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  1. Making chess pie for dessert tonight or this victory!!
  2. Gameday Menu

    Add garlic and lots of your favorite spices to the mash, olive oil too
  3. Victory Pie/Beer

    Winning feels so good!
  4. Gameday Menu

    BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes (dad’s recipe) and asparagus...with pumpkin pie and A keg of Warsteiner Oktoberfest.
  5. A great drinking game is a shot per each score the falcons surrender
  6. Wilks on Luke's condition

    I’m friends with someone who spoke to Luke on the phone today (they are friends) Apparently Luke didn’t even bring up the concussion And as they were getting off the phone my friend said something like ‘we’ll go.see that (referring to blade runner 2049) when you get better’ and he responded with something to the tune of I’m fine. So take that as you will.
  7. The Last Jedi

    I’d take that
  8. I really like Baldinger and his Cam analyses.
  9. The girlfriend made blueberry cobbler and then remembered pie on Sundays so she left for the store to scout out some pie
  10. Gameday Menu(s)

    Beef stroganoff for dinner. Cheese plate for lunch which I’m really looking forward to. French toast and sausage for breakfast. All being washed down with Oktoberfest courtesy of Warsteiner.
  11. Gameday Menu

    It's amazing, I was gonna ask how the wings and poppers were made? Because they look fantastic
  12. Victory Pie!!

    I love it!