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  1. I know! Like 0.6% of the US Murder rate is a REAL problem. fug issues like black on black crime (50% of the murder rate), and white on white crime (25% of the murder rate), we need the real poo being solved!
  2. Aren't you the retard who completely derailed this thread to begin with? Go on back to the tinderbox with your incredibly flawed world view and kneel united with other uneducated morons such as yourself. White people are murdered more than black people by white cops. GTFO. You seem like a reasonable person based on this post. Don't let the retards get to you.
  3. the second a black guy is in the news and it looks like the police could have been at fault, you see a bunch of stupid sjws pop in like the quote trying to make it political. get out and take your flawed beliefs to the tinderbox.
  4. christian ponder was almost as elite as joe flacco and rax grissman, do not speak down on him
  5. s1lent_kn1ght

    Random musings, specifically WR and S.

    why take a risk when you can get tre who should be able to come in and perform with no risk? mitchell is getting a lot older man, he left in 2013 or 14, he is 30 now and before you say money, tre isn't a position to ask for that much right now. he'd get less than CJ.
  6. s1lent_kn1ght

    Random musings, specifically WR and S.

    more like top 3 early in the year and then literally dead fuging last in like the second half iirc or the last few weeks at least.
  7. s1lent_kn1ght

    Random musings, specifically WR and S.

    mike mitchell is worse than kurt. do not sign him. he was poo in pittsburgh, according to every steelers fan ever. at least coleman could sort of cover, mitchell is a MUCH shittier version of mike adams (but slightly faster). also who the hell is isaiah johnson? anyway, im all for tre boston.
  8. s1lent_kn1ght

    Player reactions to the sale

    oy vey
  9. s1lent_kn1ght

    Are we better at...(position)?

    HUDDLER 6,077 11,471 posts Report post Posted 38 minutes ago Tired of seeing the same threads, so thought I would create one that should sum up the offseason so far: Your answer choices will be yes, no, same, or too early to tell. ARE WE BETTER AT... Wide Receiver yes Tight End most likely Offensive Tackle the same Guard way worse Center same, maybe better if kalil plays all year Quarterback worse at backup Running back pains me to say it, but better. Offensive coordinator anything is better than shula, but norv is a pretty mediocre OC general manager honestly, based on what hurney has done compared to DG the last year or 2, better. Defensive Tackle better Defensive End hall returning, better. Outside Linebacker worse, TD is declining. Inside Linebacker slightly worse, luke didn't look good late in the year. hopefully that's just because he was dinged up but based on what we saw, SLIGHTLY worse. Nickel better, donte jackson. Cornerback better, cockrell>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.worley Safety too early to tell defensive coordinator probably better but also too early to tell
  10. i dont understand this "legit no. 2" meme. we don't know how high is ceiling is yet. before he got dinged up, he was a legit WR 1. hold your judgement for now.
  12. B E G O N E T H O T
  13. I will never, ever have expectations for this team after watching them go up and down for so many years.
  14. s1lent_kn1ght

    I hate Frank Kaminsky

    in 2015 the celts tried to trade up for justise winslow
  15. s1lent_kn1ght

    I hate Frank Kaminsky

    so we passed on two lottery picks for frank JUST