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  1. Play funfun out. Not sold he will be a #2b type. He has moments but to inconsistent. Shaq is a must. IMO you wrap him up now. Why? He has only had limited playing time and honestly that helps drive the price down. Open market, I think people drive it way up. I think most teams can see he can start and be a really good/great player. Just not some joker SS/lb. He is right in the mold of TD, and like TD his role is LB. think he shines once TD hangs them up. DW. This is the risky pick. Might get him cheaper now than next year if he plays well again. See Remmers vikings deal. Might get him for less now but he could also turn in to a pumpkin and be a turnstile like 2016. Personally I think he is a better guy to keep than Norwell. DW isn't a better a player, but i think DW can become a better cap value than Norwell who should get top 2-3 dollar as a guard. Think DW can get middle of the road RT money and seriously outperform it. DW has top 3 RT potential. This comes to what the coaches/FO see in him.
  2. Says the village idiot. Your original definition of playmaker is comical.
  3. By freefua claim it's a fair comparison. Hey like I said, Julio is who everyone wants. Bot funfun.
  4. So Julio Jones is not a playmaker by this definition. He dropped a lot of TDs this year yet everyone in the league wants him.
  5. Please not Ron Turner.

    So folks say no to Ron Turner as too old, but Norv isn't old. Come now
  6. Sure he did or he was out with him. Stuck his neck out for Shula and Shula sucked. So if he wouldn't let Shula go he was going with Shula out the door. So RR valued his job over Shula.
  7. Think how this place will implode on a GG miss........
  8. If it's a blowout of zona proportions, yeah meltdown will commence and continue till next season. Hope we play well and are competitive in a good game. If defense gives up 35+ in a close: loss meltdown. 40+ allowed and it will be turmoil regardless. Any bug turnovers or missed takeaways: mini melt down. Special teams screw up, major meltdown for months. Being the huddle, losses are followed by meltdowns 80% of the time. The question is a few hours/days or will it be SB/zona levels of hysteria. Based in last 9 months of moves and games, I'd wager a loss would trigger a lot of folks more than most other playoff losses. There is A LOT more than just a playoff game here. Division rival, last draft, outcome of last meetings, week 17 results for both. Yeah it's would be bigger than usual.
  9. Comparing Miami to Charlotte? Really huddle. Because the weather is the same right? The dome (permanent or retractable)and parking is to make it a place to host other events in case, you know, the NFL decline some are predicting continues. If you can make $$$$ with hosting other events that offsets some of the losses the NFL decline could present. Plus it is additional revenue sources.Unless another football guy like Jerry buys the franchise just for football, ownership groups want to diversify a 2.x billion dollar investment as much as possible. They will have to compete with the like of the spectrum center and pnc, but right now they are not. Also new group could look at Arthur's anus and see branching out to a MLS team too when pitching the new stadium..... If someone can get the city to pay for a new stadium they would be a fool not to. So I expect it will be a talking point for most groups. It is unlikely an owner will come in and build one on their dime and not use a larger chunk of city money. So if the city stands pat, I doubt the stadium talk really goes much more than another upgrade. He isn't likely to get all or hell most of what he is after, but is starting with wanting the moon and work towards the middle. Why he decided to make it public: it's Felix, no surprise he wouldn't gloat/yap, guy can't keep his big mouth shut.
  10. Armah to see increased role.

    Hope it's increased to snap levels of Miami game for more..... Dickson as the h-back was pitiful last in ATL.
  11. This board has USC WR hate. Never will forgive the last 2 USC WR we drafted. Claim all USC WR are busts. Loved juju coming out. Really wanted him as over Samuels but DG doubled down on with tweeners in CMC and Samuels.
  12. That both this performance and the Oakland/zona implosions both are record breaking suckagd?!?!?
  13. So defense gave up only opening td. Held to fg otherwise. Damn nice if the offense showed up. Hey look garbage time and we bump over 35% completion percentage. Did cam find Tommy Jones in ATL this week?
  14. Wow. Ball game. Let's hope this is gets the poo out of cams system. This has to be his worst gams as a pro if he doesn't get he ball back.
  15. Had bersin there. Cam needs to set his feet.