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  1. As a hokie fan, wouldn't mind him. But good grief last year was forgettable. Big time athlete though. Greg Stroman outplayed him all year and didn't garner a 4th. And stro had good return skills. Not really buying into him here unless it's a 5th knowing he is a ST gunner at best this year and. A stash for later.
  2. On Shep's contract? Could pay off.....
  3. Exactly. Plus even with impending FA, OG was a bigger depth and starter need than LB. instead of grabbing Wyatt Teller like the Bills just a few picks later, we grab a undersized guy that's 3rd string with 2nd string upside? At best he is James Anderson part two
  4. Soo.... 5th round hurndog stocks up on 3rd string ILB..... Hope the kid likes riding the bench or PS...
  5. chbright

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    So 3rd string ILB.... nice job hurndog....... With a legit OG and others that could push for 2 deep left....
  6. chbright

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Wash your mouth. As a hokie fan, Adonis isn't worthy of that grouping. If Wyatt Teller is left that's my guy as a G to push for a starting job year one
  7. chbright

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Everett Brown part 2.... Only hurndog.......
  8. This. Dude is going to be a top 3 or 4 safety in the league.
  9. chbright

    Pick your Combo

    1) Alexander (no way he is there) 2) Penny 3) White 3) Green (no way he last till here)
  10. chbright

    Rashaad Penny vs. Nick Chubb

    I have Penny as #2 RB. Guy has good/great speed in pads for 220lb +. GREAT wiggle too, made the most guys miss last year. If you liked Hunt going into the draft, can't denied Penny is a better version. The knocks are where he played and 1 really big year, not known as a receiver. Not a bowling ball either that moves the pile like stew could, Chubb, or Freeman. With CMC on board, Penny to me is not a complementary guy to CMC. Bo Scarbough, Freeman, Ballage are 2nd fiddles in short yardage . If it's an open competition at RB1, I would draft Penny.
  11. Good, cause the WR class is week. Agree on DE but like WR not a good class. RB, G, S are thankfully stacked.
  12. I would love to move up and alteast fix one safety with a guy like James, but that's likely not possible now.... Honestly I would take some cheap average starter from round 3 or 5. Thinking if Terrell Edmunds from VT dropped to our 1st pick in 3rd, I would be quite happy. Really under the radar prospect at S due to the stacked class and his brother being the bigger prospect. Another interesting guy is Tre Flowers of Oklahoma State. Good 3 years of tape and flashed athleticism at the combine. Likely 3rd or 5th if we want him. Really deep S class so lots of interesting guys with the ability to start day 1. Other S is Adams at this point. And hope Jones doesn't need to see the field..... At CB, Breeland being injured sucks. That really gave us a solid start at CB. now it's either corn, Seymour or Capt that has to step up. Not great..... Personally I'm not sold on the depth of this CB class past the 1st so unless you hitch you wagon to a 1st round CB, comb the depths for a 1 year guy. But if not.... In the draft I like Jaire Jackson. health red flags in 2017 with the inability to stay on the field but a game changer when healthy. Would have to take in 1st, no way he falls to us in 2nd. Think he is worth our 1st by a good margin and honestly doubt he is there. Another is Isaiah Oliver in the #2nd. Think he has the makeup to be really good, but the tape isn't as good as what everyone saw at the combine. Also could crack the lineup past the 2 CU guys drafted last year. Could be pressed into service this year, but Bradberry levels of up and down games. He's really athletic and oddles of potential. Also love Gregg Stroman, but I feel he isn't up to being a slot guy at all and with the bigger WR in the division, people will post him up. The production the last 2 years was great, but unless he is a really late bloomer, he isn't going to get strong enough to be reliable in run support or against stronger and tall WR. Evans and Julio would eat him alive on jump balls all day long. Damn good ballkawk and plays balls in front of him well as he has elite ability to stop and close on a route. Likely 4th or 5th as he just isn't going to get enough strength to hold up to postups from big WR or play slot where he would have to be a reliable run stopper.
  13. Position and need factor into the BPA big board....... Such as QBs always seaming to have higher grades due to team needs and importance to a team vs OG Unfortunately I think that's what got Hurney 1.0 to draft pickles.
  14. Shhhhhh, hurts the narrative..... The regression in 2016 is a wee bit scary.
  15. chbright

    Draftniks, avert your eyes

    Eh, Lane Johnson, Ziggy, Nuke, Rhodes Ogletree, Frederick, Long, Trufant, Richardson for a time, not too bad. Just ugh those 1st 3. But OL in the 1st are still a crap shoot. Floyd got injured unfortunately.