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  1. moresouthernthanyou

    Fire Mick Mixon

    And the bottom just keeps getting lower. Congrats HamRum on starting the lowest common denominator post on our site. Mixon is truly the devil, yes? Fugtard.
  2. moresouthernthanyou

    Why the Panthers should trade Damiere Byrd now

    The 35th team in the NFL in RY last year wants to talk to you...otherwise, not gonna happen. I would guess you are a USC fan.
  3. moresouthernthanyou

    Concept uniform, good, bad, or ugly?

    Can you imagine what this would look like at the urinal?
  4. moresouthernthanyou

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Were they practicing at night?
  5. moresouthernthanyou

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    No way that circus stays at Wofford for even a next year.
  6. moresouthernthanyou

    I’ll be in Charlotte Tomorrow Afternoon

    Have you done the stadium tour?
  7. moresouthernthanyou

    Mike Rucker

    What diet is Craft on?
  8. moresouthernthanyou

    Tepper is the guy: Love it or hate it?

    Statistics is not your game. Neither is averages...or trends...please slowly walk away.
  9. moresouthernthanyou

    Tepper is the guy: Love it or hate it?

    Franchise Owner Year[clarification needed] New Orleans Saints Gayle Benson 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Art Rooney II4 (60%) and family (12%)3,4 2017 Buffalo Bills Kim and Terry Pegula 2014 Detroit Lions Martha Ford†[1] 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bryan Glazer, Edward Glazer, Joel Glazer and Darcie Kassewitz‡ 2014 Tennessee Titans Amy Adams Strunk 4 2013 Cleveland Browns Jimmy Haslam 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars Shahid Khan 2012 Oakland Raiders Carol and Mark Davis (mother and son)†‡ 2011 Los Angeles Rams Stan Kroenke1 2010 San Francisco 49ers Jed York‡1 2009 Miami Dolphins Stephen M. Ross† 2008 Kansas City Chiefs Clark Hunt‡3 2006 You do understand the concept of "recent" I take it? And Benson to Benson does count as does Rooney to Rooney. Don't ever respond to one of my posts again.
  10. moresouthernthanyou

    Tepper is the guy: Love it or hate it?

    Glad Jerry's gone but I don't think this will go well in the beginning.
  11. moresouthernthanyou

    Tepper is the guy: Love it or hate it?

    When is the last time a new owner enjoyed success within the first 5 years? I'll give you a hint...they don't.
  12. They counted on Panther public opinion being passive....they counted wrong...
  13. moresouthernthanyou

    Would you rather have Derwin James?

  14. moresouthernthanyou

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    CJ as #48 would be PERFECT.