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  1. His ratings should be higher. He would snag balls and mug ppl in coverage to get that mother fuga
  2. Immortal

    Cameron Artis Payne

    We will be blessed to have CJ and CMC healthy every single game all season. Even if one of them goes down CAP will be huge.
  3. Immortal

    What do we do with Williams/Moton?

    We need them both. As we have seen time and time again our depth is lacking. and rarely these guys play all season. I don't see why we have to pull out the bank for Williams. The whole NFL market is extremely fuged up. Look at josh Norman. HUGE deal based off 1 or 2 good years. He's missed games, he's not been worth that money. I guess it all comes down to the personality of the player. Does he just want money? Does he love the guys and the team and is down to earth? I must imagine being a modern day NFL GM isn't easy. The market is fuging nuts. It really makes 0 sense.
  4. Immortal

    WTF is wrong with our defense

    we lack depth. we have no pass rushers, we don't make trades, we've draft busts for pass rushers, we blitz Shaq Thompson like he's Von Miller or Clowney but he's basically a great tackler safety who's a coverage LB. We blitz the weirdest people. We love to blitz Munnyrlyn. He does his best and sometimes he gets there but Shaq or Captain vs a RT or LT is rarely a win. seems the zones are weird or soft and they have been on and off for years. Bradberry is great but if he goes down were fuged at CB. IDC Donte Jackson will get bullied vs Michael Thomas, Julio, Mike Evans. Luke and Shaq are pretty good at covering TEs but leaves the middle. We don't have a hybrid safety type like Honey badger... who we could of got. Or a chancelor or Thomas. turnovers seem to be hit or miss. or just pure luck. seemed to slow down without Peanut around to preach for fumbles. TD and Peppers seem to be the best on the team when it comes to popping the ball loose
  5. Immortal

    Why the Giants was a tough game

    Giants fought. Odell gave them a speech earlier this week and really wanted this game. Giants played together. Saquan and Odell plus Sterling were playing with fire today. Our offense was mainly lazy aside a few extra effort plays(Samuel, DJ, Cam) Mike Adams played with heart, Colin Jones fuging hustled his ass off. DJ played with an edge today. Peppers started us off on a fuging savage chip with the way he shut down Saquan on a few early runs to set the tone. It was actually a fun game. If we lost it would fuging blow but for Gano to pull that off set me off.
  6. Immortal

    17-3........pass rush

    not much depth. we are so high on these average guys like Horton and Poe. We paid Short game changing money. He is solid as fug but he's not clowney. He's not Linval Joseph, he's not Fletcher Cox. Peppers is amazing but Jesus he can't do that every down. How long will Addison and peppers play anyway?
  7. Immortal

    Curtis F'in Samuel

    He had them FRESH LEGS. That was incredible. That was some backyard football poo. That was fun. I think Curtis is best for those short routes with designed blocks for him. Him and DJ and Byrd are great with open space and some blocks.
  8. Immortal

    Why did we run the ball?

    and the 4th down run with CMC instead of CJ? who has shown to get a few extra yards in short yardage? CJ sure as fug don't wanna play for us after this year. They don't fuging use him. Just randomly.
  9. Byrd is better in that role than T Smith, Curtis and DJ. More youngness
  10. Immortal


    Ridley would look like Moore right now if he was in Carolina. Were not the type of team to take chances as far as coaches and player management. Ridley can be the GIMMIE THE BALL kind of wr in Atlanta because they allow that. We are a little more robotic and stoic. Falcons offense can explode for 3 touchdowns. We might run the ball 3 and out for an entire quarter. Its just a different style.
  11. And no I'm not even going to look at the website haha I trust the huddle to let a brother know
  12. I use to have friends order jerseys from sites like this.. I've heard some tales of people not getting anything but more than not they get them and actually like them. It could be hit or miss and be one of your favorite shirts, could be awful. I mean do what your heart feels kid. Ya never know.
  13. Immortal

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Im just excited and interesting to see how he plays as a Panther. Our media blows. Like what has he been up to football wise? What does he think of the players.. what did he think of the team when he played vs us? What type of play does he like to do? What does he think about the division, playoffs? health?
  14. Immortal

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    so was there anything football info in here or did those vultures in the media just look for a headline about off field?
  15. run defense. DJ moore, Byrd getting more snaps. Cam throwing Deep Bombs. Funchess not being a D plus WR. CAP and Armah. Shutting diva OBJ down down down