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  1. Don't think it needed its own thread, but rosinski just tweeted this as well: I know most here preferred him over Mick. So, was it the legal counsel?
  2. I really do think, although Cam would never say it, that us not doing it more was due to Shula's ego. Shula thought if he could get things clicking with his calls, despite the turtle's pace of the calls coming in and incessant delay of games and burned timeouts, that everyone would credit him for it. His ego just couldn't allow him to take a step back and do what's best for the team - let Cam run things.
  3. Good, simple goal to aim for, but thay being said, i can lay out a million reasons those valleys have existed and they have nothing to do with Cam's performance. A few have been Shula, workload, lack of help (i.e., quality blocking, personnel, playcalling/Shula again). Lucky for us, and Cam, I think this is the first season all of those areas have been addressed and fixed. There is only one Cam, and i'm proud to have him as our QB. History will bear out what a force of nature he is.
  4. Man... this guy is good. Spot on across the board. He really cements and affirms what so many here have been saying for years. I really get the feeling that Shula almost, and maybe subconsciously, hampered Cam so that he couldn't shine without Shula getting credit for it. For instance, we all saw years back how effective and explosive the offense was when Cam was allowed autonomy over it. The comeback in Seattle in '15 comes to mind. When Cam was allowed to spread it out, hurry it up, and make adjustments at the line, we felt unstoppable. And it seemed like we let him do that a lot in '15. And what happened? Cam won MVP that year. We still ran options. We still had a power game. But, Cam was in the driver seat. And then, the last 2 seasons, it felt like Shula wanted to show the world that it was HIS offense. Maybe his intention was to help Cam, but i feel like it was more to prove something to everyone. As the analysis here stated, we relied heavily on personnel groupings and specific plays to gain any degree of success, and instead of gameplanning to augment our weaknesses, Shula insisted on just ignoring them altogether. In turn, the offense became robotic, rigid, and erased any margin for error. I remember describing Shula's coaching at one point like watching someone walk into a titanium wall repeatedly. The person may have the ability to walk around the wall, or have a ladder to easily go over the wall, but NOPE, they're going to show you that if you walk into it enough, eventually you're gonna walk through it lol. That was Shula's offense. I'm really hoping Norv gives Cam that autonomy that we have all known for far too long is what actually makes our offense operate at its best. And knowing Norv's reputation is already established and he isn't an insecure child trying to outrun his father's shadow and secure a name for himself, I suspect he will give Cam much more control. I'm excited about this season.
  5. He clearly isn't familiar with the conditions that caused Worley to start for two seasons, nor is he familiar with our franchise's long-history of awarding starting jobs based off of incumbency and familiarity rather than merit. Dumb article.
  6. Yeah, very telling... I argued for bringing Chud back for the very reason mentioned in the article - the offense was decisive and explosive under him, and he knew how to accentuate Cam's strengths, especially as a passer. It seemed to have more balance, but he also occasionally struggled bc it seemed like he was calling games to garner buzz for HC gigs rather than do what was specific to the situation at the time. Then Shula stepped in and muddled everything down and the offense was indecisive and sloppy. Under Shula, everything was slow and drawn out, and despite his playcalling, we caught lightning in a bottle in 2015, mostly bc Cam was playing out of his mind... Then came SB50 where Shula's lack of imagination and creativity roared its ugly head again. Idc how good Denver's defense was, we should have won that game, but as they famously said afterwards, we changed nothing and made no adjustments. It's why I like what the Turners are saying thus far... they know Cam is a once in a generation talent and they plan to make things easier for him while implementing that decisiveness and ingenuity (specifically the ability to adjust) that our playcalling has been lacking for years now. We still are a vertical offense, but balanced and with a sense of direction. I feel they truly will take the full burden off Cam this season and I expect he is going to put up career best numbers passing this season as a result.
  7. Proudiddy

    Rumor : Kemba to LA

    In some of the Cleveland rumors it's been floated out there that Lebron is behind it... that he wants to bring in Kemba. And from following Lebron closely throughout his career, he seems to have great admiration and respect for fellow all-stars, especially. Also, IIRC, wasnt Lebron caught on camera last season making fun of Ball's shooting form? So, I doubt he wants to play with him if he does go to LA.
  8. Proudiddy

