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  1. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    I see a lot of political posturing in this thread, but not from Senator Bernie Sanders.
    Looking at you Twylyght.
    Bernie is the closest thing to an honest politician in this election and he supports more of your libertarian beliefs than anyone else who stands a chance of being called President of the USA after the 2016 elections.
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  2. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    So you endorse the Reagan Administration's approach to dealing with small Central American countries that refuse to allow US corporations to treat them like banana republics?
    The Reagan Administration, the most corrupt administration in US history?  The one that broke national and international laws to hire a mercenary force to overthrow democratically elected government of Nicaragua after the US Congress refused to finance Reagan's war.  Remember the Iran Contra Affair?–Contra_affair
    For anyone that embraces the idea of truth, self determination, democracy and freedom you will appreciate what then Burlington Vt. Mayor Bernie Sanders had to say.  Please read excerpts of his letter below and view the video.  Those that think the USA has the right to overthrow any nation it  chooses to support the profits of big corporations will not.
    Here is what Bernie had to say to the people of Nicaragua:
    Bernie Sanders Press Conference about His Nicaragua Trip 1985
    Born on November 11, 1945 in La Libertad, Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega was a guerrilla leader aiming to overthrow the regime of dictator Anastasio Somoza . As a member of the Sandinista junta that took power in 1979, Ortega was elected president in 1984 and served until1990, when he lost to Violeta Barrios de Chamorro.
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  3. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    Well, the actual authors of the bible are largely lost to history. 
    However, the bible is considered to be the literal word or at least the inspired word of Yahweh.
    Yahweh is a shepherd, his flock being mankind.
    So with that in mind, whoever actually wrote the bible was divinely inspired by the big guy, a shepherd.
    This tends to make sense considering the hundreds of references to sheep.
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  4. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    Then you'll be happy to know...
    Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders: Audit the Fed!
    and this...
    Bernie Sanders:  I voted against the Patriot Act every time, and it still needs major reform.
    Bernie Sanders: It’s Time To End Orwellian Surveillance of Every American
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  5. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    So atheists wrote the Holy Bible?
    Because whoever wrote that book really seemed to care about sheep.
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  6. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    Ever wonder why President Obama didn't pursue the prosecution of members of the Bush administration for international war crimes?  The Bush administration violated numerous international laws which were largely written by US government lawyers shortly after WWII.  Or why President Obama didn't have his AG go after the guys on Wall Street or their political cronies in DC?  National politicians are virtually all complicit in these or other crimes.
    Other than Bernie Sanders there isn't a single declared candidate for president from either of the major parties with clean hands.  Not one.  They are all bought and paid for cronies of billionaires and big business.  All having sold their souls to the devil long ago to further enrich themselves and their friends.
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  7. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic What's your solution to the gun issue?   

    North Carolina Official Firearms Purchase Application/
    Part 1/
    Mental Health/
    Question 1)  Are you a registered member of the GOP/TP?
    Note:  If you answered yes please turn in your application at this time.  Your request for purchase of a firearm has been denied.
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  8. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    You mean like stating that your holy book was largely written by sheep herders?
    Stuff like that?  Like facts?  Yeah, good one.  You got me there TN.
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  9. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    Sorry if you don't appreciate my referring to biblical sheep herders as... sheep herders.
    What would you rather I call them?  Cat herders?  Would that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? 
    You can have your own beliefs TN, but you can't have your own facts, unless you're still watching Faux News as your primary source of information. 
    Bah, bah TN don't take my word for it.  Heeerr are the experts...  baaahhh...

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  10. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    The sense of right and wrong existed long before today's "great religions" were created by superstitious sheep herders.  
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  11. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    These perpetrators are mostly losers in the game of life.
    Young, emotionally immature and impetuous.
    They've been told since the day they were born that they were special.
    Just recently, they realized they're not a beautiful snowflake like mommy told them, they're just one of 7 billion human beings on a crowded planet.
    By following society's rules, power, admiration and riches have somehow eluded them.
    So now it is time to even the score with society. 
    But how?  How is a lifetime loser with little in the way of ambition or future prospects going to do that?
    Why, buy a gun, of course.  Kill some innocent people and show the world how wrong they really were.
    What could be easier?
    Well, thanks to easily accessible firearms... not much... snowflake
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  12. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    What were the surnames of all the Wall Street executives responsible for the world financial collapse?
    Must have been Clinton cause they're not in jail.
    What are the surnames of all the cabinet members in the administration just prior to Obama?
    Must have been Clinton cause... after starting two illegal wars, torturing prisoners and needlessly killing hundreds of thousand of innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians...  they're not in jail either.
    Of course I'm being facetious to make a point.
    The USA has had and continues to have a two tiered system of justice.
    One for the rich and powerful, one for the rest of us.
    That is why traders on Wall Street can get coked up in a NY City nightclub with impunity, meanwhile minorities on the sidewalks are getting jacked up by the NYPD for a few ounces of concealed weed.
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  13. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic SC Graham wants help for SC, doesn't remember denying help to NJ   

    I for one, will not idly stand by, and watch the TB besmirch the good character of honorable Sen Lindsey Graham!
    Lindsey has never changed his position on federal disaster aid.
    He has always been for a smaller more efficient federal government.
    One that provides disaster aid only when it is absolutely essential.
    Sen Graham just didn't view aiding those damn Yankees in their time of need as essential. 
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  14. NanuqoftheNorth added a post in a topic Beeennnnggaaazzziiiii   

    Turns out g5 is Dick Cheney's diplomatic doppelgänger when it comes to failed foreign policy views.

    Just kidding.
    I'm not surprised at all
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  15. NanuqoftheNorth added a topic in The Tinderbox