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  1. Ludwig23

    I see you DJ

    Looks like first rd talent to me
  2. Rams Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay told Norv Turner "One thing I respect about your offenses is that you have a clear staple of plays that you executed at a high level but you had nice complements off of them but there was always a clear identity" Through 3 games, that base set of plays has been the read option and power run game led by Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey. You can see this on all 4 red zone scores last Sunday against the Bengals. 1. On the first score, the Panthers give the power action with Manhertz and Armah leading through the hole. Notice how the LBs collapse on the power option which opens up the bootleg for Cam, with GVR leading the way. 2. The 2nd TD was off the Run Pass Option (RPO). Here Cam has 2 options, he can hand it to CMC or pass it to Funchess. The Bengals LBs and safeties all bite on the run action opening up a huge throwing window for Cam to deliver the TD strike to Funchess. 3. On the third TD, the Panthers give the read option action. The Panthers are #1 in success of read option plays in the NFL this year. They get the defense flowing one way, then sneak out CJ on the other side who has an arsenal of blockers to lead him into the end zone untouched. 4. Simple read option play. Cam will read this LB, they bite on the run to CMC, so Cam pulls it out of his gut and gets his 4th TD of the game. Notice all of these TDs are complements off of our base power and read option plays. I can see the offense continuing to evolve and add new dimensions as guys get healthy.
  3. Ludwig23

    Lack of Deep Threats

    Offense is not an issue , it's our defense , we can't stop the run and we are terrible at safety
  4. Ludwig23

    Cmc for Fournette trade?

    Cmc is way better then that bum
  5. I'll take it ! Anyone is better than that edp Matt Kalil
  6. Ludwig23

    Dontari Poe

    Haven't seen much from him , he was supposed to be an upgrade over star but I don't see it , star was so much better when it came to the run game
  7. Meanwhile we start Torrey smith
  8. We need to cut Torrey and play Moore and I can't wait for Samuel to come back if he does at all this season
  9. Well leave it up to hurney to mess that up
  10. Ridley has 3 tds smh Moore sucks
  11. Not going to question tepper , 1 he is smart as heck and 2 I'm glad he's making his input known shows he cares about us winning
  12. Now that I’ve vented and I'm sober and watched film here’s my real thoughts: 1. For a veteran team, the penalties and drops are inexcusable. 2 crucial drives were ended from dropped passes and penalties set us back on others. Then the last drop resulted in a game changing interception hurt too. 2. It’s time to unleash DJ Moore. We lack explosiveness and playmaking ability at WR and he’s the solution. Especially with Curtis Samuel sidelined. He will also take pressure off CMC. 3. CamVP is back and he’s making much better reads and decisions. He can have a career year passing and it looks like he’s found his new security blanket in CMC. 4. Great game from James Bradberry. I want to see him continue to shadow opposing #1s. He played well enough to win. 5. Thomas Davis’ presence was missed especially in run support. David Mayo struggled and I’ll point that out in the post game video. 6. Defensive line owes us one. Poor play today but I’m confident they will bounce back. On to Cincinnati. Another challenge coming up.
  13. Ludwig23

    Corey Coleman...

    Guys a bust