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  1. Spread Update

    I thought you were going to update us on the food spread at your table on Thanksgiving.. lol
  2. Week 12 Power Rankings

    I don't care where we are in the power ranking- i really don't.. I just care if we are the #1 seed in the NFC. Once that is locked down- you can start your petty arguments. Bye the way- I don't really think the Pats have much on us right now. I'm more concerned with the Cards than the Pats. But TBH, I am most concerned with Dallas right now. Can't drop this game and give the rest of the NFC any hope
  3. Hornets vs. Kings

    Kemba shot 16-23 = 70% from the floor :) Batum was 2 assists away from a tripple-double as well Marvin Williams' +/- was a Negative 17 :(
  4. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    Skins Saints Cowboys Seahawks Eagles
  5. ...
  6. First Take- Disrespecting the #3 Scoring Offense

    I'm mad i gave them the click
  7. un-Official What are Cowgirls fans saying

    "Panthers have an easy schedule" Well I say- "Get your Damn weight up" to the rest of the league.. over half the league is either at .500 or one game +/- That is the definition of mediocre.. 
  8. I lost my job yesterday

    I have to start by saying that I am humbled while writing this... I am a graphic designer (was an Art Director at a magazine group) and the company I worked for was recently bought out. They went through 1 wave of cuts and I made it past (not surprising because I work hard and do multiple jobs well while others are just plain lazy). They just went through the 2nd wave and I was showed the door.. boo-hoo right.. Not really- I talked with someone else who is still there and they said that ALL the Art Directors have been demoted to glorified print-production pawns. They package the text and picture choices- send them to California- where some genius (hint of sarcasm) will lay the stories out and send them back to be prepared for print. I would not stick around for that, Ever. I would stage a walkout with the others who are still there- I told my friend he should do that. Anyways, I will land on my feet- I'm looking at this as a positive to start a new chapter in my book and am applying to jobs now. I live in the DC metro area and there should be plenty of work right now but wanted to toss out my portfolio site: and see if anyone needed any graphic design work done over the holidays. I appreciate any work (prayers) that could be sent my way to make it through the end of the year.
  9. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    LOL, the humiliation of losing to the Skins (I live in DC area) makes me nervous- not our undefeated record
  10. Confidence

  11. Oh USAToday...

    his 80% completion percentage last week says otherwise
  12. 2 games in 5 days...

    my Sunday and Thursday will consist of doing the same thing I do every night, Pinky...                        
  13. Jeremy Lin possibly being traded to Chicago

    Granted I haven't seen 1 game this year.. I have only been able to catch highlights and box scores. From that information Kemba seems to be his 'volume shooter' self.. **runs to go get stats that back up my thoughts** Kemba - FG% .422 __ 3pt FG% .370 __ 16.5 ppg __ 5 apg __ 4 rpg Lin - FG% .407 __ 3pt FG% .282 __ 12 ppg __ 3 apg __ 3 rpg     Oops................ I guess I should watch a game or 2... that being said, we still aren't trading Lin
  14. Jeremy Lin possibly being traded to Chicago

    Lin is playing better than Kemba right now.. no way he brings a sort of relevance to us that the franchise needs. I dont think it was ironic that we went to China after signing Lin. The front office wants him here