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  1. Ownership Info from Darin Gantt

    The NFL and owners could easily block the sell to Navarro and force Richardson to accept the next best offer, which we are assuming is Tepper. It's obvious that Tepper low balled and has the upper hand. If the NFL forces Richardson to take Tepper over Navarro, it will be a mess. Its funny how all this information is leaking out, but definitely not by mistake. Richardson is going to have to air the dirty laundry if the NFL and owners block the Navarro sale. What a mess.
  2. Dez Bryant expected to be Cut

    He is done. Hope someone pays a lot in the NFC for him and ties up their cap space for the next couple years.
  3. Retractable roof is the norm in mid climates like Carolina. Once an adequate stadium is built, the rest follows. I don't know if you remember the Ice game played against New England about 15 years ago, when we got killed, but if you sit through a game like that, you will think differently. It's not like Carolina gets fluffy snow when it's cold. Normally, they get sleet and rain at around 30 degrees and no fans show up. Carolina will never get a Super Bowl, with the possibility of these conditions.
  4. If Carolina ever wants a Super Bowl, then a dome or retractable roof stadium will be required. Any sensible owner that plans to buy the team will want this....the fact Navarra doesn't makes me think he may not understand the politics of the NFL. A new stadium is inevitable, so why in the world would Carolina build something that doesn't attract the Super Bowl?
  5. Navarro based on his local and football/sporting background. Not interested in Kestenbaum as I have real concerns about him eventually moving the team.
  6. Tepper NOT out

    It all really depends on when the other 2 or 3 teams go up for sale. Obviously, the NFL and Owners will want to stagger the sale of the other teams and make sure none are competing with each other. I guess you're correct in assuming the sale price for the Panther's will dictate the rest of the market, as long as the market stays unsaturated and the product value doesn't go down. I do not believe the NFL can handle many more protest season like this one and maintain it's market share, so who knows, maybe the NFL bubble bursts or maybe not.
  7. Tepper NOT out

    Negotiation tactics are pretty cut and dry. If a qualified buyer can pay less and the NFL can persuade Richardson that it's best for the NFL, not to mention turn the other way on Richardson's investigation, then Tepper may be exercising his ability to get a discount. He only really wants to pay around $2.3, which is a problem considering 2 or 3 other teams will be available in the next few years. This gives Tepper a huge advantage, if the NFL wants him in. He could wait for the right team at the right price and the NFL can't do much about it.
  8. Two or three teams will be for sale in the next few years. Tepper wants a team, but he's not going to over pay for it. Richardson has already come down $500,000, from his original $3 billion. If the NFL starts to flatline in the next few years, the price won't be $2.5 billion. Tepper was in the $2 billion range and that's where he values a team.
  9. They have also said they want to expand outside the US. I believe Canada is outside the US. If San Diego and St. Louis can lose a team with their TV markets, so can Charlotte.
  10. Says who? Even if the NFL places stipulations on the new owner, those can only last for so long if they are enforceable at all. George Shinn
  11. Why is no one discussing the possible move of the team in 2019 once the BofA contract expires? https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Bolt/New-Panthers-owner-will-likely-ask-for-public-money-for-stadium-117180764
  12. Michael Crabtree Released