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  1. Sapper

    Gano and Panther win Pie

    pie for all!!!
  2. PIE all around!!!
  3. A break wouldn't keep TD out if we win. Breaks can be played through.
  4. Marshawn looks like a hobo arriving at the stadium.
  5. Sapper

    Saturday. Division game thread.

    The talking heads will want as much time as they can get to push a possible NFCCG rematch of GB/Seattle from last year before kickoff happens in hopes of willing it to happen
  6. So if the Seahawks do end up losing today, I trust the huddle will use the NFL board to post Seattle related content in until our match up next year against them?
  7. It will be nice to have all the damn Seattle threads consolidated into 1...if only for just a day.
  8. Sapper

    Pulling for the Bengals until......

    Yea, the sad part is even at full speed you can see he has plenty of time to make the rational choice not to take the extra 2 steps and hit Brown (a penalty in all situations btw). Instead stays on his route and lowers his shoulder for a blow to the head. How is this hit being defended by anyone as legal?
  9. Sapper

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Joke of an organization from top to bottom, fan base included. All of them need to return to their shantees in a place they don't deserve to call the Queen City