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  1. Glad ED said it...  Collins is, was, and always will be an overhyped, whiny bitch.
  2. Peyton's College "Issue"

    Well, that's Naughright.   Try the veal.
  3. His relationship with organization, as well as the fanbase soured like no one else i can remember, minus Peppers.  In terms of going from sugar to sh*t, i'd say Peppers is head and shoulders above anyone else, but DWill has firmly entrenched himself in at #2, and the more he opens his mouth, the more he is pushing for that top spot. Two points though...   1) I'm thinking to be a guest on any Boomer Esiason show, you have to take a test that proves your hate for all things Carolina.  I think he was just playing the straight man in this interview to provide aome balance while still getting the Cam/Carolina hate across.  Dwill is just a salty fuging idiot at this point.  Enjoy your rapist QB and hope your couch is comfy while we're winning out championship this weekend. 2) for all the sh*t that has been talked about Smitty and his behavior since he left Carolina, look at the difference between the interviews he's given during our playoff run versus bullshit like this.  Smitty is class and will eventually be honored by our organization.  Dwill is a skid mark.  
  4. The MKG part was absolutely necessary.  The biggest thing i was worried about with his injury was his inability to keep working on his shot and then when he came back against Portland he drove almost every time he shot and didn't shoot so great from the FT line.  That being said, his shot still looked fluid and the hitch hadn't came back.  He came out tonight strong again, made another tough layup on a drive and then the 3 pointer.  Idk about you all, but in these two games he's looked more assertive and like a "franchise guy" than i've ever seen him. Regardless, it deserved a thread.  War Panthers.  Keep Pounding.
  5. MKG be back tonight and stuff

    I came here to post WTF?
  6. What makes the Huddle so special?

    Lol, i wish.  It just so happened that icege and kurb both got hit with the spirit of giving simultaneously and had me on their mind, lol. Now, if you would've said "moderator=undercover, tippy top super secret nudes," that's a different story.
  7. What makes the Huddle so special?

    For all that can go wrong here at the huddle, it really is more than just a message board. I hadn't been to a game since our inaugural season and things would always fall apart when i tried to get back as an adult.  I have four children and not a ton of disposable income, and so it takes a huge investment to make the 3 hour trip both in regards to time and money, anytime i've went.  When i shared this with @icege last year, he offered up a free ticket to the chiefs preseason game.  Randomly, a night or so later, long time huddle buddy @Kurb pm'd me, not knowing @icege already sent me his ticket, and asked if i wanted his tickets (two of them), because huddle overlord @Jeremy Igo was having Kurb with him down on the field, lol. So, i forwarded icege's single ticket to @bleys, and i met kurb on his way to charlotte for his tickets and told him, "man, it's like one of those unsolved mysteries where you meet your long lost brother," lol, then used the second ticket to take my son with me to the game...  something my dad had never done, nor cared to do.  It was a proud moment. Yes, it was a preseason game, but it was special to me, just the same.  I meant to post the pics and share my story, but i never got around to it on here.  I shared it with fellow huddlers i'm friends with on facebook.  It was an amazing night.  And what were the odds, my first game attending as an adult, with my son enjoying his first game ever, that the hype crew came out in the upper level with the t-shirt cannon...  in any and all games i've ever went to, by and large, the uppers are severely neglected.  And regardless, even if they aren't, the odds of catching anything from them is like what?  50 in 50,000 per game, give or take?  They pull out the t-shirt cannon, aim it up above where i'm sitting, probably to the attractive young ladies behind me several rows up...  they launch it.  I fully extend, hands in a perfectly formed diamond, and as if i'm hauling in a laser from Cam, dragging my toes on the ground below, i snag the shirt out of the air and tuck it away.  I'm sure i took it way too seriously, but then the guy's comment behind me only fed my over imaginary ego - "damn, he looked like he knew what he was doing!  Did you see that form?" Lol.  So, me being proudiddy, wearing my black smitty jersey to the game in the immediate preseason following his release, perhaps subconsciously out of protest and in large part because i had no other jersey at the time,  turned around and said, "you see the jersey, i had to do it, had to represent," we laugh, and he points to his Cam jersey and says but check this out, i reply, "no doubt, that's THE man, right there!"  We high five and laugh and go back to watching the game.  My son was amazed.  So was i.  I literally snagged a shirt that was meant for 3 rows up that i shouldnt have caught. As we go to leave the game, our fans were completely undressing the few chief fans straggling about in embarassment.  My son and i stopped to take some pics of him in front of the panther statues.  It was a dream come true for me.  Despite being in charlotte several times prior to that game, i had never been able to go to the stadium, usually because i was strapped for time.  I was in awe.  But, then i saw Sam Mills statue...  you can think it lame, but i had to collect myself.  This man that i used to draw pictures of in class, that represented all the underdogs in the world to me, immortalized in bronze.  My eyes began to well up.  I had to take a deep breath and hope the process would pull the tears back far enough that i would escape without them rushing over the edge of my eyelids.  I don't care man...  i told my son all about him.  To me, it was like meeting him without ever meeting him because of all that statue embodies and what Sam meant to me and Panther fans everywhere. Long story short, the huddle is a family and my story demonstrates how giving and kind many of our huddlers are...  so many paid it forward in that instance, and i couldn't be more thankful.  
  8. It's because i havent made a bitch and moan, the sky is falling thread since like week 7.  You're welcome. 
  9. Just wanted to know if you have, what is the durability like?   I'm debating between these... My issue is, i already have several generic/non-team related Nike KO hoodies and they're awesome.  Having our official KO Hoodie on while i'm running or working out would be awesome, but the thing that has put me off from buying one to this point was the cheap, thick appearance of the screenprinting.  In my experience, the screenprinting on this type of material tends to deteriorate after a few wash and dry cycles...  or sometimes it starts to peel off.  So, i'm wondering if any fwllow huddlers have already bought one and how has it held up? In regards to pure aesthetics, i love the conference champ hoodie design, but i dont think it's Nike Dri-Fit, so it's not designed for working out or moisture wicking and it's grey...  but, that black superbowl bound hoodie is COLD, but again, im hesitant to commit to it because of the thickness of the screenprint.  Additionally, with 4 children, i prefer darker colored garments (aka black) in case one of them vomit, crap, or throw food on me, lol.   So, give me some guidance, huddle.
  10. JR taking the entire organization to the SB

    I'm thinking about taking up custodial duties. 
  11. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    That is obviously a front...  he didnt ask to be a raven and his ego was hurt. Regardless, if it was up to me, when we win this championship, i would give Smitty a ring.  He held the fort down for years with little to no help, and he was THE PANTHER until Cam and Luke, and obviously TD's role grew over the last 5 years or so, but my point remains.

    Wow havent seen you in forever GTG!  Incredible!  Im both stoked for you and yet, so extremely jealous. I am so kicking myself for not finding a way to Charlotte yesterday, and so out of guilt, i'm gonna see if i can load up on hear and memorabilia now because o have no way of getting to Santa Clara.
  13. I welcome the Cards back to Charlotte for the NFCCG every year.  Great guests.
  14. I was going to cut straight to the chase with the title, but i decided to class it up a bit. Orgy is still a go.