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  1. chbright

    Saturday camp tweets...pads and helmets

    The future is now. Quick work from a 3rd string camp body to running with the 1st string.
  2. I'm hoping he sticks to the PS. Prototypical size and live arm. When he's on he's deadly. Betting staff and Co see him only a camp arm, so he goes to Canada for a few years.
  3. Mister doesn't sell if he could beat the charges. He quickly stepped away and went to sell mode in hopes to keep it hush hush. Well that didn't happen and we now know what j rich did.
  4. Hines Ward paired with the twin towers for 3 to 4 years, what's not like. Great value too. He is a plug and play guy IMO. His ceiling isn't that of funch, but ready day camp opens. I get Cravens as a potential day 1 starter at SS if Boston doesn't up his game. Same with HH over Dickson. My question is how the staff feels adding another offensive linemen beyond just depth guys. They are said to like Williams but where, LT or do they see him as a RT. If he isn't a viable option at LT do they have a guy like Spriggs rated as worthy of a trade up. If Williams is LT in waiting, I don't see us going OT for a while now (value is gone at RT fight now)