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  1. I hope both the Rams and Chargers suck and play in front of an empty stadium for the duration of their collective stay in L.A. Their greedy, dumbass owners deserve it.
  2. I was surprised with the amount of drama they packed into that video lol. Very theatrical... Excited for this step in the progression but, that video production was a bit much for throwing 10 yards inside of a locker room.
  3. So we're basing his decline off of one play against Tevin Coleman with the best MLB in the league out and TD having to essentially cover 2/3 of the field in his absence? Seems legit.
  4. Yeah, I believe so. A lot like Nike introduced the Color Rush Alts... I guess that was Adidas thing with the NBA unis.
  5. Yeah, I know, but I meant in general as Jordan is a Nike subsidiary, I imagine they will work together on design stuff.
  6. Yeah, they're still using the regular teal and purple designs from before in the pressers. I'm guessing this is our alternate, but still awesome considering I don't think we've ever worn the originals/throwbacks again since the Hornets brand was reinstated. Then again, if Nike is taking over the unis this season, I have to wonder if they will redesign ours as they did with a lot of the NFL teams when they took over their jersey production as well.
  7. Not if the rookie is balling, creates his own matchup problems, and earns the spot over MKG. Again, I like MKG, but he is what he is and waiting on him to develop into something more is a fruitless endeavor. I think what it comes down to is do we want an offensive juggernaut-style lineup, or do we want a defense into offense lineup? Clifford obviously prefers defense first. He also prefers veterans over rookies, often at the expense of stagnating their development. Frank looked booty until he actually started getting playing time... that's all I'm saying.
  8. I think the other reason they're worried about benching MKG is that if he isn't eating up minutes as a starter guarding the other team's best scorer, he loses whatever little value he has. Most successful teams dont rock with a wing defensive stopper coming off the bench.
  9. Yeah, I know... it's just the excitement of having such a huge offensive weapon talking... I just viewed it like this - we've been waiting on MKG to develop some semblance of an offensive game for how many years now? And teams still cheat off of him from 15 ft because hes never developed it. Whereas, Monk's the complete opposite coming in - He has unbelievable natural scoring ability, but has yet to show his defensive potential in his college career. With the addition of a rim protector like Dwight, I imagine that would only help him grow, at least as a solid team defender. He has the athleticism, so if he just put in the effort, it's there. I think MKG's offensive potential has been tapped out, and no matter the effort or work put in, he pretty much is what he is.
  10. Yeah, I just think spreading the floor will enable Dwight to maximize his game too. And even if we ran the starting lineup I projected, the thought did occur to me that although that 2nd unit would be deep and talented, they would have no real go-to scorer or spacing. So, I could see how Monk could make the bench much stronger and ensure we dont have those lulls we had last year after Lin left. That being said, I was just hyped to imagine the spacing and ball movement we would have with that starting lineup I mentioned. And for as bad as our defense was last year, there were several stretches where the ball movement was equally as bad. Either way he makes us a better team and I could see him being that Lou Williams kind of player for us... But, I think it boils down to as much as I like MKG and pull for him, I'm kind of done with the idea of him being a starter.
  11. I've already stated how much I love everything about the pick, so, the title is kind of clickbait-y, lol, but not really... because I watched Cho's quick presser last night and he repeatedly stated that Monk will be providing scoring off the bench. *facepalm* If that's how they plan on using him, that's what I don't like about the pick - how they plan on using him. Don't get me wrong, you need scoring off the bench and a lot of comparisons Monk has been drawing are to guys like Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams. Either way, we could use that, but ideally, I was envisioning a starting lineup of Dwight-Frank-Batum-Monk-Kemba. It would essentially be the 4-out/Dwight-in lineup that Orlando ran with Dwight when he dominated, except we have more dynamic playmakers in Kemba and Batum. Am I alone in this?
  12. He sucks at pretty much all he does, He's just a master marketer and conman. That being said, the reason this is an asshole thing to do, regardless if it's his course or not, is the guys that have to maintain that green have to fix that poo. It's an inconsiderate act, and it very much reflects his attitude towards the common, working man...
  13. This is shaping up to be the best year of professional sports in NC ever. Monk is gonna be a beast, and he is exactly what we need. I did not realize until the last couple days that he was only 6'3," but it doesn't matter... dude has the potential to be INCREDIBLE... Like among the greatest players in franchise history. I'm calling it now... rookie of the year! I love it!!!
  14. I REALLY do NOT want Mitchell and I'm really scared of Kennard. I'm hoping Monk or fellow Fayettevillian DSJ falls to us.