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  1. Tom Brady: The Winner

    not by the media though... not one bit
  2. video of Cam responding to criticism

    That is MY Mutha Fuggin QB!! You don't have to apologize to me or anybody for what you did. You do you, sir!
  3. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    If he were in ATL I would hate him regardless. But if he were on the Chargers or someone I don't really care about- up in Detroit for instance- I wouldn't have a single problem with him doing what he does. If Stafford, Rivers or Bridgewater feels more comfortable now that Cam has taken the proverbial 'celebration flag' and ran with it and they starts to celebrate more- good for them. Show your true emotions and colors!
  4. When is Gettlemans end of season Press conf?

    Tag Norman Extend KK FA slot corner (Cortland again?) Replace Remmers with Williams Draft DE/OT Get KB/Bene back from injury = SB51
  5. bP's bag of thoughts

    This is just a thread of thoughts about the game and moving into the postseason in tasty little bite-sized increments: The Sad: 1. Leading up to the game, everyone had us winning and some had us winning BIG. I had us winning as well, but the only scenario I saw in which Denver would win is if their DBs held or WRs in check and their pass rushers rattled Cam.... They executed that to perfection and we still had a shot in the 4th to drive down the field to take the lead with a TD. And yet, our coaches never could figure out how to help our inept OTs. 2. Our defense played Great - Lights out! - The only drive Denver really put together was the opening drive which only allowed a FG. Our terribly timed turnovers set them up on short fields all day. It depresses me how we just totally got outplayed by their Defense and didn't change our gameplan whatsoever. 3. A handful of huge, enormous plays that I haven't seen covered that much: A) The trick play that was set up for Ginn to throw back to Cam - IMHO, trick plays should never be used when trailing in a game, and the SB no less. B) The Tolbert fumble - I saw him bearing down on the Denver DB and yelled out "BOOM!" with thoughts of the San Fran game in 2013 when Tolbert blew up the DB and gave him a concussion - only to see the ball squirt out. C) The long catch by Ginn at the start of the 2nd half when he trotted out of bounds instead of taking it up-field for a TD. He is suppose to be our burner and You and I needed him to make that happen, or at least TRY to get past the defender. D) Brown's drops and Funchess grab over the middle.. When I saw how Cam was playing in the beginning of the game - I said we need Funchess in there instead of Philly. Cam was gunna be under duress Sunday and we needed a big body to go up and get it. Even Cotchery wasn't separating even from Von Miller on a would be catch that would have set us up on the goaline.   The Glad: After digesting the game and recovering from the loss I am very optimistic we will be back next year for 2 reasons: A) Kelvin and Bene will be back and Gettlemen will have another off-season to build the weak spots (ie. the outside of O-line). B) Lynch is retiring, Palmer/Fitz are another year older and Green Bay seems to be the major threat of the 3 and I don't think Jordy Nelson can help protect Rogers. The Roster: Looking for weak spots isn't easy for our team: RT - Remmers should be replaced by Williams and our 1st/2nd rounder will probably boost our O-line some way. RB - Stewart will be older but he doesn't have nearly as many miles on him for RBs his age for spliting time with D.Will. Oh and CAP showed my signs late in the year too. WR - KB KB KB and Funchess will have another year under his belt. DE - Kony will be one bookend, the other will probably be a 1st/2nd rounder in the draft. Get a Hogmolly DG!! CB - Norman will be tagged and Bene will be back. I wouldn't mind bringing Cortland back on a small vet deal for the slot. FS - Roman Harper might be done but Tre Boston seems to be able to fill the spot and Coleman still has another year on his deal. Overall: I am not done feeling sh!tty, it will take a long while to completely get over it, but even while I am still upset - I am optimistic about the squad. We won't be picked apart in FA like most SB winning teams are. Denver isn't built for the future like we are. Their window is/was built for the here and now. We will be back!!
  6.   not finished, ends after Titans game, but my favorite highlight video of the season...  
  7. Hornets Are Trash!

    Gtfo, I am tired of not even having a playoff contender.. everyone gtfo now.. You can't even contend for a playoff spot in the East when you are actually TRYING!?! GTFO!!!
  8.         I forgot how emotional that was to watch..
  9. took every fiber of my being for me to not bust out in laughter sitting here at my desk.. and i dont laugh out loud for nuthin.. ever
  10. reference to 2pac at Coachella was hilarious...   EDIT: I just saw the other post way down there.. Mod can move if possible
  11. Cecil, "Cam is only scratching the surface"

      Above @ 8:10 Skip asks Cecil "What did those skeptics say?"                 Below @ 1:30 - and I quote "I still say, The Golden Calf of Bristol is a more accurate thrower of the football than Cam will ever be..."  
  12. You can make up your own one liner here

  13. today's press conference tweets

  14. Have you lost focus at work?

    It has been a different feeling everyday.. Confidence, nervousness, anxiety, excitement, prideful Earlier this week I was nervous Yesterday I was filled with excitement - ASMR feeling for like 2 hours straight! Today I'm more anxious for Sunday to come