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  1. Yeah, I hope this was just a one-time thing related to some drug he used and not the onset of mental illness.
  2. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    Yeah, I have a feeling that Hurney was smart about it and didn't come anywhere near 7-8M a year.
  3. Yeah, IIRC, Wright actually is quite a bit more athletic than Cotchery ever was.
  4. REPORT: Panthers exploring CB FA market

    I still think DRC has several years worth of gas left in the tank.
  5. Juan must'e been making light of biggercat's Voth talk because pretty much all of the non-sourced rumors this year turned out to be fake. But as of now, only news out there is that he is visiting the Colts today. If the money is close, I really hope he gives us a chance to match. Who tf would want to play with bum shoulder Luck, a talent depleted roster, and a new coaching staff anyway?
  6. And he hasn't signed anywhere yet. He's visiting the Colts today though.
  7. Official Numbers For Dontari Poe Signing

    Wait... is 2020 a team or player option? Pretty sure player options aren' as common in NFL as they are on the NBA, but still...
  8. Thanks for this. I shared that I thought based off his tweet after his visit with us that he must've been in a positive mood. I really hope he joins us soon... super excited for his addition if it works out!
  9. It does if he ends up signing with us. Look, I know it's cool to bash people posting subjective analysis of tweets, but I didn't make an entirely new thread for it. I simply posted his tweet with possible reasons as to why we should remain optimistic about adding him.
  10. Seems like a pretty positive tweet after a visit and he didn't sign anywhere yesterday, so...
  11. I agree with this usually, but I have a feeling we're still in the running... his last tweet, still on the day of his visit with us, was this: He was then scheduled to meet with Indy today, and "potentially" but not confirmed, with Patriots later. I gotta think he would like our situation better with Cam and the potential to become the #1 TE when Greg retires than what Indy has to offer, and I would think we would offer more money than the Pats, if they are indeed interested. So, I think what it comes down to is his role and whether he'd be willing to be the 2nd TE here for now.