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  1. Kelvin had weight problems and refused to use his size. Good thing he didn’t want to be in Charlotte anymore, because he wasn’t helping much.
  2. He’s an asshole, so it’s believable that he bullied Cam and others. I don’t think it’s on the scale they’re insinuating though. It seemed to me that they had a big brother little brother relationship and Steve gave Cam a hard time one because he’s an asshole with little man syndrome and two, bc Cam was younger and he wanted to push him. Steve had to go though in order for this to be Cam’s team. It’s a fact Steve isn’t the greatest teammate too but yeah, I don’t believe it was on this scale. Surely it can’t be because they speak so highly of each other. I believe Steve was somewhat threatened in the sense that this 21 year old kid was coming to take his shine.