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  1. How long do you think it will take to rollout for other concourses? Awesome idea but I wont reap the benefits since my seats aren't in 100 level
  2. Sticking to your guns even though its quite obviously a lock at this point. I respect it
  3. Jon4rd


    I'm on PS4 if anybody wants to run duos or squads. Jon_LEGEND8
  4. Tepper really seems like a great guy in person as well. Didn’t say much more than “hey how’s it going” but he reached out to me to shake my hand when he was walking through the stands at fan fest tonight. Man crush confirmed
  5. Jon4rd

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Stadium screens. Video had cam CMC and TD in it all challenging Tepper to put the logo at midfield Kind of hard to hear but this was all I could find
  6. Jon4rd

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Panthers logo challenge video just played. Panthers logo all but confirmed for game 1
  7. Jon4rd

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Here now. Tepper was walking through the stands. We made eye contact and he reached out to shake my hand. I may or may not have gotten a stiffy
  8. This would be amazing. Hopefully it doesn’t rain Friday planning on going out there. Would be the highlight of my week
  9. Yea I don’t get why you would go to a rival teams training camp. Do you really have nothing else to do?