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  1. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Unnecessary distraction from the task at hand. As if the Panthers organization is talking about this today of all days. Thanks for nothing Adam Schefter.
  2. Stay Cool

  3. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Here is one for the team and fans from the Man in Black...    
  4. Miracle

    This situation reminds me of those people who thank god after modern medicine has eradicated cancer from their bodies. If you want to give an all powerful/knowing god the credit, doesn't he also deserves the blame?  Why couldn't god have prevented the disease to begin with and avoided all the medical bills, pain and distress for his humble servants? Such mysterious ways!  
  5. Stay Cool

    I ran so far away...
  6. Last "big" Pub debate

  7. Last "big" Pub debate

  8. Miracle

    No doubt, someone that finds a silver lining in every cloud. I, a mere mortal, would have opted to save the woman instead of a book you can easily obtain for free. Of course, god works in mysterious ways, so his priorities are likely different than mine. 
  9. Last "big" Pub debate

    Trump, Cruz and Rubio continue to set the pace for GOP presidential nominee. Christie will hold on till NH results and realize he stands no chance in the South. Carson and Fiorina have no chance anywhere, Carson is cutting staff as we speak. Bush is still counting on SC, brother GWB coming out of hiding to campaign for him there. Kasich is GOPs best hope.  He'll need to emphasize his strong ties to WS, MIC and NRA if he hopes to attract enough votes to compete with the current leaders. TLDR:  Usual suspects continue to dominate republican race for the WH.  Dark horse Kasich needs to dial up the crazy talk in order to compete with the big three.
  10. We've got some peeping toms!

    Peeping Ts Summary of Sure Fire Recommendations to Broncos Coaching Staff 2/6/2016: - Double Gregg Olsen  - Force Cam Newton to throw
  11. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

      Dear Denver Broncos, Please make final preparations for your implosion approximately 20 hours from now. Signed, Carolina Panthers
  12. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    The AZ game was the first time this year that the Panthers didn't take their foot off the gas after jumping out to a big lead. The Super Bowl will be the second. Expect a similar outcome. Panthers in the forties and Denver in the teens.
  13. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Wow, you can tell he is hating life right now. Can't even be happy for his former teammates. Sad. FYI DWill:  Next year's SB is in Houston.  Destiny is calling... Carolina vs New England.  Book it. 
  14. Here's to all the Panthers who sacrificed their bodies in pursuit of the ultimate goal... the SB.
  15. Carolina Panthers have really gotten under the Seahawks fans skin.