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  1. A lot of kickers/punters are usually able to kick well through their late 30s, so I wouldn't have imagined Lee becoming easily expendable. Watching him when healthy last year, he seemed to have an uncanny accuracy, and his leg strength was no joke either... that being said, the only punt I recall from him in the PS opener was shanked horribly, and Palardy has been good enough that I didn't really even notice when it wasn't Lee out there. I'll put it like this... theyre both better than Nortman lol.
  2. Funchess... can't wait to move on.
  3. Yeah, I walked away from his performance yesterday concerned... not because of his performance, but because he put us in a tough position. He is clearly the better athlete with a ton of pop in his pads compared to Young. But, I watched him closely when he was in, and he still has to develop the technical aspects of being a full-time FB... for instance, I watched him make a great lead block on a run, then a few plays later, he completely whiffed on his assignment and the run got blown up in the backfield by the guy he whiffed on. But, I think he is the more dangerous weapon of the two FB candidates, even now. If he can grow into a consistent blocker... wow.
  4. Well smack my ass and call me sally

    I really hope we can find a way to keep Star, but I have a feeling it's not happening.
  5. Time to consider Kaepernick

    And to be clear... I support Kaep and his protests. If I was a professional athlete, I would be doing the same right now. My point was, JR, and pretty much every other owner, but especially JR, will not so much as give his agent a call... they are out of touch with the way things are now, so his protests seem radical and scary to them, imo.
  6. A lot of talk about Gano and Butker... So, bump for those who haven't seen it. I probably picked the wrong day to share it considering the game and all, but it really is a great read and gives some serious perspective on our kicking situation.
  7. Safety looks as unsafe as ever

    Yeah, I am concerned that Adams may have fell off the other side of the hill. He was WAY out of position and couldn't recover. For a guy whose advantage is his headiness and being able to read plays and play angles and such, that can't happen.
  8. Pick one player to cut tonight...

    So many good candidates after today... Gano has been begging to be cut, but now DA, Funchess, Pick a Safety...
  9. Time to consider Kaepernick

    LOL @ the thought of JR bringing in Colin. He would never do that...
  10. Can we be excited about CMC now?

    I'm calling it now... OROY. His talent is transcendent. If I'm not mistaken, he has yet to lose a yard on any of his touches through tweo games now, lol... ridiculous.
  11. I just want to pack up and get out of there... most of the guys didn't even show up.