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  1. I am as big of a Cam fan as there is, but no he's not perfect. BUT, I will say, in his defense, a good deal of his shortcomings are due in part to offensive scheme and design. You brought up Brady, whose offense is designed around getting the ball out quick and with timing and letting the receivers make plays. The biggest complaint on this board since Chud left has been the lack of quick hitting, easy completions created by short, quick routes. And while I see a lot of articles now about how Cam lacks accuracy on short and intermediate routes, and has ranked as the league worst, at least in 2016, he didn't struggle with such issues under Chud. Our screens were a lot crisper for one and the routes were more varied and creative. Furthermore, the last two or three seasons' decline in short and intermediate accuracy coincides with having a receiving corps among the leagues worst in getting separation. Now, we draft two guys that are quick, fast and can get open in a hurry and overhauled the receiving corps with Shepard and Johnson as well. I think people are going to see the accuracy problem was more due to scheme and personnel than it was Cam. If healthy, he's going to have a ridiculous year.
  2. As ridiculous as it seems, for the reasons you mentioned previously as Beane risks his reputation i such a scenario, it is plausible. I thought it particularly curious that in Gettleman and Rivera's presser (which I watched in its entirety), the last two or three questions from reporters were about McD and the Bills. Gettleman said he hadn't been talking to McD, but Rivera volunteered that he had been texting with him. A reporter then asked about the picks McD made, and with a wry smile Rivera said "he made some good picks..." With the insinuation being that we liked those players ourselves, at least that is the feeling I got. Then as they wrapped up the presser, they began to stand up from the table and a reporter asked DG if we were actually targeting Dion Dawkins instead of Moton at 64, which at the time, I thought was awfully curious and awkward... DG responded with, "Awwww, c'mon [reporter's name]," stating he couldnt answer that. After seeing how the draft played out, hiw many times they jumped ahead of us, and now this news comes out - makes me wonder if it is possible Beane leaked the targets to McD with the promise he'd be handed the keys to the Bills' FO in return.
  3. Was a big fan of his dad's as a kid. Man, this must be a sign that I'm old now apparently. Also, from the few times I saw him play, he looked really impressive.
  4. Yeah, in the other thread abt his weight, people kept saying go look at the pics from the recent workouts... only ones i saw only showed his waist up mostly, and he looked very, very fluffy. On a 6'5" frame, i'd guess he's at about 260 right now.
  5. Corn can ball, but I REALLY would've liked TE at that pick. Oh well, solid depth, and possible starter down the road.
  6. If Dobbs could ever develop consistent accuracy, he will be a beast.
  7. After further evaluation, my dream scenario for today would be Leggett or Kittle, then Zane Gonzalez. If we did that, this draft may get an A- or B+ from me.
  8. Wouldve liked a CB or S (still hurt on missing out on Obi) earlier, but at this point, I don't see any of them available in the 5th or later that would have a realistic chance of starting. So, that being said... Take K Zane Gonzalez with that first 5th round pick. TE Kittle or Butt. Find a big FB/H-Back who can run and block as a project.
  9. Just saying... all of the others we were reportedly interested in were tweeners outside of Tanoh. There is very little value in pass rushing prospects for a 4-3 defense at this point, unless they can pack on 30 lbs of muscle by September lol.
  10. I honestly didnt care about any of the picks last night before ours except for Adams. Tonight, i feel like every pick is stealing from us. I hope no one takes Godwin or Obi before 40 now.
  11. Welp, the rich get richer with Seattle taking McDowell. And with him off the board, I have no interest in any of the remaining pass rushers.
  12. I wouldn't mind that at all, I just didn't see him listed on our visits list. That would be incredible value.
  13. I shared this in one of the other threads earlier, as I saw her report it live. I was disappointed she didn't include safety. She also mentioned her source said we'd also be looking at OL help... She mentioned OL, WR, and pass rushers in that order. As far as pass rushers, I'm not really interested in any of the guys left that we visited with. They were all tweeners, built more like 4-3 OLBs, outside of Tanoh, and I'm not really a big fan of his despite his size. I'd rather just bring in Mario Williams after the draft because none of what's left is all that appealing at DE. WR and S are where I'm looking most, and I think they also have the most value at this point... Realistic potential starters up through the 3rd or 4th. Teez Tabor is also a sleeper for me.
  14. But, that is the exception. I'm not saying he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, just that he is not a bad coach. A bad coach wouldn't have been able to take our 2003 team to a Super Bowl and almost win it. They could've hired Jeff "7-9" Fisher and went to both their recent Super Bowls in their Manning era, and likely would've beat us in SB50 with either Fisher or Fox thanks to horrible officiating and our own non-adjusting, braindead coaching staff. He came closer than any other coach we've ever had to winning a SB for this organization. He has a better playoff record than Rivera, IIRC. And he took us to what? 3 NFCCG? Sad as it is to admit, Rivera is not as good of coach as Fox. Rivera has to be on the hotseat to even coach halfway competently and has made some of the historically worst in-game decisions I have ever seen in a lifetime of watching football. All that being said, I'm not trying to pump him up... I'm just saying he isn't as bad as many huddlers paint him to be. And considering the inconsistency and ineptitude that has been demonstrated repeatedly by Rivera, I don't think we have a lot of room to be critiquing anyone else's coach, lol... and it makes our fanbase look like the guy that got dumped and spends the rest of his life hating on his ex.