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  1. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic LOL Putin gave Obama the finger   

    That article is mostly speculation:  Russian troops in Syria could be helping ISIS.
    Here is what we do know:  Russia is conducting legal military operations in Syria as they were invited into the country by Syria's ruling/internationally recognized government.
    The US is illegally operating inside the borders of Syria and have been breaking international law for several years by financing and training terrorist insurgents.
    It has been long established that the US and Saudi Arabia have been illegally sponsoring rebels/terrorists within Syrian territory in an attempt to topple the Assad government.  Their attempt has failed and many of their sponsored freedom fighters have gone on to join ISIS.
    It is also well known that Iran and Iraq now have close ties thanks to the ouster of Iraq's Sunni minority leadership under Saddam Hussein by GWB.  Leading to the current situation of instability in Iraq and Syria.
    It is possible that ISIS and Syria's Assad are cooperating with one another in hopes of eliminating a common enemy... the US and proxy mercenaries.  Once Assad regains his strength with the help of Russia I would not expect that to last long for two reasons.
    1) ISIS is occupying Syrian territory and Assad has not fought this long and hard to hand it over permanently to insurgents threatening his government.
    2) ISIS forces have attracted significant support from areas in or bordering Russian territory.  Putin has already publicly stated that he prefers to kill these terrorists in Syria rather than wait for them to attack Russia.  As you know Russia has a much bigger problem with Muslim terrorists that even the United States. 
    ISIS is not friends, much less allies with Russia or Syria.  They may however have a temporary reason to cooperate with one another.
    An ancient Bedouin Arabic proverb to keep in mind
    'أنا وأخي على ابن عمي وأنا وابن عمي على الغريب'
    Anna WaAkhi Al Ibn Ammi, WaAnna WaIbn Ammiya Alla Karib
    Me and my brother against my cousin, and [but] me and my cousin against a stranger.
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  2. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Media is setting Seattle up for beatdown   

    Carnac the Magnificent Predicts...
    The Panthers finally score a big win in their battle with the Seahawks.
    Monday morning sports pundits everywhere point to this as proof that Seattle has lost its mojo.
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  3. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Did you know? Cam Newton the pescatarian.   

    Scientists Recover First Genome of Ancient Human From Africa
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  4. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Did you know? Cam Newton the pescatarian.   

    Whole story sounds fishy to me.
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  5. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Not panthers related but IDGAF...   

    I pretty sure I've seen her somewhere before...
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  6. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic LOL Putin gave Obama the finger   

    Russia's entry into the Syrian conflict signals the end of our attempt to overthrow Assad.
    Our efforts to overthrow the Syrian leader during the last few years further destabilized his country and the region, indirectly helping ISIS grow and thrive.
    Europe is now pissed because of all the ME refugees flooding their countries and they're looking for a solution.
    Putin may be many things, but he is not dumb, he recognized a way fight the Muslim terrorists who hate Russia and at the same time score points with the international community. 
    A world community weary of the US's failed neocon/imperialist policies in the ME.
    If Russia's intervention strengthens Assad/Syria as it appears to already be doing,  it will further help to stabilize the region and reduce the flow of refugees to Europe.
    The world has endured almost 15 years of constant attempts at overthrowing regimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Somalia and Iran resulting in much of the chaos we see before us today.
    It is well past time for the US to reevaluate its policy/role in the Middle East.  That is, unless our ultimate goal was to make Putin look good.
    In which case...
    Awesome job USA!
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  7. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    To be clear, what I'm expressing is a concern about are people being so easily manipulated by political lobbyists for gun manufactures.  Duped into buying more ammo and weapons every time there is another mass murder because supposedly some jack booted federales are comin' to get all our gunz. 
    Just you wait, it's gonna happen!  Yet it never has, not in over 200 years.
    Yet deaths due to loose gun laws and irresponsible gun owners continue to mount daily.
    Are these gun nuts concerned about that?  Not at all.
    Congratulations g5, you're the living embodiment of the "don't give a poo 'bout other people's pain and suffering, just want my gunz" to protect me from Obamanation!
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  8. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    Just an observation. 
    You fit the stereotype.
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  9. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic G5s wet dream thwarted again   

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz just publicly stated Planned Parenthood isn't violating federal law.  Part of that law includes not using federal tax dollars for abortions.
    The congressman is a republican, one of your boys, and he has every reason in the world to find Planned Parenthood guilty.
    But he can't find any evidence.
    It must take a lot of effort to keep facts from seeping into that head of yours.
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  10. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    I have no doubt about the rural part.  Your belief system fits it to a tee.
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  11. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    George Bush and Dick Cheney's misguided adventure, Obama's covert CIA freedom fighter training to topple Assad, Saudi Arabia's generous funding of religious fanatics and finally a large number of disaffected Sunni Military Officers (formerly part of Hussein's Iraqi Army) joining ISIS to give them professional military leadership. 
    Mix above contents vigorously and watch the chaos ensue.
    Fun for the entire family.
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  12. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    I have good reason to suspect I have more familiarity with firearms than you'll likely ever have.
    That familiarity gives me a healthy respect for what firearms are capable of and the carnage they can cause. 
    Especially in the hands of people who see them as an extension of their manhood.
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  13. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    That article is nothing but quibbling and does nothing to refute the fact that Ayn was all over FDRs plan to help the elderly, like white on rice.  Good thing too, because apparently without it she would have been destitute. 
    Too bad she didn't listen to the wise scientists of her time who said smoking was bad for her health.  Had she, Ayn may have been able to forego drawing that evil Medicare check too.
    Maybe Ayn is your canary in a coal mine? 
    Maybe she is trying to send you a sign from the great beyond like Jacob Marley.
    Might be time to listen to the vast majority of climate scientists twylyght or who knows what misfortune you may encounter down the road, forcing you to rely on the aid of our evil federal government to pull your libertarian fanny out of the fire.
    Karma has a way of coming around and biting you in the ass, especially when you refer to helping others in society as stealing.  Just ask Lindsey Graham.  Now he's beggin' for federal disaster aid for SC after just voting it down a few years ago for NJ.  That thief!
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  14. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    A few days out in the cold, on the run from a professional military force, and you'll be beggin' to give up so you can go back to your warm bed and Bill O'Reilly
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  15. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Why should you have a "right" to own firearms?   

    There is a reason that the Continental Army was formed to fight the British.
    The minute men of lore were not professionals, they hid behind rocks and trees and ran back to their farms as soon as they encountered any real resistance from the British.  They had families to take care of.
    The US Congress soon recognized the American war for independence would be lost without a professional fighting force.
    That was in a time when life was short, tough and death was a constant companion.  It was a time when men needed to know how to use a firearm to stay alive.
    Does anyone really believe a bunch of disparate, middle aged, big bellied, paper pushing, couch riding, cable sports watching, wanna-be Rambos are going to take on a professional fighting force and do anything other than wet their pants when lead starts to fly and they realize they are no longer in their living rooms playing a video game?
    This is all a big fantasy anyway and will never happen. 
    The idea of the US government knocking down doors and confiscating weapons is nonsense.  It is perpetuated by those whose interests lie in selling more weapons and ammo to paranoid conspiracy nut cases with more money than sense.
    If the government ever turns from a republic to a dictatorship it will be because the American people have ceased to care and failed to exercise their right to vote wisely.  See GOP.
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