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  1. CJ Anderson Released

    "At the right price", Von Miller would be a great signing. That plus, why did they let him go?
  2. Panthers claim QB Taylor Heinicke off waivers

    Heinicke is Einhorn...Einhorn is Heincke...
  3. Justin Reid To Visit The Panthers Tomorrow

    Reid is projected between 60 and 80? We can't do this in the first round. James at 24, yes ma'am. Harrison at 55 okay. If we go Reid it should be at 85 or 88 in the 3rd. No higher.
  4. Trade Down best option

    13,545 atheletes on division 1 FBS rosters and only around 255 players are drafted each year and at #24 "there is nobody worth taking"? Really?!
  5. The Feels - Every 2017/2018 Panther TD**

    I'll have what she's having.
  6. Pay the refs, pay the cheerleaders and pay for your own damn stadiums. It's not like there isn't enough money.
  7. Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    Does that mean we can't wear them even if we want to?
  8. Tepper NOT out

    Tepper's ego is now fully engaged. Film at 11.
  9. Sabates officially drops out

    Tepper is waiting to drop the hammer. Brace yourselves.
  10. Hey, MtnProwler, I am waiting for why you poo on me. You give no reason. Typical male...."because I said so" will come out of your mouth next.
  11. Many that are not Carolina fans already lump TD in with the Burfict ilk. This won't help. I think they should be able to take whatever they want and not be tested for anything. It's their life and their future. Can't hold hands with everyone all the time.