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  1. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Shula: KB's void may be filled by committee, talks up CB   

    Not surprising coming form Shula...  If it was up to him, he would line up h-backs at WR every play.  fuging idiot. 
    We gonna replace KB by committee like we did for Smitty?  Our staff needs a reality check when it comes to WR.  Philly is not the answer.  PERIOD. 
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  2. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Is It Just Me, or Does Hard Knocks REALLY Suck This Year?   

    Well put...  Maybe it is just me, but I think that is why I don't find this season, and specifically the players, to be endearing.  Idk why, Watt is fun to watch on the field, as he is an incredible athlete, but he just seems like a douche to me.  Same with Cushing...  When I see them, I just see roided up meatheads who try to disguise themselves from being the milk money shakedown artists they are.  
    But, I do think the production value this year is well below precious years...  Seems lazy...  I don't recall any other year I've watched where they dedicated entire segments of non-dialogue, just showing a single player running sprints for longer than 2 minutes lol.  They've shown Watt running sprints for that long, they've shown him on the jugs machine alone for that long, and they've shown him practicing his pass rush moves on tackling dummies, again, by himself, for that long.  It just seems like they don't have a lot of material to work with and it's because this is a boring team...  Or maybe I just hate them lol. 
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  3. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    To me, it still seems unreal that no one involved in the interview saw him brandishing the gun.  Not that anything would've happened differently of they had, but I saw the video he recorded and it appears he was within probably 3 feet of the reporter and less than that amount behind the cameraman, with the gun raised and his arm extended.  He then put it down walked back, and then a few seconds later aimed again...  I understand that they are locked in to what they're doing in that line of work, but it just seemed surreal...  Like they were in a bubble.
    Also, not to be graphic, but I'm wondering if the fatal shots to the reporter were made after the broadcast stopped...  She was still screaming as the broadcast cut off but on the gunman's video, it sounds like there are several more subsequent shots after the screaming.
    I have been feeling like all of the recent events and increased exposure due to social media has fed into the elephant in the room that is race relations (read: tensions)  in America, and apparently this was a result of that.  I would like to think that this is just another "crazy" person who came unhinged and the racism angle is just an excuse for violence that was already bound to present itself...   But, I fear there is a growing undercurrent of people who are feeding off of a potential "race war."
    Just a sad and unreal situation. 
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  4. Proudiddy added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Is It Just Me, or Does Hard Knocks REALLY Suck This Year?
    The Texans are just so bland and uninteresting.  It doesn't seem like they really have any players that you want to really pull for or are interested in seeing their ultimate outcome.  Either the production is just really weak and uninspired, or the all of their players are just that vanilla.  Either way, it's just not very interesting  to me this season. 
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  5. Proudiddy added a post in a topic This Jarrett Boykin highlight vid makes me feel good..   

    His 80 speed on Madden doe... 
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  6. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    As I said, I jumped right in and wanted to figure it out on the fly...   But obviously, I used my all account, as I expected there to be some growing pains considering I haven't played online the last year or so.  I was immediately reminded why I hadn't.  Mind you, I was top 20 one year (09 or 10 IIRC)...  BUT, imo the game has changed so much, for the worse since then.  To me, the passing game is ridiculous and it's hard to replicate success even with a good play call.  The game, to me, when I really enjoyed playing it online, felt like a simulation, whereas now, it feels like an arcade game, and to me that's the biggest difference. 
    I tell you no lie, I had a dude run hail mary for an entire quarter or two and was completing them like it was a sound offensive strategy lol.   He was completing over 50% of them against cover 2 man...  In the old days, that was virtually impossible to complete, as each reciever is covered with help over the top, and generally the safety has plenty of time to come over for help on all go routes...   But, thanks to this "revamped" play style aka NFL Blitz, this asshole was throwing lobs high and using the aggressive catch feature to pull them in over two people with fuging Carlos Hyde and Anquan boldin.  What a joke...  That's what is so frustrating with the current engine to me, all of the zooming out and in during plays, it takes away from actual game play and ability to defend or catch...   How about keeping the fuging camera at the same distance throughout? 
    Anyway, I know I rushed into it, and I used our team exclusively because I'm loyal to a fault.  Which brings me to another point which I briefly mentioned earlier here, but these ratings are absolute horseshit.  Ted Ginn with 88 speed?  Lol...  KB at 85?  He's not faster than half the TEs in the league lol.  Stew went from 90 speed a couple years ago, to now 86.  Good luck getting the corner on outside runs with that bullshit.  Want a change of pace back?  Todman has a blazing 90 speed lol.  We literally have no legit speed threat on offense...  Imo, you always need one to create match up problems (ex. Come out in a 2 TEs set, with them spread wide and a guy with 95+ speed in the slot, defense comes out in base personnel and a LB is stuck on the speedy slot).  I just can't reiterate enough, how fuging horribly they rated us...  But, that just pisses me off all over again with our real life neglect of speed on offense.   But still, we aren't THAT slow.  II can only hope Damiere Byrd makes this team now lol, otherwise I'm gonna have to find a cheesy team to use online.  Speed isn't everything, but you have to have more than a little to have success. 
    Otherwise, I do have to say, in order to win the way we are currently constructed has to give Mike Shula the biggest boner in the history of the world. I played 4 games, and the first three I really fuged myself...  I'm very familiar with the built in bullshit of Madden that punishes you for rage-filled football, and yet, I still succumbed to it lol.  The first three games I caused like 4 turnovers each.  And yet, I lost all of them thanks to repeated attempts to go for it on 4th and long because I was pissed off about the previous play not working and non-stop failed rage-fueled no huddle drives that die in 4 downs...  SO, I had to compose myself and think, "what would Mike Shula do?"  so I slowed the poo out of the game, milked the clock, and ran a million times for about 200 yards and threw maybe 15-17 times for less than 200 yards, and...   SURPRISE!   I WON.  But, that's my exact issue with this game and why I fell out of love with online play.  How fuging boring is it to run like that and be hamstrung in the passing game.  Look, I know we aren't the Packers, but poo...  Give the game some fuging balance.  And that was what I was referring to regarding the camera zooming in and out during pass plays as well compared to years past...   When you look at the defense pre-snap and see what they're set up in, but then snap it and attempt a pass only to have a mutant LB teleport 10 yards in a millisecond, something is fuging wrong, and the camera combined with those unrealistic jumps in movement are disorienting. 
    I'm sure guys who have played religiously online since the camera dynamics I've mentioned were implemented probably don't even think twice about it, and I'm sure the more I play, the less I'll notice it.  But right now, it's just extremely unsatisfying...  So my Guinea pig account record is currently 1-3.  And as I said, I take credit for my losses as I was playing like a dumbasses and knew it, but thus game is extremely unrealistic and unforgiving. 
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  7. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    Have bought it every year but hadn't been playing online the last few because I was tired of the monotony.  Almost didn't buy it this year, got it, and now just jumped right in online after not playing for the last few years, and man...   This game sucks dick.  Our team is almost unusable.  Might be the slowest fuging roster outside of LBs ever.  Can't do poo with them... 
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  8. Proudiddy added a post in a topic We resigned MKG 4 years/52 mill   

