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  1. Good, cause the WR class is week. Agree on DE but like WR not a good class. RB, G, S are thankfully stacked.
  2. I would love to move up and alteast fix one safety with a guy like James, but that's likely not possible now.... Honestly I would take some cheap average starter from round 3 or 5. Thinking if Terrell Edmunds from VT dropped to our 1st pick in 3rd, I would be quite happy. Really under the radar prospect at S due to the stacked class and his brother being the bigger prospect. Another interesting guy is Tre Flowers of Oklahoma State. Good 3 years of tape and flashed athleticism at the combine. Likely 3rd or 5th if we want him. Really deep S class so lots of interesting guys with the ability to start day 1. Other S is Adams at this point. And hope Jones doesn't need to see the field..... At CB, Breeland being injured sucks. That really gave us a solid start at CB. now it's either corn, Seymour or Capt that has to step up. Not great..... Personally I'm not sold on the depth of this CB class past the 1st so unless you hitch you wagon to a 1st round CB, comb the depths for a 1 year guy. But if not.... In the draft I like Jaire Jackson. health red flags in 2017 with the inability to stay on the field but a game changer when healthy. Would have to take in 1st, no way he falls to us in 2nd. Think he is worth our 1st by a good margin and honestly doubt he is there. Another is Isaiah Oliver in the #2nd. Think he has the makeup to be really good, but the tape isn't as good as what everyone saw at the combine. Also could crack the lineup past the 2 CU guys drafted last year. Could be pressed into service this year, but Bradberry levels of up and down games. He's really athletic and oddles of potential. Also love Gregg Stroman, but I feel he isn't up to being a slot guy at all and with the bigger WR in the division, people will post him up. The production the last 2 years was great, but unless he is a really late bloomer, he isn't going to get strong enough to be reliable in run support or against stronger and tall WR. Evans and Julio would eat him alive on jump balls all day long. Damn good ballkawk and plays balls in front of him well as he has elite ability to stop and close on a route. Likely 4th or 5th as he just isn't going to get enough strength to hold up to postups from big WR or play slot where he would have to be a reliable run stopper.
  3. Position and need factor into the BPA big board....... Such as QBs always seaming to have higher grades due to team needs and importance to a team vs OG Unfortunately I think that's what got Hurney 1.0 to draft pickles.
  4. Shhhhhh, hurts the narrative..... The regression in 2016 is a wee bit scary.
  5. Draftniks, avert your eyes

    Eh, Lane Johnson, Ziggy, Nuke, Rhodes Ogletree, Frederick, Long, Trufant, Richardson for a time, not too bad. Just ugh those 1st 3. But OL in the 1st are still a crap shoot. Floyd got injured unfortunately.
  6. Derwin James

    Playoffs 4 out of 7. And the year he was drafted and following year (where the made NFC Championship game)...... One year they didn't make it, he went down somewhat early..... Think that trade worked out even if we all laughed at it here as he was lazy in college.
  7. Derwin James

    All picks are a risk. Could also end up with Julio Jones. Sometimes you find a talent that is the best in the biz and a top character guy and you have to make a move. James changes the entire secondary more than Ramsey in Jacksonville IMO or Norman here. He is the Luke of the secondary that can set the guys up back there pre snap and also a dominant athlete after the snap. Yeah if he gets hurt you get burnt. Any pick is that dangerous, see cam Newton and RGIII. One stayed healthy (and better built) one didn't.
  8. Hurney's plan for the WR corps

    So what about ARob's 2016. Looks damn similar to Funchess yet one is worth up to 50% more. Not buying it. Funchess was a lot less developed coming in. A lot younger too. Played on teams better than ARob too. 2015 that jags team was like cams rookie team: zero defense. Plus the jags typically fell behind early and threw the rock to get back to respectable. I loved ARob in 2013 as a draftee, but 12M per for a guy coming off a knee injury and a down year prior....... Eh
  9. Derwin James

    If he drops past San Fran at @9, hurndog needs to move. Guy is as Eric Berry level. The perennial pro bowler/all pro.
  10. I get Bradford isn't a top starter, likely hit miss mid of the road guy as a starter that cannot stay healthy. Worst case back 1/4 of the starters with health issues. But why is that bad as a backup???? If he comes cheaper than Bridgewater why not? Bradford is worlds better than DA ATM. really next #2 is a bridge to the bridge that is the guy after Newton. But whoever it is needs to keep the ship floating if cam goes down for a game or 3. I'm down for 3 years of Bradford as a backup who likely never sees games. But if he does come I during to injury, it's not a lost cause with him in there for 3 games. That was what we use to have in DA.
  11. As a specialist on D, and and ST guy, he is worth the 3rd. He will be a difference maker even if he plays only 25-30 snaps a game. Worried about durability as he starts with a club every day. We know guys can be top D players with a broken, clubbed hand, so can this kid. My concern is like bounty gate, someone will aim to either take out the good arm, bully him from his left side, or funnel him left into the line at the NFL level. Honestly think a team takes him in 2nd. The form, athletic ability, and eats sleeps breaths football all point to a guy who will succeed I'm the NFL if put in the right role. Some coach will go to bat for him, point to the combine, and NCAA production as why the arm isn't a big deal.
  12. I'm an ARob fan. Wanted him 2014. But the decline in 2016 gives me pause when coupled to the knee injury in 2017. Some of that 2015 production was in garbage time. I'm not sold to the tune of 12M he isnt another Terrell Pryor right now. But someone will give him 10M plus on a 3 or 4 year deal.
  13. Mayock's Day 2 comments

    Prior to the start of the 2013 season OBJ was a 2nd or 3rd if he came out. As the season progressed solidly in the 2nd as he had a good year. After the season but pre combin it was laaaate 1st early second at worst. Blew it up at the combine and almost everyone said 1st round lock. Chark didn't have the breakout either Landry or OBJ had. Also had an awful QB and not Mettenberger who was at least competent for an NCAA QB. Chark is much bigger and stronger than OBJ, also older coming out. I think he is a solid day 2/3 guy ATM without a team workout. The progression he showed was good. Undeniable athlete. Showed out in the senior bowl too. Bring him in for a workout and see how where he is now with the body catching and route tree. His interviews and team workouts will make or break him now.
  14. Combine Thread

    At 253, 6' 5" and 34.5" arms it's a DC's dream OLB. It's between Edmunds and Carter as who's the best LB in this draft. I'm a bit biased as a hokie, but Ive seen the closing rate Edmunds has. That 4.55 shows in pads on film. Also ok, to good in coverage. He will never be as good as Luke (best in the biz) in that regard, but think he makes up for it as a pass rusher.