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  1. We've got some peeping toms!

    Why would Ron brush that off?
  2. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Sorry to hear that.
  3. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Cant wait for them to test the winter solder    
  4. Barnwell: Carolina isn't a good matchup for Denver

    Idk about Seattle, but I don't think Denver beats Cards though
  5. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    Haters gonna hate Ballers gonna ball I don't even care about none of the above, I'm gonna dab on you
  6. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    No wonder so many ppl moving out of Cali what in the fug
  7. Maybe it's me but as a local writer reporter whatever I wouldn't actually care if it's not my local team. That's something I expect ESPN NFL media to get at Cam about
  8. Cause it just got blocked at my job. I don't think it's cause I'm on it a lot either. Whooo I'm about to lose it I do IT Security and we'll... some security is about to get broken. I pray this is a temp block 
  9. Interesting comments from Bronco CB Harris

    As the week goes on and on, I get more annoyed. I'm ready for the Panthers to hit these mofo's and hit them hard.
  10. Josh Norman takes it to Deion Sanders

    What was said? And where is he getting that info from? There was only 2 people involved and J.No didnt talk, so yeah NFL did an investigation and found nothing
  11. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Deion telling Eisen he's already there, just go bald lol
  12. Kickoff or Receive?

    Kick I definitely want our D to set the tone and get the ball after half-time.