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  1. Proudiddy added a topic in Charlotte Hornets   

    Belinelli Agress to 3 year, $19 million contract with Kings
    LOL...  After taxes in Cali, that is probably equal to or less than our MLE. 
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  2. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Cerebral move for future..?   

    Nah, if they want Curry, which they do, they'll hold the space to sign him. 
    The thing that scares the pics out of me about that, more than the doomsday scenarios you all have posted above, is what if he signs mega extension well before he even reaches FA?  Talk about a let down...  Just look at this forum.  We know we suck at drafting so we most likely aren't gonna get a superstar through that, and how many different threads have we had here about bringing Steph home?  It shows that our fanbase knows we have been a poorly run organization for most, if not all, of our history, we don't trust our FO to find a star on their own, nor do we trust them to leverage one here because of our history of ineptitude, so we put all of our hopes into Steph coming to save us due to the sentimentality of it being home.  That is the sad truth.  And I admit, I will be crushed beyond crushed if he never even gets to the open market for us to have a chance.
    All that being said, i believe (and very much hope) that he will NOT sign an extension before his contract is up because it is in his (and every other star) best interest to maximize their earnings.  And the only way to do that is have multiple bidders.
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  3. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    Sorry for all the typos in the above post explaining my reasoning as to why he could be the go to scorer in response to teeray...   My phone and the new huddle layout has not been cooperating, and apparently neither is my auto correct. 
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  4. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Alexis Ajinca signed a 20 million dollar extension with the Pelicans   

    Lol...  Not quite.
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  5. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Alexis Ajinca signed a 20 million dollar extension with the Pelicans   

    Ladies and gentlemen, this will be exactly how Biz's career plays out.   Watch. 
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  6. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    I believe, if given the pt, he will absolutely be.  He would have to either start or get the 6th man minutes.  And that goes for here or anyone else.   He has to be "the guy" when he's on the floor.   But,  considering we have Batum now, I'm not thinking best case scenario is 6th man.
    He is a go to scorer, it's a matter if the team treats him as such.  He showed glimpses last year, especially defensively...  He had some spectacular highlights there.  But, considering some of the things that happened last season off the court, he could very well take all of that great ability and inexplicably be wasting it away dropping 35 a game in a euro league after his rookie contract is up,if he doesn't tighten up off court. 
    But alas, I think I'm wasting my breath anyway.   Summarily, he needs minutes and needs to be fed the ball to get in a rhythm.  But unfortunately, I don't see either of those happening under Clifford.  I hope I'm wrong, but with us acquiring Batum, Lamb, and going after Bellineli, I think PJ already is being written off by the staff. 
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  7. Proudiddy added a topic in Charlotte Hornets   

    Uh ohhh... Peanut butter, panic time!
    "He was kind of rusty today. First-day jitters maybe." @hornets associate head coach Patrick Ewing on rookie Frank Kaminsky.
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  8. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    All your wings are belong to us. 
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  9. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Brow signs $145m extension with Nola   

  10. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Aaron Harrison joins summer league   

    Smh...  We also just got undersized big Alan Williams from UCSB.

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  11. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    And for those of you thinking he may still be brought back on a cheaper deal...   NOPE.   Look at Biz's tweets.  He's not coming back, and that was made clear to him. 
    I'm implore you to go look at those plus/minuses from last season...   Combined with actually watching Al suck ass defensively night after night, looking at them and realizing he makes our team WORSE despite his offense (which I'm still not a fan of), it's what finally convinced me he has to go. 
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  12. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    I despised the pick when it was made.   I did not want Biz.   But once we drafted him, I figured let him develop and see what we have.  He is among the elite rim protectors in the league.  People can say what they want about his struggles on offense, but even with those, his plus/minus as the starter while Al was out was ridiculously higher than Al's last season.  This is why I want Al gone...   If you think we're building this offensive juggernaut that will outscore every opponent, then you aren't very smart.  It takes 20 fuging minutes for Al to make it up court every possession, and that's after he let's his man score like he isn't even guarding him (because he's not). 
    BBut oh well,  I'm used to it by now.   And since Cho doesn't understand drafting or how to retain players worth retaining,  we may as well package our draft picks for the next 20 years to OKC for KD.  We don't need them...   He'll either draft the wrong guy AGAIN, or just let him walk once his contract is up,  so what does it matter.  poo is a joke.  Can't wait to see our hamster wheel philosophy on the court next season and get pissed off all over again when Al scores 33 on 25 shots while his man scores 35 on 15.
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  13. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Greg Monroe NOT meeting with Hornets...   

    ... Back to being depressed... 
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  14. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Greg Monroe NOT meeting with Hornets...   

    It's crazy, I promise you all, I was on hoopshype this morning and was reading about Monroe's interested suitors (and we weren't listed), and stopped myself from posting a new thread here asking if you would be interested in signing him. 
    I actually kind of got depressed because I remembered all of the bigs we currently have and that we haven't heard anything about trades since the draft, so I reserved myself to being stuck with another year of Al and I figured the thread was worthless...   Then I come back only to find this thread and the report that we will be meeting with him lol. 
    I willed this.  You're welcome.   And I so hope we pull a sign and trade and ship Al off in the process. 
    The other thread idea I had was regarding Eric Bledsoe.  I remembered that it was being rumored he was on the block at the Draft, and I thought, "man, what if we got Monroe, got rid of Al, and somehow brought in Bledsoe for kemba?"  I love kemba, but I think that deal would be good for us and make us an instant top 5 seed in the east. 
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  15. Proudiddy added a post in a topic This is gonna be like tossing gasoline on a fire that's almost subsided...   

    Pie for the accent.  Good stuff...

    And as far as the offer, it's possible Ainge is just trying to make himself feel/look better by saying that publicly, but if it's true... Man...  IDC where they are in the first, those are assets and you can flip them for a lot more.  Look at all the teams who have acquired stars using shitty 1sts...  We could've used them to trade for a star, or at the very least, you have 4 chances to get it right versus 1.
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