matthews or take a flier on Kendall Wright on the cheap. Jeff Janis anyone?