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  1. LOL, hell no.  Man, you know how i feel about our supporting cast.  But, Denver proved scheme can do wonders for disguising deficiencies.  Our primary problem was their pass rush, first and foremost.  We did nothing to slow it down, aside from occasionally keeping an extra blocker or two, but imo, because of our talent deficiencies on the outside, you have to combat that rush by getting the ball out quick to guys you typically dont look to - Fozzy, Dickson, etc, instead of keeping them into block. I'm not taking anything away from Denver's defense, but Talib is overhyped garbage....  we're all familiar with him from his time in TB.  And Harris was a fuging UDFA.  They aren't world beaters...  in fact, Talib was getting abused by Philly early, but then Denver just decided to pressure Cam instead of sit back and cover.  They made the adjustment, we didn't. Oh, and throw in the shitty officiating allowing them to get that FF and TD and then subsequently hold and interfere in the secondary the rest of the night and we were fighting an uphill battle.  All i'm saying is that we did not adjust to counter what they were doing....  and sometimes, strategy can be more valuable than physical superiority.   That being said, my main positions of focus going into the offseason are WR, RT, S, and DE.
  2. Thats not taking anything away from their D, Stan.  They did their job.  I'm simply pointing out what had to be done for us to win.  No, we didnt try much of those things...  count how many slants you recall seeing.  I don't really remember any.  I remember one flat route to stew that he dropped.  Everything else is posts, corners, 10 yard ins/outs, corner posts, etc.  Denver's Marshall said himself we didnt make any adjustments.
  3. And it wouldn't surprise me if that was the question he walked off on.  It was hard to hear, but if im not mistaken, i thought i heard the last reporter say something about "teammates...  brotherhood...  how does it feel....  them down?"
  4. This is exactly why i was hoping above all hope that we would win it, so all these haters and racists couldn't say poo.  They are just reveling in it now.  fug that reporter.  Pisses me the fug off.
  5. We'll be back in the Super Bowl next year folks

    Even with cheating, the patriots only went 18-1 once and still didnt make it to the superbowl every year.  This is what sucks about this...  to come this far and lose.  You never know if you'll get that opportunity again. I believe and hope we will, and id even say odds are in our favor.  We have the right key pieces in place, but nothing is guaranteed...  to make it 19 games with only a few significant injuries, to have a lot of officiating go your way and catch lucky breaks (up until the superbowl), and all that line up every year...  man, it is depressing to think about.  But, i do believe we have taken the step from perennial laughingstock also-ran to legitimate winner and perennial playoff team...  but, making it all the way to THE superbowl, that's tough.
  6. fug Shula.  Just when he started to seem like he turned the corner, he goes back to old Shula and full retard.   Somethings he couldn't control, but the problem is he didn't control the things within his control.  When they were rushing relentlessly and blitzing like they were, you have to switch things up.  Hit them with some quick routes, some leak outs, etc.  If they're sending 8 and youre blocking with 5 or 6, someone is open.  Instead, he stayed with the same long developing plays and routes. Cam missed some throws early, so no, he isn't blameless, but again, he can't do it alone.  He had ZERO help. The problem i harped about all year, and the same problem people got pissed off at me about bringing up while we were winning, reared its ugly head.  The entire receiving corps went to poo outside of Funchess.  Olsen was harrassed and made invisible.  But worst of all, our OL was fuging HORRIBLE, particularly Remmers.  I said all season, my biggest fear was that all of those issues that winning was covering up would apring a leak when it mattered most, and it did. Cam wasn't the problem, our lack of help around him was.  Even watching ESPN right now, Dilfer said as much - "Cam's team let him down.  They didnt help him.  4 drops, game altering drops.  He had no help." Man, it sucks to come so far and still finish last like 31 other teams.  fug Denver. Draft some playmakers and protection for Cam and hopefully we'll be back.
  7. No, and i can show you where i posted the same thing on fb that said, "regardless of outcome."  It's about trolling the nfl for their sorry excuse of impartial officiating.
  8. Lol, where did i say we already lost here?  Im taking an opportunity to let the NFL know what a joke they are, regardless of the outcome.
  9. His name is clete blakeman.
  10. I've been more optimistic and positive than i have ever been this season, but unless the defense scores, that was probably the game.
  11. Channel your prayers, positive thoughts , and uplofting mojo towards our team from now until the clock strikes zero.  Speak LIFE!  WE ARE COMING BACK TO WIN THIS GAME!
  12. Yeah, that Cotch call and a fluke punt return are the only reasons denver has more than 3 points.   If we can protect Cam, and as long as we have the fumbles out of our system, we will win.  Their offense is horrible...  ideally, we need to create turnovers and score defensively to take the pressure off the offense.
  13. I can ban, but only the admins have control over the registrations.