    I will now don my dunce cap in honor of that dumbasses, thoughtless question I asked.  Thank you good sir. 
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  9. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Randy Moss making a comeback   

    I mean, at this point, with the state of our reciever, I will settle for Petite Randy Moss...
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  10. Proudiddy added a post in a topic We resigned MKG 4 years/52 mill   

    Awesome!  Came here to post the Steph news, and this is the first I'm seeing of this...  I like it.   With the cap growing exponentially, this is a bargain.  BUT, I want to know if this takes us over the luxury tax, because if so, I have no doubt in my mind that we're making some more deals because MJ does not want to pay that unless the team proves they are a contender first. 
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  11. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Lol @Montsta, we're about to turn this into a different thread man, but I agree.  I really disliked Lori up until the end (and then I felt bad for her) because I still was under the impression that she started effing Shane within days, if not hours, of him leaving Rick in the hospital.  Not to mention how she wouldn't let Shane leave once Rick came back and kept pitting them against each other, which basically led to Shane's death. 
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  12. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    Here you go Montsta, found this from  a poster on TWD forums:

    Idk why, but I keep thinking in one episode once Rick shows back up and Lori was trying to cut things off with Shane, for some reason I keep thinking she said Rick was only in the hospital for a few weeks.  Idk that I'm right, but I keep thinking she game a time frame and that was kind of why I was under the impression that it happened FAST.  But, I can't pinpoint when or what episode that conversation took place. 
    Regardless, I just thought it would escalate much quicker in a place like L. A., because of the dense population and the different methods from which the walkers would be created (for instance, I was thinking due to their homeless population in heavy traffic areas, how quickly that would spread).  All that being said, i still would expect officials to keep it under wraps for a as long as possible to avoid complete breakdown and hysteria. 
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  13. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Did R.Brockel break his shoulder blade?   

    I appreciate his efforts over the last few years, and will never forget his execution in the Annexation of Puerto Rico, but honestly, this would be good for the team.  I don't wish injuries on anyone, and it sucks, but it is the NFL, and Brockel has been one of those guys that coaches favored for no apparent reason other than he was one of their guys.  Imo, he's held up the potential development of guys like Brandon Williams and he would have hindered guys like Ward (both young and full of potential) from making the roster or contributing like he should.  Much like it's been the last few years, sometimes we need injuries to force our staff to move forward from the status quo and award jobs based on effort, talent, potential, and most importantly merit, rather than the trusted old familiarity.  
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  14. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Corey "Philly" Brown's 'Endzone Drop'   

     U mad, Mr. Brown? 
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  15. Proudiddy added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    I get the family with an addict angle, but I don't feel that was why they avoided calling the cops...  plus, I've never heard of cops going into an abandoned dwelling/drug den and arresting someone after the fact.  I don't think that was their concern, so that part was just awkward to me.
    I also get that they're slowplaying the fall of civilization, but in TWD, it is clear that whit hit the fan quickly and things fell apart just as fast.  It never seemed like anything happened slowly in the "event."  I do believe the officials know what's going on and feel it's best to keep quiet and hope to contain it, but the way the virus spreads, and this is L.A. we're talking about, I don't see it happening this slow.  That was frustrating.  I also found it curious that they didn't play the soundbite from the trailers of the radio dj saying "5 more cases diagnosed of the mystery virus" or whatever it was...  I'm wondering if that will be used next episode?
    Oh, and I wanted to point out, it looked like from the previews that Nick gets bit and the principal turns.
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