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  1. So which is it? Do all WR"s "ball out in their contract year" or just the ones with "potential."
  2. Ask your wife how thick my skin is.
  3. See, threads like this are why I lurked for so long before creating an account. I'm regretting ever signing up.
  4. You want next?
  5. Carolina Jerrycans
  6. Why, man? Why?
  7. Sir Purr

    Mel Kiper Jr mock draft

    Speaking of the draft. An yup one else win tickets to the draft in Dallas? I got an email today confirming that I had won. Never been to one before.
  8. Thanks for the 3rd thread we so desperately need.
  9. Would rather sign Stephen Hawking to play QB.
  10. Not a troller. New account, yes. Been lurking for a while, remembered it made Jimmy sad so I finally registered. I just found it amusing that you were telling Hurney to "wake up" on a player that was just cut.