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  1. Game 6 vs. Heat

    Sleep on it and see how we feel Sunday am...I'm not ready to count us out. Not yet
  2. Game 6 vs. Heat

    Come on guys, we still have a game to play
  3. Spencer Hawes Out For At Least Game 6

    Frank can play D, but only if asked. Anyone have a good feeling about tonight? Because I'm sort of washy
  4. Nobody is overboard, just calculated
  5. Spencer Hawes Out For At Least Game 6

    I'm gonna still bet this is to show Miamis hand...we are prepping for small ball, but we can wiggle
  6. Huddle is constantly confused, but great post
  7. Spencer Hawes Out For At Least Game 6

    Gotta be for activation, tho I'm surprised myself
  8. Cliff fires shots at the Heat

    Patience is where we are aiming. As long as MJ controls, Cho will be forced to make due. Cliff can roll with it.
  9. Hornets Win PIE up 3-2 Now

    I literally screamed like a child, pie for masses
  10. First Round - Game 4 - Heat @ Hornets

    This isn't a Charlotte issue either. Most arenas won't fill beyond 85%
  11. X-Men Apocalypse

    Sorry for starting a new thread, but old one got archived. New trailer:
  12. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Yea I had no problem with that. Casual viewers will really start to complain when Bran and Co. returns tho.
  13. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    By the time Snow comes on screen, it will be so far removed from what GRRM intended anyway.
  14. Batum is trying to give it a go Monday evening

    His desire shows his commitment to stay, which would make the offseason trade worth it. I kind of want to see Clifford and Spoelstra chess their rotation again tonight with an activated Batum. Get a W and it's a best of 3 between coaching staffs.
  15. Hah, looks like a very good excuse for a beer run