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  1. Okay, Kuhn and Philly, how many times have you pushed a female down to the ground by the throat? So, we're accepting this as commonplace and acceptable now? I'm not saying people don't make mistakes, but this sliding scale of morality has become heavily greased tonight, lol.
  2. Game 6 vs. Heat

    INO, the refs made some bad calls on both ends. The most egregious ones that affected the outcome was that bullshit charge on Al, the 5 second call on the inbounds, and ignoring Wade's flying elbow to Kemba's head on that last driving layup by Kemba. Funny though, when Wade got blocked clean at the end of game 5 the fuging crybaby tan all the way back down the court absolutely destroying the refs. fuging idiot... But, this one didn't feel like officiating to me. We played like poo, save Kemba. The defense was absolutely atrocious. If anything, i think the refs were jusy trying to keep it close both ways and hope Miami pull it out, which they did. This was a loss mostly attributed to horrible defense and Wade hitting shots he had no business hitting. He hadn't hit a 3 since december and had missed 22 straight 3s before hitting both of those clutch 3s tonight. Just poorly played basketball. The crazy thing is, every game they've won hasn't been due to flawless execution, they just literally throw up shots out of their ass that have gone in. In our victories, they weren't falling, albeit the defense seemed a lot tighter. Oh well, the nba wanted 7 games, and that's where i think the whole fuging thing is a sham.
  3. Is putting one's hands, as a male, on a female, resulting in bodily injury not the behavior alleged in both cases?
  4. Believe me, I'm clear on him not ever coming back. Again, I'm pointing out that we seem to be making rules as we go.
  5. So, you're cool with Worley's past charges? Hardy was thrown under the bus because he didn't want to sit home and collect a check. He was convicted off of hearsay and questionable photos of injuries, and instead of TRULY demonstrating our belief in his innocence and allowing him to continue to play, we sat him, paid him for nothing, then let him walk. That's not heroic, it's lazy.
  6. Chuck, you've been working towards carolina-chuck3 for a good while now.
  7. None of that was proven with Hardy. And Hardy was at his own residence, of which he already tried to avoid having Holder come to. He called to have her removed and the tables were turned on him. Worley's situation took place at a nightclub, where nothing bad ever happens. You're telling me there was no way Worley could've handled this but to grab the woman by the neck and push her to the ground? The situations are a lot more similar than you're acknowledging. These once solid, concrete morals and values so many here were standing on suddenly have become a lot more fluid.
  8. And to be clear this wasn't about bringing Hardy back per se, it's illustrating the huddle groupthink at work. Hardy was written off as a woman beater (bka a career killer) and an idiot (which he may be). But, he was a damn good player. He went downhill in Dallas and many rejoiced because they saw it as vindication for letting him go. Now, we draft a guy under basically the same circumstances that Hardy went through, and those same people sticking up for poor Nicole Holder are now fine with the new addition and it's no big deal because he defended his girlfriend. Understood.
  9. And what's the difference between laying your hands on a woman to defend your girlfriend and laying your hands on a woman to defend/protect yourself? What makes one better than the other?
  10. I'm not talking about my values, I'm talking about our values as an organization.
  11. Who was this directed towards? Because its part of the reason I was bringing it up. I never believed Hardy was guilty and there wasn't enough proof that he should have been convicted, but I believe he was profiled and is own stupidity in the past caught up with him. But, half the people high fiving everything that our FO does wrote Hardy off, called him an idiot, celebrated his demise and departure, but are now applauding and excusing a new player accused of the same thing with video evidence accompanying his case.
  12. Dont let me stop you from dancing in your own semen fountain. IIRC, you were one of the white knights rallying up the masses against Hardy. You seemed to be zero tolerance towards DV at the time, so what's different now?
  13. I'm sure if it was your mother, sister, daughter, or wife that he choke slammed, you would be just as understanding. Huddle hypocrisy at its finest.
  14. I'm just pointing out the inconsistency in enforcement of "our values."
  15. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I think he blew his load after the DT pick in the first and wanted to head home early tonight.