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  1. PantherFanDan59

    Panthers Fan from across the pond

    No problem man, thanks for the welcome, I really do appreciate it. I couldn't agree more, sadly that is the case but hey ho, for the Panthers it's more than worth it. Might have to bag a sneak flight via one of Wow Air's wooden planes haha.
  2. PantherFanDan59

    Gano going Deep

    I'm guessing you're the angry neighbour who ended up with the ball landing in your back yard?
  3. PantherFanDan59

    Funchess and Bersin Defending Luke on IG

    Because Robert Turbin is a decisive opinion
  4. PantherFanDan59

    Funchess and Bersin Defending Luke on IG

    Agreed, although let’s be honest, 1)there’s no fun in that and 2) Wagner’s not fit to clean Luke’s cleats!
  5. Well I for one wouldn't disagree with his belief
  6. But then you don't get the atmopshere and satisfaction of rubbing the W down the throats of the opposition
  7. PantherFanDan59

    Panthers Fan from across the pond

    Thanks for the heads up and I get it, that’s understandable having been without football for so long! I don’t doubt this and thanks so much for the warm welcome, I can’t wait to properly get involved.
  8. PantherFanDan59

    Panthers Fan from across the pond

    Haha I'll give you that, in my defence I composed it whilst at work and out of work mode, it was inevitable!
  9. PantherFanDan59

    Panthers Fan from across the pond

    Thank you, I really do appreciate that! I most certainly will
  10. PantherFanDan59

    Panthers Fan from across the pond

    Hey, Not sure if this is the correct area to post but hey ho, I guess is the way to find out right? Just wanted to give a short introduction. My name's Dan, I'm 27 years old and live in England. I'm a long time Panthers fan, having got into football back in 2005 and the following year, having taken a shine to the Panthers I wrote to the organisation and they responded providing a media guide and player autographs.. as you can imagine, my adoration of the team soon took shape. I actually travelled on my own across to Charlotte back in 2012 to take in a Panthers game against the Broncos. Unfortunately, Peyton did his thing and the result was disappointing but it was incredible to experience a game day, taking in tailgating, splurging on Panthers gear in the Pro Shop and screaming for the black and blue, be it from the 500 level. I'd love to make it back over some day soon, the plan is to hopefully get in another home game and setting up one on the road as well, I'd also love to attend a training camp one day and whilst in attendance, jot down some journalistic notes from an English perspective, perhaps eventually transforming them into a blog. Obviously as I'm sure you know the game of football has made great strides in terms of popularity over here what with the International Series games but unfortunately, I live in a very small area in Southern England and therefore, my thoughts and feelings with regards to the Panthers are for the most part kept under wraps. It would be an absolute pleasure to discuss the ins and outs of the team with hardened followers from The States. Thanks for your time and Keep Pounding!