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  1. Yep pretty awesome, been snowing a ton in NOV, but now slowing down. Love it up here!

  2. Hope all is well buddy!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Got divorced over a year ago. Ex just got all depressed And didnt do much, grew apart and moved on.

  4. Girlfriend? What happened to the wife?

  5. There you are.

  6. Time to grab your helmet and hit someone! It is GAMEDAY!! 98642182.jpg

  7. Serious? This board? Ahh you're kidding, I got it. ;)

  8. hell- i dont know-- i shoot from the hip and forget poo... unlike everyone else on this site who takes this poo serious..

  9. Eh? What are you talking about? You've never made a post that has bothered me. I might have made a post because about you because of your popular reputation of being annoying.

  10. But he needs to keep a'rockin', He just can't stop Yeah, he needs to keep a'rockin' Someday he'll make it to the top And be a jukebox hero

  11. Im gonna miss ya buddy-- you were my best Huddle friend. I will miss the phone calls, and the tailgates... R. I. P.

  12. i dont think smoking their weed is wrong- but there has to be a mutual understanding of what they do cannot set the line of whats acceptable to the children. Its not "do as I say, not as I do", and hope for the best, you have to just set the best example.... Thats all....

  13. It has always amazed me how some think smoking their weed is a RIGHT…LOL

  14. I hear you, but then again who does not know by now if you use or have drugs you go to jail?