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  1. Ludwig23

    Your most hated NFL team?

    I hate saint fans too such douchebags happy I slammed a corona bottle over ones head lol
  2. Ludwig23

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Saints but falcons are up there too
  3. That's the most ripped I think we ever seen cam . Already know he's going to have a huge season
  4. I just wanna win!!! Win . Win win win . F everything else just win win win win!!!!!!!
  5. If I could go back I would do this route instead of going to college to play football and waste time and 50k $. This is coming from a guy that thought he had life all figured out . Step 1. Don't ever do drugs , yes weeds a drug and it cost me 50k$ . Basically I had a full ride to Rutgers university to play football . Went through there camp and I was redshirted and didn't play at all during the season . While being away from home for the first time in a different state I went crazy , I was partying getting drunk every night and smoking weed . Lasted a couple weeks and got arrested having a quarter of weed on me . Boom just like that i lost my scholar ship and was kicked off the football team . Which wasn't working out for me at all I sucked , college is a lot different then highschool , everyone is just as big and everyone is much much better then you . Coming from a good North Carolina highschool football team didn't do me any well I was basIcally the nakumura of linebackers those line men would lay me out . But then I stayed at Rutgers for another two years . No job and would just take out so much student loans . I had in mind that if you claim bankruptcy you can get it of it so I was taking out so much loans to live with my party life style of buying bottles at clubs and partying in New Brunswick every night . Rented my own house with 2 roomates . Fun time but i ended up failing out of Rutgers and home to sweet caroline Ludwig comes Step 2. Don't get married early . I married this girl I knew from highschool . We never dated in highschool but we fooled around . Dated her for her good looks and married her . I got a great job as a local truck driver for Pepsi And I bought my own house with my wife . This would continue until last year where I come home with my co worker I invited for dinner for only to find my wife getting split roasted by two young college kids . So we get divorced and the messed up system that is rigged for girls made her keep the damn house I have spent my life savings on . Crazy right . Step 3. Control anger at work , just suck it up , youre getting paid . I had a rough week and I ended up punching my boss in the face and I got arrested for assault , lost my job and got sued for a couple thousand. Step 4. never drink and drive . I lost my license for a while and I can never ever become a truck driver again , something that I loved to do . Step5. ***** after highschool football season is over ( if you play ) get a job and save that money up step 6 .. at graduation quit that job and take a month and go travel and party hard as f with that money you saved , you earned it step 7 after living it up join the military and list active and do 4 years step 8 after the military get a job in law enforcement or fire department. You won't need any college because you served and after you secured that job you can go to college for free and get a great degree and you will be 22 years old making nice $$ and you will have a vast amount of integrity and discipline long story short . Go the military route instead of being a dumb drunk college kid
  6. Ludwig23

    Positive Ludwig story

    Withdrew , didn't like Texas and being a state trooper at there is rough
  7. Ludwig23

    Positive Ludwig story

    State of New Jersey is weird with the payroll
  8. Ludwig23

    Positive Ludwig story

    Started the fire department academy , boy oh golly its intense but i I love it . It reminds me of highschool and college football camp . Been only getting drunk once a week , been staying out of trouble . It's been good for me . Been 2 weeks still never got paid yet but I can't wait to see that first check ! . I haven't ran this much since highschool football two a days , and it's still instructors that scream in your face I love it
  9. Ludwig23

    Is there a huddle app?

    I'll throw guacamole right in your face you bad avocado
  10. Ludwig23

    Is there a huddle app?

    I can't even stay on this site for a min without being redirected to a scam site
  11. Ludwig23

    We won Super Bowl 53

    Then I woke up . I had a dream we were in the Super Bowl vs the jags and it was a close game and we ended up winning . With that random dream in an intellectual assessment it makes sense. Jags and panthers , both came around the same time , both are cats , Super Bowl slogan would be battle of the cats . Both never won a super bowl and both have powerful defenses with a solid rushing attack . It would definitely be a good Super Bowl and it fits the narrative
  12. Ludwig23

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I can't go 10 secs without this coming up . It's driving me insane
  13. Only thing that can screw is is the left side of our line other then that we are better at every position
  14. If history repeats its self we should be 7-9 next year . The panthers don't win back to back .but that's all brain wash for people not to bet on us next season . We will win the sb
  15. Everyone's talking hall or haynes to be that next Mario Addison but it's going to be Wes .