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    Roster Decisions on Offense

    Teams love speed. Buy we cut the fastest guy on the team for several years now? Byrd? He will not clear waivers. He has something special the average NFL WR dosent. He's barely got his chance last year and did great on the field. We can't lose him and replace him with just anyone. You can find Jarius Wrights and Torreys Smiths out there. Funchess will be banged up this season. We saw Samuel go down. People will have to step up is a long season and no chance they all stay healthy every game all season.
  2. Mychal Kendricks is interesting to me. Our depth is still lacking and our 2 LB rookies might not even make the team? Andre Smith has a explosive tackle but usually goes head down and Idk how the coaches will react to not wrapping up. If any of our starting 3 goes down we might be in trouble. David Mayo has played great when he's been called upon. Theres still a lot of interesting free agents. Some of you might think these guys are over the hill but it could be an upgrade, depth, or just veteran help. Eric Reid, Jarius Byrd, Antonio Gates, Maclin, Dez, B Marshall, Demarco Murray, Ryan Matthews, Eric Decker. I thought Byrd did well as a safety for us, he seemed to know what was going on and played hard. And I'm sure we will keep some goober as a TE3 and not keep FB Armah, or try to convert him or just list him at TE3. Lets say C Anderson and Artis Payne get hurt. I don't like CMC being the only back.. Demarco Murray is one of the most balanced and proven. Can catch, patient, physical runner. But at the end of the day I'm sure as everyone knows here it comes down to the money.....
  3. Great write up brother. I think DJ will add a somewhat non existent consistency we haven't had but early on it could be rough.. maybe a lot of INTs from Cam going his way. I see Sean Payton spending hours on a simple scope put on Cam to DJ throughout the game. Which opens up big plays for CMC, Samuel, Byrd, or even a new game for Cams running to fake a pass with eyes downfield and get a first down. I hope Norv isn't changing every god damn thing to screens, mad short passes. If he wants to be all about "efficiency" with Cam Idk if he can force it into our play style. I feel early on defenses are going to expect the short game and just keep everything down in the box, sending LBs to mess with our O line since Norwell is gone. Im excited to see what DJ can do but I will be patient. Im more curious/excited to see this years Panthers offense than I have in sometime. We have no idea whats new, who's playing, who's sitting on the bench, how the division reacts. Going to be a fun seasons boys!