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  1. Proudiddy

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    While I love AB, i don't think it would be a great fit here. He and Ben have ongoing issues, with most of it stemming from AB feeling like he is open every play... and that worries me about developing our promising young guys like Moore and Samuel. Maybe Cam and AB's friendship would supercede any issues they might have on-field, because they already have a relationship prior. That being said, it's all pointless to discuss... the Steelers aren't gonna move him, and even if they did, we wouldn't be in the running.
  2. As many comps as he's garnered to Smitty, this play just reinforced it. His first ever NFL reception goes for a huge gain and TD after breaking a tackle. Well, do you remember what happened on Smitty's first touch in the NFL? A KR for a TD. Sure, DJ had a couple of touches before, but for that to be his first reception and he does that? It puts him in that same class of player to take the first touch of any kind and score. Also, the way he accelerated past the defenders in traffic after turning up field and everyone else looked like they were running half-speed... that was a trademark of Smitty. Haven't seen it in a player here before him or since him on our team, until DJ.
  3. Proudiddy

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    I'll keep saying it... it's why, imo, Cam is the best player in all of football. He is literally unstoppable. The most dynamic weapon in terms of ability to run any and every run in any playbook, pass, and he touches the ball every snap. No player has carried the weight of his team's workload before like Cam does. No team's success has ever been more dependent on one player than ours with Cam. It's why teams just try to take the easy way out and cheapshot Cam, hoping to knock him out instead. Russ' OL has always sucked, but before, he always had the weapons and a fuging rabbit's foot up his ass. Now, he has neither... Cam never had the protection or plethora of weapons and still dominates.
  4. I also have a feeling that if they don't get it turned around this year, Carroll is out.
  5. But, in Wilson's defense, if i had Ciara at home, my mind would be elsewhere and i'd be playing like sh*t too.
  6. Wow. Wilson and the Hawks look horrible.
  7. Proudiddy

    Rookie WR snap Counts

    Looks like Miller is getting quite a bit of run too.
  8. Is it just me or does this broadcast crew make the game incredibly hard to watch? And i like each of these guys on their own (Tessitore, Witten, McFarland), but man, they make a horrible team together.
  9. Proudiddy

    Vent is over much more calm

    I'm still not sure why Mayo is getting PT over Carter and/or Smith... they flashed more in the preseason. Prolly the same reason Ron has DJ behind Torrey and Devin.
  10. Proudiddy

    Corey Coleman...

    I wanted him in the draft and honestly, i wouldn't take him over Byrd at this point. If Samuel is projected to be out a while, then maybe, but otherwise I'm not all that interested.
  11. Oh, so now the tough guy, former player comes out? Too bad he doesn't do poo during the game. Someone senses Tepper is about to heat that ass up.
  12. To a degree, yes. Rivera has defended players who took cheap shots at Cam before. He doesn't command respect from officials or opponents... and in the past, he sat idly by when teams spent entire games trying to take Cam out. Also, the way he has structured the team and dictates the gameplan, it opens Cam up more to unnecessary shots... but the biggest issue for me is his lack of passion/emotion in reacting to the cheap shots. He has always been passive towards teams, players, and coaches who have taken shots at Cam as well, so if they don't fear retribution, why not keep doing it? The fact that Torrey Smith has defended Cam after cheap shots more than the OL is also a byproduct of Rivera, imo. There should be an absolute zero tolerance policy, but there isn't.
  13. Sorry, to be clear, which i wasn't there... my point was, if Tepper was among the owners who wanted Tomlin gone, considering his record and comparing it with Rivera's, we could then deduce that if Tepper found Tomlin to be subpar based on his record, then he would also find Rivera to be subpar... meanwhile, Tomlin still has a superior record and resume. As to your other post, my claim of Cam being the best offensive player in all of pro football may have some opinion to it, but my point is, he is a former MVP, he touches the ball every snap, and he can pass or run (in ways no other QB can) - those are all facts. Now considering those facts, would you rather have a former MVP, once recognized as the best player in all of pro football, with the ability to make a play with the ball every snap, or AB or Leveon Bell? Which is the bigger weapon? Only one of those guys gets the ball every snap with a chance to impact the game. That's why I say he is the best offensive player in the game, which is opinion, but grounded in the above facts. But, removing opinion from it, my point is, if the rosters are comparable, which it is reasonable to say, Tomlin has still done more with less and according to records, Rivera is a lesser coach. I just wanted to clarify my point there, but aside from that, as I said, I'm done debating it. Neither of us can prove our point in reality as there's no way to know what one coach would do with another's roster, so it's a pointless endeavor. You feel Rivera doesn't get his due. I feel he benefits from having two of the most impactful players the game has ever seen as his centerpieces, which have greatly masked his wide array of deficiencies.
  14. Lol. Yes, those issues i brought up have affected them internally, and iirc, was the reason some of the minority owners were pushing to have Tomlin removed bc they felt he lost control over the locker room. And if you want to point to his in-game playcalling, I haven't ever seen him make a call that wasn't aggressive, so their fanbase has no right to complain about what he does in-game. We lose games because Ron coaches scared... it's completely different. Then you said i didnt base my argument on numbers or facts or records, i then present the stats/numbers/records and you now move to "well, you gonna ignore the 3 HOF'ers he has right now?" Good one. Ben is likely a HOFer but past his prime, but Bell and AB aren't yet because they don't have the longevity. So, that argument is moot. Cam and Luke, if they retired today, are in the HOF. How many league MVPs are the Steelers fielding? Cam is a former league MVP. Luke is a former DPOY, DROY, multiple-time all-pro. Again, the best player on each side of the ball in the entire league (Pep is also a HOFer, though now still on the backend of his career). So, while yes, there are other players in the league aside from Cam and Luke, i keep invoking them for the reasons stated above... they're the best at their respective position and on their respective side of the ball. In regards to their output and production across the board and versatility, they are unmatched. And even with that, Rivera is still a lesser coach according to records, both in the regular season and playoffs and still hasn't won a superbowl. This argument has run its course. If you want to keep your seat as the president of the Rivera fan club, then by all means... have at it. We just aren't going to agree. I feel he's not a very good coach. The end.