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  1. Sapper added a post in a topic Batman Arkham Knight   

    I'm having trouble reading the tiny tool-tips on a 50" LCD only about 15' away from my eyes.  Are my eyes really getting that poor or is time for a new one?  Also, is here a way to increase the pixel size of the tool-tips?
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  2. Sapper added a post in a topic Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?   

    Definitely.  There are far fewer posters on this board, but a much higher intelligent poster to idiot posert ratio.
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  3. Sapper added a post in a topic GDT: Hornets @ Clippers (10:30pm)   

    I'm tired of these late season west coast road stretches.

    At least the ACC tourney was in Greensboro.
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