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  1. Good, because I never wanted him to be here to begin with. We went to a Superbowl without him while he was here. It was addition by subtraction... what he offers isn't worth the production you lose trying to get him touches. He is a dinosaur. The league is about getting the ball out quick into playmakers' hands and letting them get YAC. I hope KB enjoys tanking Buffalo's offense now. Best of luck.
  2. Except 2.0 could imply a better version or just redux. I'm invoking the redux version lol. Then again, even if it implies a better version of them, a significantly better version of an undersized, marginal NFL pass rusher is still an undersized, marginal NFL pass rusher. Still hoping for the best, but expecting what we've seen with those type of guys before.
  3. ...and starring Marquis Haynes as Everett Brown/Eric Norwood 2.0.
  4. Proudiddy

    todays OTA tweets and news

    Wow, I somehow completely missed and/or forgot that we brought back Barner. I like it... he seemed to have developed a bit more since his first tenure here.
  5. It's Hornets news, but it's also the offseason and I know there was a pretty big kerfuffle awhile back about Kroeger being removed from WFNZ. Well, looks like he landed on his feet! I like it. Seems like a guy who has been invested in the local sports teams for awhile.
  6. That's a formidable pair, but their receiving corps is ass... so, there's that.
  7. I think the pics we saw a couple of months ago showed some added mass, but this one surprised me because it shows how lean he's remained while bulking. I mean, shouldn't be hard with all that is at a pro athlete's disposal, but it is super impressive nonetheless. He definitely looks battle ready coming into this season...
  8. Proudiddy

    Possible Huge Addition

    It's 2018 and this dickbag reportedly was using racial slurs last season. That's on top of all of the other crap he has had issues with in his career. NO.
  9. Not sure why out of all rookies the official NFL IG chose to spotlight him, and if so, why this video? Nothing impressive to see and in fact, he looks very herky jerky, not agile or smooth. Very weird...
  10. Good. We need someone who isn't okay with being the NFL's whipping boy and isn't afraid to say so... from everything I've read, it sounds like that is what we're getting.
  11. Idc as long as he a) keeps the Panthers in NC permanently, and b) treats Goodell, the NFL, officials, and opposing owners/organizations with the same asshole mentality he allegedly graced his former co-workers and subordinates with.
  12. Breaking News: Rich assholes like some other rich asshole, so they made him a part of their exclusive club of rich assholes where you can freely act like a rich asshole and they'll excuse and cover for your behavior as long as you stay in their good graces. More on steel balls at 11.
  13. Good points, but I counter that by asking, did you ever in your football life think a storied franchise (in one of the most universally revered cities in the entire US) like the Chargers would move out of San Diego? Did you ever foresee the Raiders out of California altogether? While both of your posts provide some level of comfort, I just dont trust the billionaire boys club... and while it may not mean much to our fans who weren't born and raised in NC, it means the world to me. It is an identity. It is a source of unique pride to have a team that represents the state that you were born and raised in... it is a part of me and who I am... so moving the team away from here would be devastating and I just dont trust these owners or what they say, ever... I'm just gonna hope for the best and reference your points for reassurance. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about a new shift in leadership, philosophy, and the general trajectory of our franchise... I just want loyalty to the fanbase, especially the ones that comprise the surrounding community, the region, and the majority of the fanbase itself.
  14. For everyone saying dont be concerned about moving... this starts the same way everytime... an out-of-towner/stater steps in and the stadium issue lingers. Just like the owners used Rubin and Navarro to drive up the price while knowing they were picking Tepper, it worries me that he will use similar tactics with other cities as leverage to either get a new stadium OR move the team if he doesnt get his way, to maximize his return on his investment. This region, this organization, this fanbase means nothing to him. This is strictly a money making endeavor for him and the city or state he does it in will be an afterthought. I just hope we can win a Superbowl before he moves the team, and that will be something that can never be taken away from me.