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  1. Sapper added a post in a topic Windows 10? Who has installed it?   

    Nothing too different so far,but I've only had it a day.  The one standout different I like so far is my daisy-chain display treats multiple monitors as extensions still but the UI is now treated like a separate box.  (IE:  my taskbar doesn't need to run off of my master display only).
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  2. Sapper added a post in a topic Ranking the modern Marvel Movies   

    Winter Soldier is by far the best to date.
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  3. Sapper added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    I was digging tonight's Twin Peaks feel.
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  4. Sapper added a post in a topic Tell me about Charlotte Country Day School   

    I went to Latin - so I'm technically supposed to say Bucs drool Hawks rule.  But in all seriousness, Country Day is a top notch program with a fantastic reputation in Charlotte and surrounding areas.  Their facilities are all up-to-date and tend to always sport a very competitive team in every sport they participate in.  Between Latin and CCDS, I couldn't imagine many other places to teach in Charlotte with the kind of reputation both schools have.
    I am 12 years removed from HS however, so the few updates I get on the current private school scene are very rare (and Latin related).  
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  5. Sapper added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    Dennis Quaid wants a Burrito!
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  6. Sapper added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

  7. Sapper added a post in a topic Tell me about your idiosyncrasies.   

    Everything I use that goes into making a meal has to be cleaned and put away before I can eat said meal.
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  8. Sapper added a post in a topic What will they find on the surface of Pluto tomorrow?   

    it's neither gaseous nor terrestrial.  It's supposedly composed of rock and ice (like a larger comet).  It mostly resembles the composition of a terrestrial planet, but when it was declassified it became part of the Kuiper belt (which is a lot larger than the asteroid belt).
    A few satellites within the SS came from the belt too.
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  9. Sapper added a post in a topic Women USA vs Japan World Cup...   

    I feel like I hexed us in 2011 before the game started when I made a bet with my buddy for the bar tab about it gon to PKs.  4 years later and I'm still stoked about last night's victory.  Awesome game ladies!
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  10. Sapper added a post in a topic Steph Curry Charlotte Hornet?   

    Well there's always wishes in the hand where we don't pile our poo.  To early to tell honestly, but the more time goes by without Steph signing an extension the better our odds get.
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  11. Sapper added a post in a topic Batman Arkham Knight   

    I'm having trouble reading the tiny tool-tips on a 50" LCD only about 15' away from my eyes.  Are my eyes really getting that poor or is time for a new one?  Also, is here a way to increase the pixel size of the tool-tips?
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  12. Sapper added a post in a topic Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?   

    Definitely.  There are far fewer posters on this board, but a much higher intelligent poster to idiot posert ratio.
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  13. Sapper added a post in a topic GDT: Hornets @ Clippers (10:30pm)   

    I'm tired of these late season west coast road stretches.

    At least the ACC tourney was in Greensboro.
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