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  1. hell yes its ok for a cop to say that. they need to be able to say that. its also ok for black people to say what they're saying. good gravy, of course its ok. we NEED to talk about this stuff. we live together. just like in your own dwelling, you have to work poo out.
  2. somebody's gonna stamp on that poo when they need to, or twist the fug out of it like like burfict. even before the original injury he was always limping. he always looked like he was playing with foot injuries to me, even when he was productive. sucks.
  3. i think rivera has some of the same qualities that fox had, that we all complained about (maybe on different boards). i don't think we're very good. if we make it far i think it'll be because there aren't a lot of good teams. we're 3-1, but its not great football o'line is half decent somehow it really seems like we have potential to be good, it really does. if that happens rivera will probably do something stupid like tell the O to not learn any new plays again, because our plays are working, like he did with the super bowl. good coach, but so slow to accept change
  4. raz

    Norv....love this

    or, like shula did so many fuging games, take what's working and stop doing it.
  5. raz

    Oh ESPN

    he's def holding us back, back from being cleveland the last 5 yrs
  6. raz

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

    i don't care what we call it, and i don't care what color people are, we, as a country need to invest in our inner cities, rural areas, and anywhere else that needs help. i would be so happy if i lived to a day when the schools across the country were quality and equal in the the great education they gave our young.
  7. and you had to hold the antenna and one leg up in the air, and stay out of the way of everybody tryin to watch at the same time, til you couldn't do it. and like you said, then the slap that fixes it.
  8. when it wouldn't work right unless you had your hand on the tinfoil or antenna, ah the good ol days. remember working on how fast you could dial the ol rotary? or trying to make calls by clicking the hang up things real fast?
  9. raz

    Reverse sear

    i got the $300 pellet smoker from walmart. its actually awesome. 45 min on smoke, gets about 200 in there, take the steak off, turn up to 500 and when it gets there you slide a plate and open up the pellet box and hit it on each side for 1 minute over open flame. best steak ever. ever.
  10. under assumption its 1 2nd round pick. if he was interested in staying here yes.
  11. you know how happy he would be to be here with tepper and reid, if he's not dead set on being a cowboy. i'd do it right now too.
  12. did you really check to see if highschool was free?
  13. it was a mix of english/tequila/profanity filter
  14. fug the seahawks, but i like him. they have fuged him over. he took less for them. he plays ball the way we all want to see. i wish we had him. we wouldn't have treated him like this. not a fuging team hero. all time team hero. well dg did it. made sure roman cheapshot harper and smitty passed in the hall. i hate that dude for that.
  15. ah man i love him, and that would be the funniest thing ever to see him in cam's clothes. please please please football gods deliver this.