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  1. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Democrat Debate   

    The USA is a great country to live in for the most part.  However, our gap between the extraordinarily wealthy and the rest of society is still growing wider while wages for much of the middle class and poor are stagnating.   Those on the extreme right advocate more of what we've seen for the last 40 years, tax cuts for the rich and big business.  We have had four decades that demonstrate this approach is not helping the vast majority of Americans.
    We are 5th in the world on the human development index... very good until our nation's inequality is taken into account...then we fall to 28th.  Distribution of wealth in our society is more unbalanced than it has been for over 100 years. The USA needs to regain some of the balance we had in the most prosperous years, those prior to the Reagan revolution, or face the possibility of a large unemployable, permanently dependent, underclass that will grow with every passing year.
    The index captures the HDI of the average person in society, which is less than the aggregate HDI when there is inequality in the distribution of health, education and income. Under perfect equality, the HDI and IHDI are equal; the greater the difference between the two, the greater the inequality.
     1 Norway0.8912 Australia0.8603 Netherlands0.8544  Switzerland0.8475 Germany0.8466 Iceland0.8437 Sweden0.8408 Denmark0.8389 Canada0.83310 Ireland0.83211 Finland0.83012 Slovenia0.82413 Austria0.81814 Luxembourg0.81415 Czech Republic0.81316 United Kingdom0.81217 Belgium0.80618 France0.80419 Japan0.79920 Israel0.79321 Slovakia0.77822 Spain0.77523 Italy0.76824 Estonia0.76725 Greece0.76226 Malta0.76027 Hungary0.75728 United States0.75529 Cyprus0.75230 Poland0.751
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  2. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic We Got No Help From Our NFCS Foes...   

    After watching our rivals today, I think the Panthers stand a good chance at a record of 12-4.
    Seattle, Philly and Indy have shown themselves to be beatable.  Green Bay looks to be a bigger challenge.
    7-1 at the mid point.
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  3. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic S2D2   

    More to the point, an American public that keeps voting for war mongering lying liars and the lies they tell.
    Let's go bomb some more nations cause 'merica!
    See GOP field running for president.
    Note:  With the notable exception of Rand Paul
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  4. NanuqoftheNorth added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    S2/D2:  Same Shyt/Different Decade
    Will will the American public finally wise up?
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  5. NanuqoftheNorth added a topic in The Tinderbox   

  6. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Ben Carson said that Holocaust would have been less severe/less likely if Jews were armed   

    "Let no man be judged by the content of his comments, but rather by the color of his skin."
    -- Growl Oct 2015
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  7. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Californias new Voter law   

    Hmm, automatic voter registration.  What a novel concept.
    The pattern here is clear, one party loves democracy the other one hates it, and is depending on the denial of voter rights to steal elections.
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  8. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Does Hillary got this thing in the bag?!   

    Bernie has a long record of speaking truth to power, if the American public takes the time to listen to what he is saying, he has a chance.  Otherwise no matter which party wins in 2016 we will just have more of the same... rich getting richer everyone else getting poorer.  Bernie will likely take Iowa and New Hampshire.   If he can't build momentum off of those wins, Hillary will bury him over the long haul.
    Having said that, if I were a betting man, my money would still be on Hillary and Jeb duking it out next year.  Rubio has the best chance at being a spoiler, but I believe that is mostly because he is an unknown quantity to most people at this point.  It looks like he'll have the political legs to be one of the last two or three in the race for the GOP nomination. Once Jeb takes his gloves off and people learn more about Rubios past, I suspect the shine will come off the apple.
    The general election will be tight race again since the American public is so polarized.  If there is a low turn out, it will assure a GOP victory.  The dems will have to generate enough excitement in their base to get out the vote.  All the work the GOP controlled state legislatures have done to limit the vote these last eight years may finally pay off.
    The biggest concern is if a GOP candidate wins the WH they will be stacking the deck on the USSC.  Meaning conservative views on civil rights, campaign reform, second amendment rights and the deterioration of democratic principles will continue unabated for at least another decade/
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  9. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Ben Carson said that Holocaust would have been less severe/less likely if Jews were armed   

    I would say that is a fair comparison.  Clinton came along and dragged the democratic party to the right and dems were once again competitive for the presidency.  Then Newt's republicans responded by moving even further to the right.
    Results:  Yesterday's deeply conservative Barry Goldwater looks positively tame in comparison to today's conservative crowd.  He would likely be called a RINO by them.  Barry was a person considered so extreme in his views circa 1964 he was considered unelectable by much of the American public.  BG: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice,” he said. “And…moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”
    Those words generated one of the most famous political ads of all time:
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  10. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Ben Carson said that Holocaust would have been less severe/less likely if Jews were armed   

    Colin Powell is a moderate and there is no room in the GOP for moderates anymore.
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  11. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Ben Carson said that Holocaust would have been less severe/less likely if Jews were armed   

    Carson's standing in the GOP presidential polls is likely a result of the corrupt and disingenuous nature of his competition.
    While he seems to be a nice man, virtually every time he expresses an opinion on important matters Dr. Carson demonstrates how totally unprepared he is for the position of POTUS.
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  12. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic LOL Putin gave Obama the finger   

    That article is mostly speculation:  Russian troops in Syria could be helping ISIS.
    Here is what we do know:  Russia is conducting legal military operations in Syria as they were invited into the country by Syria's ruling/internationally recognized government.
    The US is illegally operating inside the borders of Syria and have been breaking international law for several years by financing and training terrorist insurgents.
    It has been long established that the US and Saudi Arabia have been illegally sponsoring rebels/terrorists within Syrian territory in an attempt to topple the Assad government.  Their attempt has failed and many of their sponsored freedom fighters have gone on to join ISIS.
    It is also well known that Iran and Iraq now have close ties thanks to the ouster of Iraq's Sunni minority leadership under Saddam Hussein by GWB.  Leading to the current situation of instability in Iraq and Syria.
    It is possible that ISIS and Syria's Assad are cooperating with one another in hopes of eliminating a common enemy... the US and proxy mercenaries.  Once Assad regains his strength with the help of Russia I would not expect that to last long for two reasons.
    1) ISIS is occupying Syrian territory and Assad has not fought this long and hard to hand it over permanently to insurgents threatening his government.
    2) ISIS forces have attracted significant support from areas in or bordering Russian territory.  Putin has already publicly stated that he prefers to kill these terrorists in Syria rather than wait for them to attack Russia.  As you know Russia has a much bigger problem with Muslim terrorists that even the United States. 
    ISIS is not friends, much less allies with Russia or Syria.  They may however have a temporary reason to cooperate with one another.
    An ancient Bedouin Arabic proverb to keep in mind
    'أنا وأخي على ابن عمي وأنا وابن عمي على الغريب'
    Anna WaAkhi Al Ibn Ammi, WaAnna WaIbn Ammiya Alla Karib
    Me and my brother against my cousin, and [but] me and my cousin against a stranger.
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  13. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Media is setting Seattle up for beatdown   

    Carnac the Magnificent Predicts...
    The Panthers finally score a big win in their battle with the Seahawks.
    Monday morning sports pundits everywhere point to this as proof that Seattle has lost its mojo.
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  14. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Did you know? Cam Newton the pescatarian.   

    Scientists Recover First Genome of Ancient Human From Africa
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