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  1. Keyarris Garrett update

    Duke and Byrd are why someone decided to highlight this. Need to pull stock down from chosen ones
  2. The ghost of Even Mathis. Another guard the huddle despised and claimed wasn't NFL calibre while he was here. OL isn't a place guys always excel for their rookie contract. Considering the contract this go around is prove it, worth the look.
  3. Leadfooted DW. Peps feet are so much quicker just changes directions with ease compared to DW. while its only 1 clip, can see why people questioned Williams as a tackle when he was drafted. And that's no disrespect to pep, just Williams feet were so slow there.
  4. Panthers cut TE

    Lol playoff record defines a player, classic. Guess Remmers is better than Tyron Smith, cause playoff record!!!!??????? You are better than that terrible argument.
  5. Don't forget spin cycle Everett Brown!!! Hurney loved the speed of the edge guy
  6. Who's more important Short or Star? Not sure I love the idea of sinking another top dollar contract on a DT. I really like Short, but thought the smart move was to let Short walk (with Vern drafted, it was possible to transition away from Short) and keep Star. I'm thinking Star would yield a slightly better performance to $ value. With Star's past health issues and less sexy stats, I expect he wouldn't get nearly the same $, but his contributions to the run D go unheralded in the media. Kinda like when Kemo manned the fireplug role. Not as noticed till he was hurt (and Brandon Jacobs ran wild). Same with Star. I'd love to keep both but lot of cap to sink in there now that they got the 2nd contracts coming.
  7. By your logic QB in round 1 or 2 would be a fine choice as they are the most valuable commodity. Yet we have a young guy under contract for years. Oh the hell everyone would raise if we did that.
  8. 8 years of no playoffs

    So following are Dave's starters in 15 3/4 of Dline 4/5 of Oline 3/4 starting secondary (in 2015, all now Dave's), 3/3 at WR 1/3 at LB 0/1 at QB 0/1 RB 0/1 at TE I would say of those, Coleman was huge, Harper, gets a bad wrap but he was important, as were the crew in 13 at both safety spots. At WR, I'd say Ginn was pretty important in 15, same with JC. Rest of oline, Oher, Norwell, Turner, heck even Remmers. That line worked well when Shula didn't muck up SB. Shaq and Boston as backups were good situational guys for depth. So mostly Dave's roster. He got huge performances out of Hurney guys, but his guys are a damn big reason for the turn around. Also helped that RR went full riverboat mode with Dave in the perfect place to can RR and co.
  9. The side message boards and forums cannot understand or seam to know. Question how many cast off vets off the steelers and pats in the recent past blow up like: Smitty Dlo Beason JNo TD Olsen Heck even the even mystery retiring of Gross and Gamble make you wonder if it was hardball DG that lead them to hanging them up. The Steelers and Pats let guys go all the time, even good productive players, but this noise from Panthers plays is a bit different level no?
  10. Saying you want your guys playing doesn't mean Ron gave a damn about what gettles wanted
  11. There is more to being a general manager than just a good evaluator of talent. Dave got the XO of acquiring talent, but his personality rubbed his talent the wrong way in more than a case or two.
  12. Hines Ward paired with the twin towers for 3 to 4 years, what's not like. Great value too. He is a plug and play guy IMO. His ceiling isn't that of funch, but ready day camp opens. I get Cravens as a potential day 1 starter at SS if Boston doesn't up his game. Same with HH over Dickson. My question is how the staff feels adding another offensive linemen beyond just depth guys. They are said to like Williams but where, LT or do they see him as a RT. If he isn't a viable option at LT do they have a guy like Spriggs rated as worthy of a trade up. If Williams is LT in waiting, I don't see us going OT for a while now (value is gone at RT fight now)