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  1. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    This young team learned a hard lesson last night! They will be back and better than ever! DG, do work son! Those trenches need repairing
  2. We need more Funchi!!! Or we need more, Funchi!!!

    Now we just need a legit deep threat. Someone that Defenses must double that will blow the top off. Ginn or Brown isn't that guy! They are the lite version of what we need! I'm looking at you Corey Coleman
  3. Mike Remmers

    Remmers is a solid back-up! I feel confident our trenches get addressed this offseason!  That said, someone else needs to figure out how the fug he was left one on one with Miller the entire game
  4. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Cam learned how not to do that this year! No worries there
  5. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Personally, I hope all this fuel is put on display at training camp
  6. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Lol! Can't get butthurt! They did what nobody thought they would and knocked off the king of the mountain! Cam put himself out there and this is the return. You dish it then you must take it
  7. What about Charles?

    Would trade CJ for Mario Williams in a heart beat for the cap space being used! Mario in a 4-3 is deadly
  8. Does the fun version of Cam return next season?

    Not sure but something was up in the communication part! Cam is a student of the game, more so than I ever thought he would be, so I got faith that he grows from all this! Plus, people wanna say "the moment was too big for him" like it's an insult. It's not an insult! How many 26year old's you know that could handle those two weeks?
  9. That image of Josh Norman crying

    Man I would love to see him back next year but he isn't gonna be worth more than 10mil in cap space! Hopefully DG can put something good together for him!
  10. Positions we need to upgrade

    I disagree about WR! Philly is good and will get better, but we need someone that perfects what we are asking of him! Me thinks a player like Corey Coleman transforms our Offense. Also, I think Cotchery is done! Really digging a good vet WR to replace him!
  11. Does the fun version of Cam return next season?

    He can't be! But he has to start learning to make changes! Part of me wonders if Shula had given him power to change his line blocking and he failed, hence Shula's comments.  If not, Cam needs to be on the phone with Shula going "WTF?" diplomatically. Last night was more of Denver finding a breakdown in our communication than out-playing us IMO
  12. Does the fun version of Cam return next season?

    I'm starting to notice that Cam only gets pissy when others are failing to do their jobs well. The O-Line imploded and Cam needs to take charge in those moments. He has been so conditioned to following orders that his next step is learning to diplomatically question orders that aren't working. Ego and Bravado can be great tools for success, but learning how to put all that together makes for a hell of a learning curve
  13. Talib said he nearly yanked Philly's head off on purpose

    That mentality is what won them the game last night! Their entire defense was out to destroy us and they did! Good learning experience for our team!!!! They saw what real intensity looked like. In ten years, this team will be able to talk about their losses pretty easy because there will be few and each loss will have provided a growing moment. Kony Ealy! That guy learned quick! That guy is fixing to be a leader
  14. Does the fun version of Cam return next season?

    I see no reason why Cam doesn't come back better than ever. A lot of things I can question about Cam mentally, but I can never question his ability to bounce back. He has proven he learns well from moments last night
  15. Positions we need to upgrade

    For sure we don't blow this up and start over like it seems a huge portion of this fan base thinks.  I think the best thing lies in releasing CJ, Harper, and signing Allen to a comparable contract. Then bring in vet FA at DE, TE, O-Line, S and CB. Draft BPA and let the best man win in camp