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  1. Noah Telling teammates he and the Bulls are done.

    My wish list of big men in order: Biz (opt out), Howard (opt out), Noah, Gasol, Whiteside, Jefferson, Ezeli, Mozgov.
  2. Okafor or Noel, anyone? One of them is up for grabs..
  3. When you aren't good enough for Atlanta's defense....

    I was up in arms, but now feel a lot better
  4. Ron Rivera on 'Fluffy Breaks Even'

    Fluffy was wearing #16 when he went on stage at the end - only thing that came to mind was "Fluffy Weinke"
  5. OTAs start Tuesday

    bat wat abat tha cohnahs?
  6. 2016 NBA LOTTERY 8PM ET

    I totally forgot about that potential trade.. dammit Cho you fuggin moron! Frank was good for us this year but when a team offers you 6 picks (4 potential 1st rounders) = you take it!! Link
  7. ..the Charlotte Hornets: A) Pick best available player B) Package the pick along with a mix of players/contracts for a veteran player
  8. With the way the season ended [blowing a series clinching game 6 on our home court] how would you rate this season overall? Keep in mind we overturned 75% of our roster and switched coaching philosophy overnight [defense defense defense to highest 3pt shooting team in the league]. What say you?
  9. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    it's tough to argue with that.. i think he would be great back here with us on our squad now, but last year - when we were struggling for offense in the worst way - he was #1 person to look at to upgrade.. it was justified when we let him go
  10. Dwight Howard

    I'm not even sure we have a shot, but if we do - we take it. As far as a 'wrecker of franchises' - i think thats not fair. He didn't wreck Orlando. Back then he was universally like and was a 'nice guy'. he didnt want to change that and kept trying to have it work out and not leave them hanging dry - in the end he had to leave to try and get to a winner. La was a train wreck of a squad when they hired Dantoni and brought in a 80 yr old Nash. They wrecked themselves and Dwight jumped ship - I would have too. Houston is poo, but that isn't Dwight's fault - I put that on Darrel Morey and Harden. Morey built that team with a sh!tastic plan. When you trade for Josh Smith and Beasley in the same season to "try and fix things" - you know you dun fugged up. I'm not saying Dwight is completely innocent in any of these situations - he should have just come clean in Orlando and let them know he was going - and he should have been a bit more professional in LA with the Kobe situation, but he aint the sole reason for all those teams turning into soggy bread..
  11. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    I agree he wasn't ever heard of outside of Charlotte.. even in the playoffs this year no one really knew who he was until Valachunis* went down.. then Biz really helped them with the energy - Which is why they were in such a hole against Miami - lack of energy.. Good job Biz, he will probably opt out of his cheap contract and try and get a new one with Toronto..
  12. he kinda reminds me of Josh Norman coming in as a 5th round pick and barking back and forth with Smitty.. Norman didn't have any problem letting people know who he was.. I kinda feel the same way I did then - so maybe it's a good thing he has all the confidence in the world..
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    whoa, that was unexpected.. he and Bene are the only ones with actual game experience.. wtf!?!