    The Walking Dead season 8

    Quit watching prior to last season save for the episode where Gabriel and the Doc search for a cure for his eyes, which was really well done and reminiscent of the superb writing and execution of TWDs early glory days... other than that episode, I checked reviews each week to see if it was worth picking back up, but it was still riddled with Gimple's plot holes and idiocy, so I just couldn't do it. Then I heard Gimple was being "promoted," and one of the other writers was stepping up as show runner, so I had hope that AMC saw the mistake they made... I also heard FTWD was better than it's been in a long while under the new show runner's direction and that gave me even more hope that they could fix the mess Gimple made. Then I heard the report about Lincoln leaving regardless, and all hope went out the window. The chances of being able to undo what Gimlple did were already slim, but Lincoln's departure cements it... it is the proverbial nail in the coffin. I honestly think Lincoln gritted his teeth and was a good soldier for the franchise over the last couple of seasons despite seeing it going down in flames with each passing episode and pointless elimination of staple characters, and then I think killing off Carl for no real fuging reason was the last straw... he knew the show had nowhere else to go but down even further and had enough. It was a good run... Rick's love for Carl is what pulled readers and audiences in to invest in the story to begin with... just sucks Gimple completely and single-handedly murdered one of the best shows ever in television history. And as another poster said above, Gimple should never be able to work again as a show runner or head writer... period.
  9. Proudiddy

    Rumor : Kemba to LA

    MJ would whoop Lavar's ass... no way he would agree to bringing the Balls here.
  10. Proudiddy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    The word is, one of the guys we enamored with at 11 is SGA from Kentucky. If we get him, the backup/big PG spot wont cost anything. I think that hinges on if Knox is there at 11... then again, if we get #8, I'm starting to think it is to take Knox then SGA at 11.
  11. Proudiddy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Nah, it's not your fault... you shouldn't have to rely on forums for all of your news... the problem is, Bobcats/Hornets coverage is among the worst in the entire sphere of pro sports. We as fans are left to piece together what we can... it's also why these local heads chiming in after the fact pisses me off. Like, if they knew this stuff was going on, why weren't they reporting it all along, while it was happening? Keep us informed! It's easy for anyone to say, "I knew this was true," after the fact, and that seems to be all out local guys do after a national outlet breaks news on the team before them. I even mentioned it here when discussing that Dwight/Clifford blow up, that local media never made one peep about it. It wasnt even mentioned or discussed at all. I didnt even hear Clifford asked about it in that post-game presser immediately after... I just saw it happen with my own eyes and even the broadcast team ignored it as it happened... and it was even caught on camera in the huddle as Stephanie Ready was providing a sideline report lol. It was pathetic. Idk if they were scared of the PR-side of things and worried about their image, so they thought ignoring it was the better route, but it wasn't... it just leaves us to speculate even more so. Could also have something to do with our beat writer being a habitual drunk too, lol.
  12. Proudiddy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    It's been discuss ed d quite a bit here and other places, but people were able to decipher a lot of the team's exit interview comments as Dwight changing the team dynamics... a lot of allusions to being selfish and having an individual agenda, while Dwight made no such comments himself about anyone else, because it was him they were referring to. I also posted earlier in the season how in some games he repeatedly would start throwing tantrums in-game when he didn't get the ball in the half-court and the next defensive rebound he got, he would take it and dribble it all the way across half-court and then pass it to someone or take a shot himself unassisted, all while Kemba called for the outlet the entire time. He did that repeatedly through the all-star break, and supposedly it was in retaliation for not getting the touches he wanted. Supposedly, people have said it was because he wanted the offense ran through him in the half-court... if we did so, all was good. If we didn't, he would pull shot like I mentioned until he got his touches. I could see how that would piss everyone off. He also got into an argument with Clifford during a game that I posted about last season and was benched following the timeout it happened in. He was demonstrative and got up and walked out of the huddle while Clifford had everyone in close to draw up a play... I had never seen anything like it, in Charlotte at least, in all my years as a Charlotte fan, which has been since the beginning.
  13. Proudiddy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    I said it early last season... Kemba had the same demeanor when Lance was here. He was miserable and Dwight was sucking the life out of the team.
  14. Proudiddy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    And according to an "inside source" over at hornetsplanet, he says we aren't done. He says we're still in talks to move Kemba now... but, take it with a grain of salt bc I've rarely ever seen his musings prove to be true.
  15. Proudiddy

    Dwight Howard Traded!

    Also created a trade exception