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  1. Prepare Yourselves... The Handsome Is Coming...

    Lol, my bad...  it was the current haircut.
  2. "Show me a good loser... "

    I used the exact same quote in describing my feelings immediately following our loss.  I don't understand this fake poo.  When i played competitively, if a team beat us and it was a legitimate victory that i had to respect, i would shake their hands and walk off.  But, there are plenty of times where we got bad calls, the other team showboated, acted out of character, or acted like dicks, where i would walk straight to the locker room before the clock was all zeros.   I've never understood this idea that saying generic poo and putting on a front for other people's benefit after you lose is the accepted standard of expectation.  fug that.  If i walk off without shaking hands or answering questions, i'm not disrespecting anyone, i'm doing you a favor.  I just lost.  I'm angry at the world and i'm not going to pretend until i have time to process it.  It doesn't mean you don't respect your opponent, it means you lost, and you hate losing.  He isn't running for homecoming king or president, he can do what he wants.
  3. If i could transform myself into a combination of Cam and Greg...  tis a dream.
  4. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    The same frank clark that chokes and beats the poo out of women judging other's actions and their value? Hell hath frozen over.
  5. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Tbh, i think Oher was fine.  He held his own against Ware.  The problem (outside of Remmers, obviously) from what i remember, was more the A gap on the left side and the RBs, especially Fozzy, were completely blowing their assignments.  Idk if those interior problems were on Norwell, Oher, or a combination, but the pressure on the left seemed to be coming more from the middle, so i naturally think that's more on Norwell or Kalil.
  6. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    A guy takes a break from the Internet for a few hours and comes back to heads rolling everywhere.  I miss all the fun. 
  7. Blandino on the no catch call

    That wasn't a catch just as much as Goodell never saw the Ray Rice tape before it went public.
  8. Mike Remmers

    LMAO, that is hilarious.   In all seriousness though, it was a good run, Mike.  See ya on the bench.
  9. Blandino on the no catch call

    Also, i don't ever find any real reason to troll or talk poo online, especially twitter, but after that fiasco last night, i turned over a new leaf.
  10. Blandino on the no catch call

    You know poo has hit the fan when they went man to man with their LBs covering our WRs  (namely Cotchery) 20 yds downfield.
  11. Blandino on the no catch call

    But bruh, that's nfl royalty right there.
  12. Dear Mods: PLEASE get to work

    Yeah, like rayzor said, we can't read every single post in every thread, so we don't know unless it's reported or we're notified in some way.   I like Montsta's suggestion of @ us.  It makes things a lot quicker, IMO.  I actually banned the kkk guy last night, but as i said then, it was the superbowl...  mods are people too, lol.
  13. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    But the thing that irks me with all this post-game poo and people volunteering, "well, Cam dabbed all season...  he said if you don't like it stop it...  well, they did, so rhey can talk trash now, blah,blah,blah... "  the difference is, Cam has always shown out ON THE FIELD OF PLAY, in the midst of competition. All of these assholes are piling on, AFTER THE FACT.  They aren't dancing after a sack or big play, they are talking ahit to the media like the classless douches they are, AFTER THEY fuging WON (and let's not mention the huge favor the NFL did them with the officiating).  I don't recall Cam ever taunting opponents or people he outplayed, after the fact.  Yes, he celebrates on the field of play...  even on the sidelines while the comptetition is ongoing.  But, any player that celebrates does those things, his is just magnified because he's Cam.  But all this talking poo after the fact is bottom of the barrel poo.   Von Miller even tweeted out one of our dabbing team photos with the crying jordan face photoshopped on all our players.  Like, seriously?  You won, that poo is unnecessary 12 hours later and shows just how petty you are.  Furthermore, they weren't doing all that fuging talking until the game was done because they couldnt trust thwir noodle armed QB to hold onto it for them. We'll be back....  our core is young and intact.  Our franchise QB is in place for years to come...  they on the other hand, have a great defense with one piece getting up there in age and will be led by Brock fuging Osweiler next season, so yuk it up assholes...  this is your last ride for awhile.  
  14. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Congrats Wade, you should be next in line for a head coaching pos...  oh wait, no you won't.  Fat ass.
  15. Yeah, but qhen have you ever seen or heard opposing team's pressers being held side by side, post-game, especially after the Superbowl? Knowing the NFL, it wouldnt surprise me if they set it up that way to get a bead on the whole, "cam is pouting" storyline.  And tbh, i think nothing pisses Goodell and the NFL off more than mid-market Carolina playing like we did this season and being led by Cam and his personality.  I think it was to show him up.