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  1. Carolina-Chuck18

    Antonio Garcia released from Patriots

    Probably better than Matt tho
  2. Carolina-Chuck18


    Never. I just answered ur question. Didn’t I? Go back and look at ur question
  3. Carolina-Chuck18

    Rookie Camp

    You too. I’ll watch Donte lead this secondary in INTs
  4. Carolina-Chuck18

    Rookie Camp

    Do you know who Antoine Winfield is? Darrell Green? Ronde Barber? Many others. They’re all under 5’10”. Its never about size. It’s about the ability to play football. Tell Steve Smith, Sproles, Bob Sanders and others that!
  5. Carolina-Chuck18

    Rookie Camp

    I’m not douche. I’m referring to their attitude douche.
  6. Carolina-Chuck18

    Rookie Camp

    Have you even watched any of Donte’s tape before opening your mouth. Months before the draft. When Donte was still projected as a mid round, Ive mentioned him on here. Saying watch out for Donte. Could be a 2nd day player. He was clearly a stud for LSU. He didn’t get taken where he was bc of his speed! Guys like Marcus Peters and Ramsey didn’t come into the NFL being HUMBLE!!! Our very own Josh Norman didn’t either. Guys like Bradberry who come in quiet and humble is the reason he got torched last season.
  7. Carolina-Chuck18


    Ur a complete idiot
  8. Carolina-Chuck18

    Toronto Raptors are trash. Time to clean house.

    Wished we would’ve waited for Dwane Casey
  9. Carolina-Chuck18


  10. Carolina-Chuck18


    DJ Moore will be the best out of this draft. However, there are plenty of vets in front of him that will garner receptions: Funch, Olsen, Torrey, CMC. Still I believe that Moore will make an impact as a rookie; just not like what Donte will be for us in the secondary. Donte is already immediately our fastest and probably the most athletic DB. He has that swag and confidence. He’s a playmaker. I see him leading this secondary in INTs.
  11. Carolina-Chuck18

    Mock Offseason 18’-19’

    (1) Trade Kemba Walker for draft pick(s) and young assets. (2) Draft Collin Sexton !!!!!! (3) Get rid of bust MKG, Frank, Batum and possibly Howard. Time for rebuild. A young HC in Borrego will help develop Sexton, Monk, Bacon and Hernangomez.
  12. Carolina-Chuck18

    James Borrego Is The New Head Coach

    There’s only one Brad Stevens. Please be the next Quinn Snyder
  13. Carolina-Chuck18

    Tepper may be frontrunner, but not so fast!

    Let’s go Rubin!!! Tepper will be forced to sell the team in about 3-5 yea due to inappropriate workplace conduct. Watch
  14. Carolina-Chuck18

    So Excited

    R u guys hiring
  15. Carolina-Chuck18

    Antonio Garcia released from Patriots

    Why not