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  1. archer4364

    week 5 returns

    All likelihood? What are you on? Olsen is ahead of schedule and there is no way Samuel misses that much more time. He'll have been out like 4 weeks by now...
  2. archer4364

    Panthers inactives

    Doss? Feel like we might need him. What if Jackson gets re-injured?
  3. archer4364

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Honestly we are an above average team but if we come out there and get as much pressure as we did on Matt Ryan then we are straight boned. Lazor, Dalton, and Green will carve us up unless going without Mixon completely tanks their run game and kills their flow.
  4. To be fair Coleman is way better than Gio/Rawls. But yeah if we play defense like we did last week we are toast.
  5. 31-27 Cincinnati after we fail to recover the onside kick. Only 2 sacks on defense, Cam has another solid game despite missing Samuel again this week.
  6. archer4364

    Monday Night Football Games Thread

    If the Raiders win here this week will have been awesome for our playoff chances... Atlanta and New Orleans lose, Giants lose to AFC team, Seahawks lose to AFC team, and Lions lose to AFC team...
  7. archer4364

    Samuel Ruled Out

    Just please don't be a last year Ryan Kalil situation from last year.
  8. 23-17 Panthers CMC and Olsen with a TD each, 3 Gano FG's. Cam throws 1 pick. Elliot rushes for a TD and Dak throws for one.
  9. It's a late afternoon game, right? Going to be hard waiting all day.
  10. Yeah this is the safest answer. It was really CAP's to lose but he did what he had to in the last pre-season game. Barner did impress me, I wish we could keep him but I don't think we'll be able to.
  11. archer4364

    Voth analyzes The Bubble

    I feel like Cox, Doss, and one of Barner/Byrd should be on the roster. Cox wouldn't make it to the PS and Doss is probably better than Seymour. Also, if we were just going with 5 WR, I'd at least want another target for Cam in Barner because he has looked pretty good catching passes this pre-season.
  12. archer4364

    2018 Huddle FFL league getting late start

    I'll play.
  13. archer4364

    NFL.com Super Bowl picks

    Packers and Eagles with only 1 vote is surprising.
  14. Tell that to all the players desperately trying to crawl their way onto the 53.
  15. archer4364

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    I'm no NFL cap expert... but we'd have to dump a lot of salary to get him right? Doesn't seem feasible. If we could get him for just picks I would at least explore it though. Our championship window is now in my opinion. Newton/Kuechly/Mack is a deadly core.