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  1. Sapper added a post in a topic Josh Norman Moving Around   

    I'm interested to see if Norman takes on his ball hawk approach to Wilson.  
    Sure, it works on the QBs we have played thus far - but you can't assume Wilson will often undertow cutting routes like they did.
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  2. Sapper added a post in a topic Steve Smith   

  3. Sapper added a post in a topic My Land Rover Defender 110 has finally ARRIVED!   

    Although I cannot say I am in any position to be a collector of the sorts, I do share an affinity for British auto motives.  After 4 years of owning German cars, I switched over to my HSE and have never once regretted the decision :).
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  4. Sapper added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Explored the Deep Web?   

    I always keep tor up on one of my displays for a just-in-case.  There are a few forums I go to that have users in which I can only contact on through the dw.  I don't care enough to ask why ;)
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  5. Sapper added a topic in Carolina Hurricanes   

    Going to be a long one guys
    Quick prediction:
    66 points (being super generous).  Eric moves in February, Rask shows decent improvement and Lindholm gives us a glimpse of a bright future.
    (Really hoping I am wrong on first 2) 
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  6. Sapper added a post in a topic What's been the most expensive regular season game to get into ever?   

    Pittsburgh '96 has got to be up there (after inflation).  Felt like more of a playoff game than a few actual playoff games in Charlotte.
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  7. Sapper added a post in a topic Through 4 games, is Cameron Jerrell Newton league MVP?   

    You have to throw Dalton in there too.
    But those 4 are probably the only ones in the mix as of right now.
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  8. Sapper added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

    I went a different route today since family is coming over.  Couldn't over indulge during the game so I had some hummus and a big pretzel with Paulener Oktoberfest (which I think is this years best Oktoberfest).
    Tonight I am cooking standing rib roast with twice baked potatoes and asparagus with pumpkin pie dessert.
    No idea how it will turn out since I have 2 beers left of the 12 I got earlier :)
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  9. Sapper added a post in a topic Big ups to JNo for posing for me...   

    Gettleman was pretty set in not signing anyone once the season started, so I'm guessing the chances are slim.  Of course, I would never have expected him to pick up Jared Allen so there is always that chance.
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  10. Sapper added a post in a topic 4-0 vs. poo   

    You're right.  We probably should have lost those games in hind sight.
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  11. Sapper added a post in a topic Cam is controlling his offense/PIE thread   

    Made pumpkin pie for after dinner tonight in full expectation of a Carolina win 
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  12. Sapper added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    U/O on the "omgzzz111 sign Norman" threads this week?
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  13. Sapper added a post in a topic ESPN Bails on Cam/Hochuli Controversy   

    Ed's camp says Cam's camp leaves bathroom floaters and only flosses twice a week.
    Cam's camp responds with: "No we don't and that they're parents were better at sports"
    More as it develops.
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  14. Sapper added a post in a topic Hornets win 1st Preseason Game   

    Dislocated shoulders suck and all, but why on earth would he need to be taken away on a stretcher for it?
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  15. Sapper added a post in a topic Interstellar, HUGE plot hole question.. ::SPOILERS::   

    It actually brings up a time travel paradox called a causal loop.  Remember Cooper is in a dimension not bound by space or time, so information he transmits to a planar dimension can be allocated to any point of its 3 dimensional axes in addition to its singular time axis.  
    When he was saying Stay, this was probably done when he was pissed for leaving, before he knew of the role Murphy had to play, the true power of the tesseract and without considering what TARs said about its purpose.  Also, wasn't it 'them' that gave away the coordinates through a gravitational anomaly?  It's been a while.
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